Subject Changer

A friend of mine called me a 'subject changer' the other day, so since that's what I feel like doing today, here we go! With a gift to my critics.

Happy Bitterness Day! Merry Malevolence!

Whatever it is, the rhetoric and focus on our blogs have taken a cannibalistic turn and need a vacation. I call it a subject changer.

So, let's turn our attention to... Timmy O's web site!

Specifically, the curious way the 4th Ward City Council candidate (whom I admire) is standing behind the main center page frame with just the very top of him exposed. An interesting design choice. Instead of taking a cropped photo, the designer actually stood Timmy behind the white frame so the bottom 2-thirds of him were concealed:

Why? What's he wearing under there? What's he trying to hide?

Which got me thinking about transparency and all. Now, all our candidates for public office talk about 'transparency'... it's a kind of political buzz word. Transparency-- GOOD. Opacity--BAD. When I say 'transparency' you get a chewy biscuit.

So, if our candidates believe in transparent governing, then they ought to believe in transparent web design. The people need to see what our candidates are wearing, and if they are trying to hide something... strange... awful... different... unique?

In the spirit of transparent governing, and transparent web design... I am introducing a GA feature called What's Underneath? In which I will imagine what is really going on behind that white frame, providing transparency for you, the reader.

Today's installment:

Now, to my critics... I've just validated your accusations of undignified behavior and given you something to download and bring to the next City Council meeting.

Don't thank me.

Instead please donate to your favorite charity, or join the bone marrow registry and save a life- click here.

If you do join the registry, please use promo code teamconnor. You can find Connor's story here.

For the next installment of What's Underneath?, suggestions from readers are welcome. Or your own submissions.

Note to Timmy:
This is all in fun. And will be combined with a drive to raise bone marrow registry participation and awareness. Thanks for assisting in this effort.


  1. Well, that certainly explains his uninformed concerns about the pool opening.


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