Old Guard Erosion

Erosion in the physical world is a natural process.  Sun, wind, heat, rain; the movement of air and water over TIME changes the landscape around us.

It always occurs in a downward direction.

Erosion in the political world is a natural process. Sunlight on clandestine abuses, the heat of public outrage, the motion of voters away from the 'bloc' over TIME changes our political landscape.

This kind of erosion always occurs in an upward direction.

GA sees it happening in the Old Guard circles of Hoboken.  Erosion of the knee-jerk, unquestioning loyalty to Old Guard at the voting booth. 

As a retired HFD friend of mine put it:
my peeps are finally begining to smell the coffee
Or as an elder resident just wrote on Patch:

To that, the Old Guard machine says 'Don't believe your lying eyes'.

Fewer are buying. 

Hoboken's aging population increasingly relies on public transportation (expanded and improved under Zimmer) and the hospital (rescued by Zimmer and the Hospital Authority),  views the administration's attention to emergency preparedness (Zimmer response to Hurricane Irene). and prioritizing public safety as positives. The cries of obstructionists ring hollow to them when their surroundings get demonstrably better and see an administration working for them.

This erosion of their base terrifies the Old Guard.

Hence the drive for younger candidates; new blood to appeal to a new generation of voters.  Timmy Occhipinti, Scott Delea are the youthful Frankenstein monsters sewn together in Old Guard labs, grasping for Hoboken's young demographic.   The 'newbies'.

Well 'newbies', there is nothing 'new' nor 'independent' in this fresh-faced crop; they are rotten through and through.  As rotten as their youthful operatives- like prosbus Bajardi who defends such Old Guard machine tools as fired Construction Code official Al Arezzo, fired PIO Bill Campbell and current CFO George DeStefano who looked the other way as 4 million quarters disappeared from Hoboken parking meters and  brother-in-law Anthony Russo collected City health benefits for 10 years. 

Yes, Old Guard erosion is occurring while their latest product, the comically inarticulate dullard Timmy Occhipinti, is floundering at the City Council.   GA doesn't see much of a future for that one.  Unless the entire 4th ward is lobotomized.

So WHO is the next fresh-faced Machine candidate pitching to a younger demographic?

GA thinks it's this man:

That's Franz Paetzold, former 2nd ward City Council candidate.

Franz has been building a YouTube warchest of his various public appearances- either as a candidate or at City Hall as a public speaker.  Yep, he's got a YouTube Channel of videos that seem- to me, like preparation for a City Council campaign.  And there is no doubt which 'camp' he's with.

photo credit: MSV

I'll say this for Franz: he's articulate.


  1. A smart man who aligns himself w/ the likes of the Russos is far more dangerous than a complete idiot.

  2. Franz is a bright guy who seems to have one segment of the logic board disconnected. He's someone who respects and lives by compliance at UBS but doesn't apply that same standard in Hoboken to the Old Guard and the massive unethical actions and voter fraud that goes on.

    He speaks for larger surplus or on any number of beneficial positions in alignment with Reform, except he doesn't call out his own ward representative Beth Mason to do so. Ever.

    He doesn't say she is not representing his and Hoboken's best interests. Is that an accident?

  3. The man seems to be in the process of laying out a strategy for a road to a council seat, sure. He is articulate, sure. Is he an independent? No way. He just plays one on TV. Clearly Old Guard in sheep's clothing.

    We actually got lucky with Mr Occhipinti. But he is so easy to deconstruct the I believe the salient truth is that he is so far removed from an honorable course that to point out his gianormous shortcomings makes him look almost picked on in the world of ideas because he is so far off the trail and unable to defend himself.

    Well you know what? To wit my belief that Mr Paetzold has signed on secretly with the Old Guard, at the same time Reform has gotten better at what they are doing to improve things. Reform inches victory by victory to a place where the candidate and voter pool grows much more exponentially than what time will do to the Old Guard, which will atrophy and continue to drown in it's own excesses.

    I for one say "Hey Old Guard, bring it". It will be nice for a change to have an intelligent debate on a more level intellectual playing field where ideas can truly be exchanged and higher truths sought. I remain a romantic who believes virtue will triumph over villainy and the truth will set us free. It's a process. Ultimately, I take no joy in rhetorically wagging a finger at the pathetically defenseless. I seek that debate that occurs on a higher ground. Bring it.


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