The Generals

Folks, I will be taking the next week off-- it is the summer, you know. Don't I deserve it?

Alright, maybe not. But I need it.

I was thinking of either going to Fiji or Brighton Beach, perhaps sunning myself on bank of the Seine or the Shipyard lawn, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or hitting some malls in Secaucus. What would you do?

I'll leave you with some food for thought.

Yesterday LA (Little Avenger) directed me to the following poem by the wonderful Shel Silverstein, declaring it was her "favorite". It's actually quite profound, and given the state of affairs in our little bit of Hoboken heaven can be applied here as a cautionary tale and an appeal to reason.

by Shel Silverstein

Said General Clay to General Gore,
"Oh must we fight this silly war?
To kill and die is such a bore."
"I quite agree," said General Gore.

Said General Gore to General Clay,
"We could go to the beach today
And have some ice cream on the way."
"A grand idea," said General Clay.

Said General Clay to General Gore,
"We'll build sand castles on the shore."
Said General Gore, "We'll splash and play."
"Let's leave right now," said General Clay.

Said General Gore to General Clay,
"But what if the sea is closed today?
And what if the sand's been blown away?"
"A dreadful thought," said General Clay.

Said General Gore to General Clay,
"I've always feared the ocean's spray,
And we may drown!" "It's true, we may.
It chills my blood," said General Clay.

Said General Clay to General Gore,
"My bathing suit is slightly tore.
We'd better go on with our war."
"I quite agree," said General Gore.

Then General Clay charged General Gore
As bullets flew and cannons roared.
And now, alas! there is no more
Of General Clay or General Gore.


  1. I like poems too but limericks are my favorite:

    There once was a power mad guy named Tony,
    who had it in for some giant and a pony,
    He thought he and Lenz could not be beat,
    and believed he was by far the best for a second seat,
    and the reform movement basically called him on his baloney.

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  3. Just a little fun on Friday without the Jib Jab....

    With that said lets hope for some good decisions finally come out of the Sewer Authority. We are finally getting a pump but it would be great for this authority to spend some money on upgrading our wooden sewers.

  4. GA

    You and LA just relax and enjoy. I will keep vigilant on line watch to make sure that Fin Boy does not mess with you while you are gone. A nasty job, but someone has to do it.

    I will keep an eye on da Horsey, too, just to make sure he doesn't get rambunctious in his stall and give you a nip. Nice to see he finally settled down.


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