Water Under the Barn

In case you didn't know, yesterday's blog post stirred up some hay Da Horsey's barn!

Did you know we are friends? We are.

So I was a bit taken aback that he didn't call me first to talk before the eruption on MSV. And before the fusillade of harsh assesments ('water carrier', 'damage controller', 'defender of patronage') were sent my way like preprogrammed ICBMs. Frankly, that's something I would not have done... shoot first and ask questions later.

But anyway... I want to call it water under the barn.

If I have learned anything in t he past 24 hours from this, it's NEVER, EVER, EVER download original content from a friend before asking permission. I am not particularly organized, and that wasn't on my radar yesterday at the time. My bad. NEVER AGAIN.

So I wanted to address it today, since it's all out there.

AND put it all in some perspective.

Which was done for me by my friend and confidante, whom you know as InfotainMe. He's enough on the outside of the Hoboken scene, yet knows all the players and politics, well-positioned to offer such perspective.

I asked for his take last night. Here's what he said:

I think there is something healthy here. Reform is not a monolith...

Given how long it has taken to get here and what had to be overcome, I think a reaction or even a slight over-reaction to what is perceived as back-sliding is not the worst thing.

By the same token, pointing to the over-reaction, the thoughtlessness of some of the remarks, is quite appropriate. Few people have Tony's record of service to the city. Turning on him because he is abrasive is wrong. Do people think someone with his challenges was going to accomplish all he did without ever being abrasive?

What do Lane and the others always say. Zimmertini's. Following scripts. Listening to the puppetmaster. Drinking the koolaid. They would love to be saying that now, but can't.

We shouldn't fear having some differences of opinion. We should manage them better.

Mister, you rock.

That's a healthy perspective, and a true one. I think we all (myself included) need to check ourselves periodically re:managing our differences of opinion. No one's above acting badly, overreacting, screwing up or inflicting unintentional cruelty. A little introspection and humility will go a long way. As long as all of our hearts are in the right place. I was told (in a manner of speaking) that mine wasn't, which didn't feel good.

But that's water under the barn.

Since Da Horsey seemed to find the Godzilla-Soares graphic amusing, and I know him to like rock, I offer him a gift of music today... one of my favorite classic rock tunes: Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla".

And you know what they say about music and taming the savage... uh, horse.

This one's for you, Smartypants.


  1. LOL, awesome video. Just saw your post and had posted just earlier but fwiw, I'll repost here:


    For the record misinterpreting part of a post does not permit "amending" or merit a correction. The error has to stand and be visible by all readers past, present and future in the light of day. No Hoboken411 or minion erasing here. A correction is on a point of fact, even when someone says that hat isn't brown, it's beige not rising to anything substantial, it's been done here many times.

    Okay, MSV is preparing an exclusive five part series, a retrospective on Tony Soares' amazing accomplishments: 1999 - 2011. We're including part of 2011 because it's clear the hospital will be saved by Tony once his third appointment is completed. MSV thinks the City Council should issue a decree immediately and get it over with already.

    Anyway I read the GA piece over lunch and hammered a ten minute piece with no editing. Is that always a good idea? Clearly not. But this site has posted almost 1000 stories in less than a year, much of it is original writing. So it won't be the last time something is misinterpreted. So to GA, all I can say is sorry for that.

    Besides, I respect the work of GA much more than the journalisted NY Times.

    Okay, please join me in saying, Tony Soares is the warmest, kindest human being I have ever known.


    Concur with Info and Da Horsey approves that message.

  2. Perhaps "WasteWater Under the Barn"?


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