Heavenly Deal

And it is!

As you may have read on legitimate news sources, yesterday the mayors of Hoboken and Weehawken entered a state of grace together.

Eschewing petty politics to divine a solution to Hoboken's municipal garage headache, the neighbors hashed out a made-in-heaven agreement to SHARE space for joint use and and storage at 1714-16 Willow Avenue ( in Hoboken, by the way).

Surely the Lord smiled upon Mayors Zimmer and Turner, with the help of angelic Freeholder Anthony Romano, to prevent the closure of Clinton between 15th and 16th Streets; no less than a miracle in the eyes of Hoboken commuters.

From our city's announcement yesterday:

The day after Hoboken’s City Council voted to approve the closure of Clinton Street between 15th and 16th Streets for the storage of municipal vehicles, an opportunity arose that appeared to meet the needs of both municipalities. In the past, the same location had been discussed as a potential joint use location by the administrations of Weehawken and Hoboken. Mayor Zimmer and Mayor Turner immediately began negotiations to move forward together to share services between the two municipalities. The agreement is for joint use and equitable sharing of storage space at 1714-16 Willow Avenue. Freeholder Anthony L. Romano assisted in helping to identify the site as a potential location.

On Friday, July 23, the City of Hoboken entered into an agreement with Willow Avenue Enterprises, LLC for vehicle and parts storage services at the proposed joint services site, 1714-16 Willow Avenue -- a property located within Hoboken city limits on the North end of the Willow Avenue bridge. As a result of this agreement, Clinton Street will not be closed to vehicular traffic at this time.

The initial period of the agreement is for 60 days but can be extended by both municipalities for two additional 180 day periods. The cost is $15,000 per month. Hoboken and Weehawken will use this period to determine whether extending this arrangement for a longer term is in the interests of both municipalities.
If this temporary arrangement is determined to continue, the municipalities will work towards a long-term solution which may involve other neighboring municipalities and agencies.

Blessed be those who work for the greater good of Hoboken, Weehawken, and all mankind on Earth.


Which leaves the others.

Those are 2 of the last appearances of smear-creature Hudson Shark's other suspected screen identities, nocluedawn and horsesbehind prior to announcement of the deal yesterday.

Since the announcement, not a fin nor flipper to be seen on his murky nj.com hunting ground.


Or was the Dual Job Fish put on lockdown?

In case you haven't been following the whole sordid fish tale, Hudson Shark, who attacks Hoboken residents and officials on his web site, and is a prolific smear-blogger under a variety of screen names, is believed to be someone with very close ties to Weehawken officials.

In fact, Weehawken taxpayers are footing the bill for his 2 positions with Weehawken township! Yes, our suspect is a Dual Job Fish.

Rich, considering when hidden behind his fishy pseudonym he's railed against dual-office holding-- at least when it applies to our mayor.

Not only that, Weehawken taxpayers... Check the times on the (2) nj.com posts: they are 9:35 am and 9:49 am, respectively. Aren't those city business hours?

Does our fish have some 'splaining to do?

Indeed, Mayor Turner of Weehawken has shown himself to be a true friend and partner to our city and our mayor.

Thank you, Mayor Turner for working so cooperatively with Mayor Zimmer. Residents of Hoboken hope this partnership will last long into the future.

No thank you, to the Dual Job Fish. May your nasty blogging career and jihad against Mayor Zimmer end, either out of self-interest or under the advisement of your masters. It doesn't matter.

Just get out of our town; leave Hoboken residents and officials alone.

(updated, 2:30 pm)
Dual Job Fish predictably raised his double-dipping fin within minutes of being called out on this blog.

A thin-scaled fish, when coaxed to the surface he reveals more about himself and his pathology-- a desperation for others to recognize he's a 'player' in Hudson County politics with 'connections'.

Below, our Dual Jobber confirms he's not from Hoboken, and boasts insider's knowledge that Mayor Turner is "using" Mayor Zimmer.

Some covert operative. This is the kind of guy who'd help you bury a body then brag about it on Facebook.

As political ops go, this self-professed "hired gun" is more like a loose cannon. For anyone who has worked with this fellow and expects discretion, be very afraid.


  1. Leave Jimmy alone (morbid tears and crying).

    Now if fin boy is collecting a third check for his jihad against Hoboken residents and officials, does that make him a triple dipper?

    The Hudson County Machine "at work."

  2. If you look and listen very carefully you can see Mason trying to get from one room to the other. Her efforts to take credit for this development are a new low even for Mason. Who does she think she's fooling?

  3. "Look and listen very carefully"-?

    Precious energy expended.
    You don't get that time back.

    It's Hudson Co.
    Decades of fools fooling fools ad nauseum....


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