The CFO was Your UNCLE George, NOT Lenz

Folks, when someone tells a huge, whopping LIE, you know you cannot trust ANYTHING else they tell you.

GA posted the transcript of the 'missing million dollars in parking meter revenue' exchange at the City Council last night.

Check out THIS excerpt:
Bhalla: Councilwoman Giattino.

Giattino: Who was the CFO when the quarter (garbled) happened...

Cunningham: Judi Tripodi.. Judi tripodi... headed the investigation...

Giattino: No, no. When it HAPPENED.

Marsh: I think we've had the same CFO for a very long time.

Cunningham: In 2007...

Castellano: There was a break there for awhile...

Russo: The CFO at that time might have been Michael Lenz

Marsh: I don't think so.

Castellano: Yes, it was.

Russo: It was.
Holy gratuitous Lenz-SMEAR, Batman!  BOTH Mike Russo and his Cousin Terry Castellano finger Mike Lenz as the CFO presiding over the parking meter million-dollar heist!

WOW... did you SEE what happened to their noses after they dropped that WHOPPER?

GA Truth Squad on duty.

UNCLE Georgie DeStefano held the CFO position from 1996 until he was suspended in 2002, then...

Michael Lenz was Interim CFO from September 2002 through May 2003.

Louis Picardo succeeded Lenz as acting CFO until he was fired in 2004 by... Councilman Mike Russo, when Councilman Nino Giacchi went to the bathroom to take a dump!

From the Hoboken Reporter on November 2, 2004:
"Based on Mr. DeGennaro's comments, I make a verbal resolution to remove [Picardo from his duties as CFO] and fire Ernst and Young," said 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo. Picardo would only be removed from the CFO position, and would retain his job as tax collector, according to his verbal resolution. 

Now what's left over is a legal mess and a lot of bad feelings. Russo said shortly after the meeting that for three months, the CFO and the auditing firm have not shown up for meetings and deserved to be fired.

"They chose to ignore the council and this is the consequence," he said.

He added that his decision to call the vote was based on the comments of public speaker DeGennaro and not due to Giacchi's trip to the loo.

"It had nothing to do with who was sitting at the table," said Russo.

But not everyone is buying that explanation.

"It's totally ridiculous," said Councilman Ruben Ramos. He said that it was against the spirit of the democratic process to purposely take a vote while another councilmember was in the restroom.

 How does Mike Russo NOT remember THAT?  I'll bet Nino remembers.

But in fact... the DUMP of Picardo while Nino took a dump didn't stick,  because Picardo remained Acting CFO through 2006 until....

UNCLE Georgie got his job back! 

From The Hudson Reporter on January 17, 2006:
The Hoboken City Council recently approved a $500,000 settlement that clears the way for Municipal CFO George DeStefano, whom the state's Department of Community Affairs had suspended, to return to his $92,790 job in City Hall.

According to city attorney Joseph Sherman, the city might look to the state to defray some of the costs for DeStefano's settlement, since the state was the one who officially suspended DeStefano.
Did you know that George DeStefano is Michele Russo's brother?  Do you think the family had a big celebration when Uncle Georgie got his job back?  In 2006.

SO all the quarter-stealing was presided over by... UNCLE GEORGIE.  

And Michael Russo and Cousin Terry Castellano KNEW it.

So when Mike announced he'd 'discovered' the missing million dollars at the City Council on December 6, 2007 it didn't take long for Uncle Georgie to help his nephew and Terry CLEAR UP the 'error'.

Now, funny that Russo took OWNERSHIP of the 'error' in 2007 saying:

"And for the record, ah, that was an error in my calculations, so when I asked the question it was actually an error in my calculations when I was doing my own due diligence when it came to the budget so, uh, it was just a question and we clarified it."


 He was covering for UNCLE Georgie.

Russo changed his story last night. He threw 'the administration' under the bus and said the administration was LENZ.

What liars.  See what I mean, FBI? 

Here's Hoboken CFO UNCLE Georgie speaking at the City Council on July 28, 2007 6 months BEFORE nephew-Councilman Mike 'discovered' the missing million dollars in parking meter revenue.


  1. what i find odd is ....the cfo had to know there was missing why did mr russo even bring it up....are they all different fractions of the same group? And if they did know what did they get to again if they did know what did they get to agree to 34.00? This is serious money to take a chance on losing a career? Or they really didnt know?


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