Trailer Park Fun

Have you ever been to the Trailer Park Lounge in Chelsea? It's on 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, across the street from the Clearview Chelsea Cinemas, a short PATH ride away.

It's a glorious dump; a shrine to uniquely American tackiness, brimming with vintage kitsch, trailer park nick-knacks, tacky trash and offbeat artifacts of American life. The menu: a comfort food addict's delight and a cardiologist's nightmare.

For me, it's that rare 'adult' place to bring your kid; while you sip on a mango margarita, your little ones can dig into mac and cheese or a sloppy joe with a side of tater tots. The little Avenger loves it.

From last night: (click to enlarge)

Do try them tater tots!


  1. I actually considered licking my screen when I saw the picture of the mac n'cheese and tater tots. It may still happen.

  2. Their tater tots are irresistible... they must sprinkle them with crack.


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