Zombies Attack Hoboken BoE

Horror fans, you missed a spectacular show last night!  The Undead came out in droves not seen since the last time they came out in droves.

Showtime was 7:00 pm, the place: Wallace Gymnasium, the feature called: "Revenge of the Grifters." 
The Zombies were starved.

It's been years since they've chowed down on a free steak dinner, ordered a pizza on a  free cell phone, taken a free junket to Atlantic City including a $300 stipend, awarded contracts without approvals,  spent $91K outsourcing janitorial services while employing 60 janitors, dipped their fingers into the petty cash fund and stuffed the BoE payroll with 1,050 employees.   In 2005, the Zombies wrote themselves a Purchase Order for  $560,157.

WOW!  It sure pays to be a Zombie.

ZOMBIES' BIG CHECK-- p 291-2005-2006 BoE audit
So what drew The Undead out from the Dark Side last night?

Teacher's Union President, Gary Enricco wondered that, too.  “Look who shows up tonight...”,  he said,  "They weren't here to support the district last week."

That's true. They weren't.

One by one, the Zombies lurched to the microphone. Their lips moved, noises came out.  

Zombie Tim Occhipinti, starved for brains,  called the School Board "divisive." He blamed them for " the erosion of the community" citing "fees for sports."  Somebody tell Tim that $25 recreation fees were instituted by the City of Hoboken- not the Board of Education.  Councilman Tim doesn't know that?

One order of brains à la carte for Tim! 

Zombie Terry Castellano alleged parents had asked her to come to "support the children." Terry "supported the children" by declaring:  "Kids First has had control for 8 to 10 years and they’ve lost perspective..." Um, no... Kids First 'took control'  4 years ago.  8-10 years ago Terry's Zombie friends were "in control" and pulling funds out of the classroom for steak dinners and cell phones.  She doesn't know that? 

One order of brains fricassee for Terry!

In fact, Michelle Russo was "in control" as a BoE member in the 2002-2003 academic year.  'Mama' Russo told the room she was "upset" because "we have more administrators than we’ve ever had before."  You have my permission to stop laughing.  Kids First inherited 24 administrators from the Zombie-Era, they have reduced them by 25% to 18  administrators.  She doesn't know that? 

One order of brains-on-rye for Ms. Russo!

Anthony Romano wandered up to the mic.  Nobody remembers what he said;  his words dropped to the floor like cold air from a duct and dissipated quickly. They might have been "we should find a way out" and "we should roll up our sleeves."

Romano doesn't need brains; he needs a fresh act.


Zombie Beth Mason scolded the Board that they're "cutting the bottom of the payroll, yet keeping on the highly paid administrators."   Zombie Mason's ELEC fines could plug the $2.3 million dollars the public schools are underfunded,  and Ricky's lunch money could save every Transportation job in the room.  But no, her game is moving cash through defunct campaigns, plying political operatives, underwriting lawsuits and paying a videographer to record her stentorian shriek for some imagined political career.

A brain is wasted on her; this Zombie needs a heart.

Thank goodness, our Board members survived last night's Zombie attack.   

GA hears they are still working to save the jobs of our distict's beloved Transportation workers. There is a $2.3 million dollar shortfall in state funding; that is the reality.  

Maybe instead of lurching into Board meetings to grandstand, our elected Zombies can "find a way out" and "roll their sleeves up" to "support our children" and prevent the "erosion of the community" by offering help not self-serving bloviations. 

On the subject of Zombies, here's an old video collaboration between my friend Al Sullivan and myself, circa the 2010 Occhipinti campaign...



  1. HA...great video! What ever happened to THAT Al Sullivan, the one who saw through the OG BS??


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