And The Rockets' Red Glare

The bombs bursting in air, 
gave proof thro' the night,
that our flag was still there.

Yes, indeed! 

No matter where we fall on Hoboken's political landscape, all gather under the same glittering night sky once a year to celebrate our American heritage.  Lining the Hoboken waterfront,  we forget  our petty (and not-so-petty) grievances, losing ourselves to the canopy of color and sound, united as Americans.

Then we wake up the next day.  BAM!  POW!  SLAP!

But last night was a nice pause to reflect on other things, surrounded by family, friends, neighbors- a night to share with those near and dear to us.

GA heard of one gathering of special friends last night:
Took a walk uptown around 8 oclock .... Saw (Mike)Holmes duck into a doorway. Took a look in and saw Michele (Russo) and Matt (Calicchio). Others there but couldnt see. In a small street level office space on corner of 12 and Maxwell Place.   Franz (Paetzhold) lives in that building. Weird.

The windows on Maxwell Place and along 12th st have the blinds drawn. The door was on the 12th street side. Looked like a door to the garage or something. Didn't look like a business....all the windows are covered in blinds and the door on the side street (12th) looked like a service door. Barely noticeable. I would have never noticed if I hadn't spotted Holmsie.  

Have they relocated the Russo club?

Sweet!  A perfect location for viewing the spectacular Macy's display. 

GA heard this 'conference' space belongs to the building and is attached to the garage behind it.  It can be reserved/rented by tenants- or perhaps a realtor; 2 12th Street is an Applied building.

In fact, GA heard this space is routinely shown to prospective tenants by realtors as one of the building amenities.

Interesting.  Is the Dark Side using this obscure 2nd Ward hideaway for more than just parties?   

I wonder how much it is to rent?  And who paid?

Hey people, it's July 5th!


  1. if you keep walking in that direction toward kings there is a vent in that garage that disperse fumes right on the people walking..... should be moved much higher

  2. Any time that this motley crew is together nothing good for Hoboken is coming out of it. The story on the release of Cammy's bagman, Mikey S, from jail retiterates how closely connected all of these rats are with each other. Their meeting on July 4th is the equivlanet of spitting in the face of our founding fathers.

  3. While I agree in principle with Franz Paetzold hosting a Dark Side meeting in his building, I take issue with the specifics of how he handled it in this particular instance. Does the building management formally allow for use on a federal holiday? Within a short time of a nearby fireworks show, no less? Had Franz signed up for the full number of participants who showed up? Had he made the proper accommodations for Holmse's disability? Did he have an agenda prepared and distributed in advance, and was it adhered to the entire time? Was the water cooler adequately filled? Did they clean up after themselves? If not, did they pay a fee to have the building maintenance come through afterward? Were the trees outside maple, or oak?

    These questions and more need to be answered in full before I can get comfortable with this use of the meeting room. I hope Franz can address my questions for the good of everyone so we can improve our system of handling this type of situation in the future and I don't have to come back asking them again next month. Thank you.

  4. Been riding my bike a lot lately. Here's the faces I've been seeing.

    -Last week, Mike Russo, who seems to have put on a few lbs, having an animated cell phone conversation at 2nd and Adams.

    -July 4, about 3:30, Holmesie, Raia, and a few fellow stalwarts at the park bench between the Sinatra Park ampitheatre and the start of the bike lanes to Pier A. Also looking a bit beefy.

    -Pat Ricciardi yesterday on his way to the downtown Light Rail station, looking unhealthy as always. He was making the better part of $200k before all this and now has to wait out the heat for the common conveyance with the rest of us. PS. Also looking a few lbs on the high side. Is something going on with these boys girth-wise?

    -Eric Kurta walking the dogs up by the Shipyard with nervous geese all around. We didn't say a word about politics. At this point perhaps we don't need to.


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