Free Sex.

Not really.

But if I told you this post was about Hoboken public school custodial contract negotiations would you be reading it?

Don't look away now, you ambivalent pervert. Shame on you.

In exchange for a 3.5% annual increase in wages over the next 3 years, here is what was signed off on by the Board Negotiating Committee (Chairwoman McAllister, Maureen Sullivan, Jimmy Farina and Board President Rose Marie Markle) on the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA):
  • a 48% INCREASE in work full-time requirement to collect benefits: from 20 hours/week to 29.5 hours/week!
(Editor's comment: what would YOU do if your boss asked you to work 48% more to collect benefits? I'll bet you'd tell him to go fuck himself. Hard.)
  • Overtime cut from triple pay to time-and-a-half, and paid overtime ON holiday days only (not for week-long breaks).
(Editor's comment: not too shabby, a 50% reduction is a good start. But wait until you read the next one!)
  • For the FIRST TIME EVER a Hudson County municipal/ school union will be required to contribute from their payroll toward a traditional healthcare plan option.
(Editor's comment: hot stuff! Kudos to McAllister, Markle, Farina and Sullivan.)

Status: The signed MOA was sent back to the custodial union where it has been ratified, and will come back to the Board for a vote.

Now, in case you don't know what an MOA is, call it a 'good-faith' agreement. Can one of the Board members who signed off on this agreement flip-flop and vote 'no' on the final contract? YES. Funny things happen in an election season. Call them the Real Results of political expediency.

Now, for a proposal I personally submitted to the Board: new custodial uniforms with taxpayer savings guaranteed. See below. Isn't it fantastic?

Instead of taxpayers bearing the cost of a shirt AND pants, my proposal requires neither: the uniform consists of a modest apron and matching lace bonnet. Multiply this by 55 or 60 (the approximate number of custodial employees) and you cannot deny the benefit to Hoboken taxpayers.

Revolt, are you listening?


  1. lol!!!That pic is funny!

    Sullivan is on the neogitiating committee? Doesn't her brother work in one of the school districts in NJ? Board members are prohibited from sitting on a negotiating committee when ANY relative works in ANY schoold district in the state of NJ. Conflict of interest.

  2. This a dangerous blog if you drink hot coffee while reading. I just spat out my coffee laughing! I like the proposed uniform but we may need new custodians. Great work GA. Can't wait to see more of your greatest hits up in the archives.

  3. What - first my name and now my picture? What happened to being a private infotainer?

  4. Info, did I tell you that you have nice legs?

  5. I get that a lot. It's the apron. Thanks though..


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