They Want it BAD

Oh, my...  feeding frenzy at the BoE last night!  There's nothing like a 59 million-dollar budget and a million dollar surplus to whet the appetite.  


GA woke up to this in my Inbox:
Meeting was fairly quiet considering they continue to bring the troops

Michele, Michael, Frank, Theresa Burns, both Callichios (taking pics), Stick, Holmes... They want it BAD!!!
I'll bet they do.

Hey City Hall, pay attention. You may have the main gate on lock-down, but they're aiming for the backdoor.  Ignore it at your own peril.

 So goes the School Board, so goes the City Council.

(Update , 5:45 pm)
A plea by Michele Russo may explain the presence of several Russo family friends.


  1. Agreed GA. Mama Russo wants a job and more importantly the accompanying benefits. She's been shut out at the County and Union City Board of Education but control of the Hoboken Board of Education is up for grabs in April. Wake-up reform! The Russos aren't attending board meetings because they care about the schools or the children.... they're looking for a new piggy bank.

  2. I tried to take the high road last night. To all parents:

  3. Michael did have a reason to be there. The Russo Haunted House needs a new location and he wanted Demarest. He got it. I told him he could put my name on a tombstone if he wanted to.

  4. The school budget has always been a place for the corrupt forces that be to hide everything and anything, from grafting on supplies to creating a patronage mill for no-show jobs.

    Before more parents became involved and more charter schools opened, those in power sent their kids to Catholic schools and gave no thought to the black & Latino kids they were graduating who couldn't read or write.

    Our school budget is HUGE compared to our municipal budget AND in our total control, but the voter apathy at school board elections is appalling.


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