Massive FAIL

OK boys and girls, put down your pencils.

Let's see how you've done.

Liz Markevitch, bring your paper up to my desk, please. What? All 5 questions are BLANK? Yes, I know you have a college degree. Please report to the Prinicpal's office.

Perry Lin, may I see your paper? What do you MEAN your dog ate it? You have a Chihuahua. I'm sorry but you'll have to go with Liz. Better yet, wear this cap and go sit in the corner. And stop talking for G-d's sake.

Kathleen Tucker, what happened to your paper? I agree; that's a lovely origami crane. Yes, it's wonderful how its neck moves. Go to the Principal's office.

John Forsman, tell me you've filled out your paper. Please, for the love of G-d. You did? Oh, what a relief. I'm glad to hear you wrote something down. Let's see it... what? You drew Red Elephants where the answers go? No, Red Elephants are NOT the answer, Mr. Forsman! Get thee to the Prinicpal's office, pronto.

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