Guest Artist Corner

Did you know that we have talented folks living in our midst?

Unfortunately, some are Canadian.

Accidents of birth aside, allow me to introduce the video stylings of Hoboken resident Greg Bond, who along with his son Pierce have developed an other-worldly video animation technique called "no-motion animation". The technique is the basis of their "Police Kitty" series. One episode is posted below for your, uh... enjoyment. This video can be enjoyed with the sound off or on. More likely off. With earplugs. In a concrete bunker. Buried 100 feet below the earth.

Introducing the original "Police Kitty" adventure entitled "Cat Cushion".

For more "Police Kitty" check out the archives.

One final note, Greg Bond was the creator of the fabulous Z4Z and sequel, Z4Z-The Musical.

That's one clever Canuck.


  1. I feel sorry for my senior cat, who was sleeping quietly by my side until I made the mistake of viewing this w/out turning off the sound.... The soundtrack is kind of like an aural taser, no? ;-)


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