Any Results?

Fascinating things are happening over at Hoboken Patch.

BMD (bloggers of mass distraction) for Team Real Results are spinning webs of vagueness around questions begging to be answered, questions that are fundamental to their reason for being: what exactly are their PLANS, not their GOALS, not their COMPLAINTS. Or like a famous, old commercial's tag line: 'where's the beef?'

Real Results' light and fluffy campaign sidesteps the hard questions and plays from the Mason playbook of grandstanding, grandiosity and unrelenting attack, attack, attack without offering concrete and detailed proposals.

Peruse the Hobooken Patch thread and count how many times critical questions have been asked and ignored. Maureen Sullivan, the 'mastermind' of the 'Real Results' insurgency pops in to blog, but... crickets.

See below a POP QUIZ for Team Real Results.

They have 48 hours to answer these 5 questions and return completed to

The (real) results will be posted forthwith for all to see.


  1. Something tells me the Maureen First team hasn't been doing their homework except in the art of deception at the Mason School of Grandstanding. The lack of specifics suggests a few possibilities:
    1). they don't actually have a plan but budget grandstanding gets attention (just ask Mason);
    2). they too know that there are no quick fixes and like the current Board they will have to take a deliberate measured approach to budget reductions; or
    3).they have a drastic slash and burn plan (the consequences of which would embroil the district in litigation and damage the public schools) but they are choosing not to reveal the plan as it would jeopardize any chance of election.
    So which is it?
    With the proposed budget on the table this is the perfect opportunity for Sullivan and her RR team to put forth their proposals and solutions for reductions otherwise it's time to stop the grandstanding. What will it be?

  2. I have a plan for right-sizing. Don't ask me how.


  3. Found this on njnow..

    Looks like Real Results has taken a page from your playbook:

    Parsely sage posted (nj now):
    "Doesn't he know that the Hoboken way is to ignore, point fingers and lie like

  4. Day 2 and no sign of AnyReal Results. It looks like the budget bluster of Sullivan and her Really Reticent Results is nothing more than a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Maybe you should challenge them to a fight: dance fight!


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