Mason Running For... What?

Did anyone get one of these 8 1/2 x 11 inch glossy mailers today?

Front side:

Back side:

I estimate the cost for a city-wide mailing of this kind is in the range of $10 - $15K.

Why, Beth?

On it she asks for "our help" (that's you and me) to "shake the city administration into reality". Huh? How do we do this? Grab pitchforks and flaming torches then descend on City Hall after nightfall like those angry villagers did in the 1931 "Frankenstein" movie? (They stormed a castle it you want to nitpick).

If THEY could 'shake' the Frankenstein administration 'into reality' so could we, the angry villagers of Hoboken, shake those Zimmertinis. Yeah, we could shake them but good!

I don't know about you, but this mailer gets me nostalgiac for the good, ole Dual Job Dawn days.

Remember those?

When a new full-color, glossy reminder of City Council President/Temporary Mayor Dawn Zimmer's selfish and lawless dual jobbery would greet you in your mailbox every few days during Hoboken's mayoral race last Spring? You were supposed to be horrified when you read them. Were you?

I was. I'd cry, "The TREES! What about the TREES?"

The first one:
Front side:

Back side:

The second one:
Front side:

Back side:

Although many trees gave their lives for the 10 or so mailers deployed in Mason's unsuccessful campaign, there was one bright spot: it made for great parody.

Yes indeed, but not for Dual Job Dawn, there would have been no Dual Cob Dawn, and who could have lived without that?

In fact, if you never signed the Dual Cob Dawn petition, it's never too late. How could you not be moved by its plea?

Acting Mayor Zimmer REFUSES to eat one ear of corn at a time until Election Day on November 3rd!

Acting Mayor Zimmer says it is "not fair" to take away the second corn for fear of losing the first!!! This is a clear violation of New Jersey State law, which says dual corn consumption by an elected official is ILLEGAL in our state!

Yes, the Acting Mayor is ABUSING her power over Hoboken's fruit and vegetable community, as she continues to fill her plate without checks and balances, and no transparency. Her hypocrisy is staggering! She's turned her back on everything she once stood for. IT'S JUST WRONG!

And that's why we insist that Dual Cob Dawn RESIGN her 2nd helping immediately!

Please, sign this online petition and tell Dawn Zimmer that we are fed up with her poor table habits.

So, it remains to be seen if today's Mason mailer is another indulgence, a side effect of too much money and free time, or if there is a method to her madness. What do you think?

In the meantime, sharpen your pitchfork, douse your torch and practice your chant: "Dawn's a witch! She turned me into a newt!'


  1. Dawn turned me into a newt!

    (But you're a horse.)

    I got better.

  2. What about a flat budget does this woman still not understand? She has the budget sensibilities of Sullivan not to mention the timing (and should I be surprised?). Does Mason think the budget is still open for debate? Doesn't she remember the debate (how could she forget) and vote? Perhaps she thinks she's in an episode of Lost: but is this her character on the island or her character's sideways life? Sorry Mason but no matter what island you're on this late list of idea-platitudes is well exactly that, late! Eventually she has to run out of money or trees, right?

  3. Arrange high-end mailer in non-election year - check.

    Blow off budget meetings - check.

    Grandstand whenever possible - check.

    Firm up alliance with fellow grandstanding ne'er-do-well blowhard, Russo - check.

    Ok, good to go to close out the 1Q10.

    OH WAIT - I forgot to offer a single credible suggestion on the budget. DARN!

    Ah, screw it. That's a nice-to-have anyway. I got all the important stuff done. Someone just earned herself a day at the salon.

  4. Holy cow, didn't Mike Lenz explain to her at the council meeting? Why would Beth Mason spend good money to do this?

  5. Here is a link to the article where Trasante confirms Mike Lenz's analysis (Tripodi confirms as well )

    "Trasente who noted the new budget is $390,000 less than the $60.4 million tax levy in 2009."

  6. Just another waste of mailbox space by Hoboken's very own waste of space Beth Mason

  7. I was hoping she'd bring up the baseball field again......

  8. The lying and mudslinging, it's like an addiction. She just couldn't resist joining in on the fun. Guess RR is using Mason's advisor. No answers/facts/ideas, just throw sh*& at the wall and see if it sticks.

  9. Maybe she'll throw one particular supporter against the wall (or in to the Hudson) to see if he sticks? The grease from hair gel might make him slide off or kill some marine life.
    Either that or he'll fall into a pot hole ad need the HFD to pull him out.

  10. I could hardly believe it when I opened my mailbox. Yet another stupid, glossy mailer from
    Beth("I wanna be Mayor of Hoboken so bad") Mason. Enough is enough already! I am mystified as to why she repeated the "8% tax increase" lie that she could not defend at the last Council meeting when called out by Michael Lenz. Beth just can't get over the fact that she lost and Dawn won by a sizeable margin. She really needs to move on and stop this public demonstration of her personal obsession!


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