Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Pop Quiz:

1) Who said this?

"Let's keep the uneducated housewives in charge of the schools -- or wait, why not elect educated, tax paying citizens of the global world who are employed and know how to make changes in the real world to make the schools better?"

a) some male chauvinist IDIOT or self-hating woman
b) one who speaks confidently from his/her sphincter
c) Team Real Results, courtesy blogger-operative "notforsale"

(answer: all of the above)

"Uneducated housewives" vs. "educated, taxpaying citizens of the global world"-- Real Results' marketing strategy.

Is it working for you, ladies? Wait...

Are you educated enough to have an opinion?
Are you educated enough to pay taxes?
Are you educated enough to "live in the global world"? (Whatever the fuck that means. Doesn't "global" mean "world"? Why not just say "world-like world"? Or "globey globe"?)
Are you educated enough to vote?
Working women and stay-at-home moms: are you educated enough to know when you've been insulted?

To engage this kind of hooey threatens to dignify it, but the unfairness of this smear campaign against women who (like them or not) work countless unpaid hours for the benefit of the public good simply forces my hand.

Dine on these biographical nuggets. Meet the uneducated, tax-evading house-fraus of Kids First, in no particular order:

Ruthy McAllister: BA in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College, 25 years business experience, currently a V.P. at Bank of New York Mellon, single working-mom and homeowner, son attends a Hoboken Public School

Theresa Minutillo: BS in Marketing from F.I.T., Worked as apparel buyer for Limited Corp., responsible for $35M OTB (Open to Buy/Purchase) budget, business travel to Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, has operated a successful Corporate Image and Branding business for the past 10 years, homeowner, daughter attends the Mile Square Pre-K program

Jean Marie Mitchell (candidate): BS in Management and Communications from Adelphi University, employed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as an Information Technology Manager, President of a 24-unit Condo Association for 6 years, homeowner, son attends a Hoboken Public School

Rose Marie Markle (candidate): BA School of Hard Knocks, worked as Office manager for graphic design business and chiropracter, owner and manager of apartment building, children attended Hoboken Public schools, once kicked the ass of a yuppie-snot nose who called her an uneducated housewife who doesn't pay taxes

Irene Sobolov (candidate): MS in Urban Planning, from Hunter College, Worked as Downtown Revitalization to Facilities Planner at NJ Transit, extensive community activism includes co-founding the Hoboken Family Alliance, homeowner, her three sons attend Hoboken Public Schools

Leon Gold (not a woman, but you can call him "Leona", candidate): PhD in Human Factors from Stevens Institute of Technology, has worked at Bell Labs and The New York Stock Exchange, taught for 20 years at Columbia University where he is currently an Adjunct Profesor of Human Factors and Ergonomics, homeowner, Leon has no kids, but if he did would send them to a Hoboken Public School

So now you've met the uneducated, tax-shirking toilet-scrubbers of Kids First who do not live in the globe-like world.

Mother always told me: folks who will smear the reputations of good people will not hesitate to lie to you about ANYTHING.


  1. I can understand the impulse to demonize one's political opponents. It should be noted, however, that none of the actual candidates said or approved those comments. There's no evidence those words came from a campaign "operative," either.

    I don't think Kids First wants to defend every rhetorical excess of their more ardent supporters online.

    Hopefully, the nastiness from both sides will simmer down (though it seems to be coming disproportionately from the Kids First crowd).

    The voters deserve a real discussion of the real issues. The nastiness online (from either side) is a counterproductive distraction.

  2. @Just the facts: you almost sounded like a voice of reason until you contradicted yourself with the comment, "hopefully, the nastiness from both sides will simmer down (though it seems to be coming disproportionately from the Kids First crowd)." You just couldn't resist a little dig at Kids First could you now? It looks like all is fair in love and war in the blogosphere.

  3. just the facts, thank you for understanding my impulse.

    But read carefully: the subject of my impulse was the author of a serious of demented online ramblings which my impulse then dissects and disproves. Your objection seems to be with my characterization of said author, as an "operative". Well, what is your "evidence" that he/she is not?

    True, calling him/her and "operative" is an opinion, but then, this is a blog, chock full of opinion- mine. And you are welcome in this free speech zone to tell me that I'm full of crap, which you did in a very nice way. Thank you.

    But let me say this: "notforsale" hides behind a moniker, so neither you nor I can say for sure if he/she is an operative or an actual Real Results candidate.

    Thus your statement: "It should be noted, however, that none of the actual candidates said or approved those comments", leads me to believe that you have some knowledge of the blogger, "notforsale", or are close enough to the RR campaign to make a statement like that with such compelling certainty.

    I would like to hear you address the characterization of the Kids First ladies as "uneducated housewives" by "notforsale" after reading the 'biographical nuggets' listed.

    Do you agree with "notforsale" on their educational and employment status?

    Do you believe they are taxpayers?

    Do you believe they live in the "global world"?

    Do you know what "global world" means?

  4. I don't think Real Results would like being referred to as 'citizens of the GLOBAL world' - if you read the letter from Turner (that's the name, right?) in the paper last week - the correct phrase is: citizens of the United States (first & foremost) BEFORE they are citizens of the global world.

  5. Real Results has yet to identify one example of how they will cut taxes and improve education. The only thing results has on their website is what they believe Kids First is doing wrong and how they think they can do better. How they will do it better? Not listed. What they will do? Not listed.

    Every commentary made by real results starts with Kids first bah blah blah... and then nothing. Who's kidding who here? Get to the facts. SHow the citizens how Results will achieve the promises they are making.

    Kids first has a voting record and public tapes that can be viewed. So far all Real Results has is a blame game for providing the largest tax decrease in the hisory of BOE budgets.

  6. Kudos to notforsale for not calling them 'broads'. You can tell the temptation was overwhelming.

  7. Global world... domination? Should we be reading between the lines? "Today Hoboken. Tomorrow the global-world!"


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