Body Language

I'm a big believer in body language. That is, as a method of breaking and entering another person's head to read their innermost thoughts, feelings, intentions, comfort level, and even whether they're telling you the truth. While it is possible for anyone to modulate their voice and 'sound' a certain way (such as in projecting confidence), check what their body is saying: facial tics, drumming fingers, tapping toes, shifting posture, darting eyes, to tell you all you need to know about what they're really thinking.

Actually, it is quite easy to tell when a person is lying to you, or to anyone else. Here's how: as the lie departs the liar's lying mouth, the lying eyes give it away: they will either dart to the left or to the right or they'll blink- so quickly you might miss it if you weren't trying to discern whether or not that person was a big, fat liar. It's very quick, so pay attention or you might just miss it. Do you like being lied to? I don't.

What about an enormous exaggeration, is that the same thing as a lie? You know what I mean, ladies. *wink*

But I digress...

I bring up this topic because last night I couldn't help but notice a really big space between two Board members up there on the dais. It was due to one of them being so far over to the right she was nearly sitting in Frances Rhodes Kearns' lap. Now that was some serious body language, and you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what it meant.

So, I admit during the Board meeting I was so distracted by that big open space between the two, Maureen Sullivan and Jean Marie Mitchell, that my mind drifted... thinking how enormously wide it was and all the things that could probably fit in there... for example:

I told you it was wide.

Look, it was a bloody campaign. Time may not heal all wounds, but it will certainly help. And the public is now privy to the unfolding drama of reconciliation that can be gleaned from our own observations. At School Board meetings.

From watching that body language.


  1. Body language indeed. Sullivan's inability or unwillingness to stand in applause as the newly sworn members took their seats on the dais also spoke volumes and made for some interesting pictures too.

  2. As I look at the "space" I realize there's probably room for her entire slate. Perhaps she was hoping for a last minute miracle? She's lucky Madigan isn't her neighbor on the dais.

  3. Sore loser in a municipal election? Rings a bell......


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