Barracato calls Michele Russo's plan "Sh*t"

GA has told you about the disrespect Mason operatives showed toward the entire Russo family- including their 100 year-old matriarch- in the email exhibits produced by Lane "not an operative" Bajardi.

There are plenty more.

At 5 PM on Monday, November 29, 2010, Mike Novack hosted a Parks and Open space meeting.  Attendees were Ruben Ramos, Perry Belfiore, David Liebler, Michele Russo, Fred Bado, Zabrina Stoffel, Nino Giacchi, and Laura Miani.  Val McPherson attended by phone and Sara Stojkovic was unable to make it.  

At 6:40 PM, Michele Russo emails a document, "Parks and Recreation Meeting 11.29" to attendees,  Stojkovic,  Nino Giacchi, Tim Occhipinti, and Beth Mason.  The document is an 'action plan' presumably developed at the meeting and written by Michele Russo. The plan dictates what each member of the new Council majority: Mason, Occhipinti, Russo, Castellano and Giacchi will  do at the next City Council meeting

At 10:28 PM Beth Mason forwards Russo's action plan to James Barracato, with the message: "What the H##l!"

At 1:54 PM on Tuesday, November 30, 2010, James Barracato forwards Russo's action plan to Lane Bajardi and writes: "Have you seen this shit?"

Parks and Recreation Meeting 11.29.doc 
Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit-BAJARDI_00019399.doc
Michele Russo's Action Plan for City Council meeting of 12/6/2011

GA double-checked the "document properties" to confirm it was Michele Russo's handiwork:

Yep, Mrs. Anthony Russo spent 39 minutes writing all 518 words of it.  Well, it looks like a perfectly good action plan to me.

Why would James Barracato call Mrs. Russo's plan"shit"?

Lane"not an operative" Bajardi had this response to the Russo plan:"F*cking amateurs headed for a train wreck."

Yikes.  "Amateurs."  Last thing I noticed, Beth Mason was running around Hoboken with a pooper-scooper,  with these two idiots at the helm.

Who knows, the kind of hubris expressed by these operatives in 2010 could lead one to file a frivolous, politically-motivated law suit. 

Of course, a gentleman like the magnificently-coiffed Perry Belefiore, does not  wear two faces.  He is open and civil about his opposition to Russo's action plan.

At 10:38 AM on Tuesday November, Perry Belfiore emails Michele Russo and the 'gang' in polite disagreement.

At 10:43 AM Ruben Ramos "replies all" in agreement with Belfiore.

You see?  Mason's people will always go BEHIND YOUR BACK, trash and betray you.  They will even diss your 100 year-old grandma.

This is why Mason's oily flounder, a backstabber wearing two faces, should not be trusted.


  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one who takes guilty pleasure in seeing just how dysfunctional this bunch is and how their individual egos and lust for power and significance has them clambering over each other to be the king of the shills.

    It's also useful to see the names of the usual suspects confirmed on these emails, people who most of us knew could never be trusted. Now we see the inner workings of their strange little world. What a viper's den of sick souls.

    Since the emails are part of the public record, it would be great for all concerned if they could be scanned and uploaded to a searchable file.

  2. I've always been curious about Zabrina's place in all this.

  3. Her name appears on quite a few- some catty, nasty stuff from the Mason gang.

    1. Please do share. And perhaps some emails about where all the money was flushed down the toilet to the extent they exist?

      Seriously though. These emails, especially the ones where they work with the Russo syndicate and the ones where they go full blown nasty are completely disgusting. How any of them show their faces around town is beyond me. Or is it they really don't care about anything other than destroying Zimmer at this point?

  4. Very interesting seeing all the names collaborating with the Russo Crime Wave. How so very interesting. Being that Mayor Zimmer and the reform council have delivered on parks and improvements to them across Hoboken, reading this now is hilarious.

    I'll take a guess that Zabrina Stofel, Ruben Ramos, Sara, and others (especially Michele Five-bucks-a-tow Russo) are not laughing about any of this.

    Fascinating how that Weehawken fish for Beth Mason and Lane are trying to assume control over everything looking to sabotage what everyone in Hoboken wanted.

    As for the Pino site being anything other than a shakedown location for the Russo Crime Gang, who knew?

    1. Stoffel's name, along with Raia's, is on the Mile Square Theaters site as part of their board. Never giving them another penny, but they shouldn't need it with their wealthy friends

  5. jimmy b. tanked occhipintis campaign for the ruben people . he took beths money. bought a lot of dog biscits. Boxes and boxes of dog biscits. Made an asshowl out of frank Raia.

  6. Thank you to Lane not-an-operative Bajardi and wife Kim not-an-operative Cardinal who graciously gave up your emails. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!

    1. moose and squirrelApril 17, 2015 at 7:32 PM

      Yes, it is endlessly fascinating and begs the question once again, who's brilliant idea was it to let this go to discovery and surrender this treasure trove of emails? The 3rd parties in these emails, who are unaffiliated with the lawsuit, can't be happy with what is being revealed and the people who have exposed them.

    2. moose and squirrelApril 17, 2015 at 7:55 PM

      "whose" not "who's" .... curse you autocorrect!

    3. moose and squirrel,

      most (or all) of these 3rd parties KNEW the truth about the bajardis and their years of activities in hoboken politics. They KNEW the lawsuit was a crock of shit, a fraud perpetrated on the court, designed to impoverish defendants and silence their blogs. These 3rd parties were OK with that.

      Did even ONE of them step up to tell the truth about this innocent "hoboken couple?" Or did they watch from the sidelines, keeping their mouths shut and rooting for the bajardis to win and defendants to go bankrupt?

      Not one of the 3rd parties who knew the truth stepped up, which in my book, that makes them parties to a FRAUD. If any of them spoke up, this lawsuit might have been shut down before discovery.

  7. moose and squirrelApril 17, 2015 at 7:25 PM

    I'm waiting for the graphic of Lane holding Novak on a leash ;-)

  8. I'll leave this to other inquiring minds, but I wanted to pose a question:

    If In November 2010, Giacchi, Occhipinti, Russo, Castellano and Mason were the council majority; and

    If the five of them were making decisions for future government action in the emails that they were all copied on (like the email of 11/30/10), then

    aren't these five council people acting in violation of the public meetings requirements (also known as the "Sunshine Act")?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

    . . . and God Bless Nancy Pincus and Roman Brice.

    1. you raise an interesting question. Anyone know the law on this one?

      Also I believe Mr Libeler is looking to run in the 2nd ward, from what people have told me. Looks like he was very heavily involved with a group of people who should not be in any position to determine Hoboken's future. Something to remember in November

    2. David Liebler is a nut-case. The 2nd ward has already had one of those for too long.

    3. Anon @ 1:02 AM-

      Excellent point! Yes, Council members Mason, Russo,Castellano, Occhipinti, and Giacchi violated the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A 10:4-6.

      New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Act, known as “The Sunshine Law,” is designed to ensure that decision-making government bodies in the state conduct their businesses in public except in specific circumstances where exclusion of the public is needed to protect the privacy of individuals, the safety of the public or the effectiveness of government in such areas as negotiations or investigations.

      The main points of the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A 10:4-6 (1973), are:

      • All meetings of public bodies in New Jersey must be open to the public unless closure is specifically permitted by law. If a meeting by members of a public body is closed to the public, the reason given must be one specifically authorized under the law.

      A public body is a group of two or more persons, empowered as a voting body or public fund-spending body to perform a public governmental function. The judicial branch, the Parole Board and the State Commission of Investigation and all political parties are excluded.

      • A public meeting is one held by a public body at any level of government – state, county or local – with the intent to discuss or act as a body on public business. A meeting may be in person, by telephone conference call or by other means of electronic communication.

  9. If Bajardi isn't a professional, why is he referring to other people as amateurs?

    1. Hey, what's important is that Lane was not paid by Beth Mason for friendship. So please, don't call him an amateur.

      Lane is a Mason professional. He knows Hoboken political operations. How long did he fool Hudson County Superior Court? That's a pro!

    2. Ha! That was an admission. Let the 'pros' like finboy and lane bajardi handle council minority strategy, not the amateur political operatives like mama russo and belfiore. The bajardis day of reckoning is coming soon, next month in hudson county court. kleinman would know.

  10. This is a violation of the sunshine laws, but violating laws has never stopped them before.

  11. Here's another question for you folks to think about:

    It seems pretty clear that Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Castellano conducted official business of the City of Hoboken on their personal email accounts.

    I noticed these four personal email accounts:

    1. Michael Russo:;
    2. Beth Mason:;
    3. Tim Occhipinti:; and
    4. Terry Castellano:

    If these emails are used to conduct City business, in addition to being a potential violation of the Sunshine Law, aren't those email accounts also subject to OPRA disclosures as public records?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

    Lane Bajardi's lawsuit: The gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Good point. I believe you are correct.

  12. It is interesting how often that cast have characters have been shown in these now public emails to have been doing the very things they accused everyone else of doing. What a bunch of big fat hypocrites.

  13. Seems Jim Doyle and Leah Healy were someway connected to The Mason Gang for a while there. I never trusted Leah Healy... Always about herself

    1. No, Doyle and Healy were NOT part of the 'Mason gang'.

      Doyle and Healy were/are successful local activists for creating Hoboken parks and open space. Mason wore a reform mantle once before she flipped in 2009, and half of the current mayor's supporters supported Beth Mason back then. Jake was Mason's 2009 mayoral campaign manger, remember?

      You're entitled to your opinion. I think Leah is wonderful, and her hubby too.


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