Better Dead than Red?

No laptops for you, boys and girls.

No Superintendant, either.

And no Motel 6; Hoboken High's Penn Relay athletes can ride the bus from Hoboken to Philly roundtrip for 3-consecutive days. The little tykes will just love those 15+ hours of bouncy Greyhound fun... especially if the no-flush toilet in the back's overflowed and spewing like Mount St. Helens.

Gotta love those 'Real Results' Red Elephants. Hey, guys. We know that YOU know that freedom isn't free (it's not even for sale), but federal stimulus money is, sort of... until Summer 2011. We use it or lose it.

Care to share YOUR better proposal for this $230K+ grant or just SHUT UP?


  1. Wasn't it wonderful that Sullivan and her posse just handed this to you with their photo styling? I hope you said thank-you for this gift and all the others. You wouldn't want the Queen of Reform to think you are taking her for granted. Manners matter and we want this baby brought-up well.


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