How To Make a Castle

An inclement weather day is a perfect day to make your own castle:

Instructions (click to enlarge)

(Castle and instructions courtesy of Grafix's little Avenger, age 7)


  1. One of my favorites stories growing up was about King Arthur and his knights. Oh how I loved to read about the young king taking the sword out of the rock and then Merlin weaving his magic and the power of Excalibur and it's sheath protecting its holder.

    This is a mighty castle and a fair representation of my memories as a kid. I shall spread far and wide the instruction manual for future generations!

    So sayeth Da Horsey.

  2. My little Hullabaloo likes the castle design and instructions. Great work little Avenger!

  3. Charming in every way! Lots of creativity in the G.A. gene pool!

  4. Thank you, but if you like it so much why don't you try it?I bet none of you tried it.

    The Little Avenger


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