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Mason cyber-rag makes a wish.

The news of the day broke last night.

Under the leadership of  Mayor Zimmer with the extraordinary effort of the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority, our hospital was saved from shutting down, saving taxpayers  a whopping $52 million dollars added to THIS YEAR'S levy,  the City's bond rating from collapse, 1,200 hospital  jobs, painful cuts to City services AND layoffs of City workers...

This is a victory for us, brought home by a Mayor whose operating principle is doing what's best for Hoboken.

This means bipartisan outreach to a Republican Governor.  And it's been rewarded, which in turn led to the salvaging of MORT's (Mason-Occhipinti-Russo-Terry C.'s ) best effort to sink the hospital sale to HoldCo.  Remember HoldCo had submitted the only viable bid of the 100 who were solicited.

GA is truly grateful.

Aside from the multitude of wounds which would have been inflicted on our city, the need for a hospital hit home for me almost one week ago.  That's when LA's (Little Avenger's) pediatrician told me to take her to the HUMC's emergency room for a chest x-ray and diagnosis; she had a fever, no appetite, a constant cough and the doctor found her oxygen saturation level was low.  He suspected she had pneumonia.

Quite a shock. So we hustled over there pronto; it took15 minutes on foot.

There were 15 others with us in the waiting room; a few more walked in as we sat there: a woman with an  ice pack on her head... a man badly limping.  An infant with her parents sat near us; I have no idea what was wrong with the baby who had an admission tag around her chubby little ankle.  GA sat there with my poor, sick LA  surveying those around me and couldn't help thinking where would we be tonight without this hospital?

Then my mind wandered to those conspiring to kill our community's access to this kind of immediate medical care; they themselves one fall or mishap away from an HUMC emergency room visit.

HUMC is their hospital, too. So why would they want to kill it against their own self-interest?

Here's why.

For the greater 'good' of scoring a big, huge hit against the mayor.  To have chaos descend on her watch so she loses in 2013.

That's how brainless and viscous Zimmer's opposition has become.

Obstruction is the means and the end.

Da Horsey' got a video clip from last night's meeting illustrating MORT giving the finger to City Council President Ravi Bhalla (figuratively speaking.)

It features outbursts first by Councilwoman Castellano,  who in defiance of Roberts Rules of Order,   tried to introduce an amendment after Bhalla called a vote. Castellano began to argue with Bhalla, who then skipped over her vote.  Then Councilman Russo refused to vote and began arguing with Bhalla, becoming so unruly that the latter asked a policeman to come forward.

Imagine that?  Bhalla asking a member of the HPD to remove a 'friend' like Russo?  Thank goodness a camera was rolling.

The breach of decorum and council rules was no surprise from this crew.

But what flew out of Ma Russo's mouth off-camera was.

From Da Horsey:
Later people heard Michael Russo's mother, Michele "five-bucks-a-tow" Russo call Council President Ravi Bhalla thusly, "He's a dictator.  He's Saddam Hussein."
Saddam Hussein?

Does anyone think Ma Russo knows the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim?  Why didn't she just call him a 'dirty AYE-RAB'?

That's not the first time Bhalla's religion/ ethnicity has been targeted by the mayor's opponents. GA remembers the cat call to him at the City Council: "Go back where you came from!" or this from Lane Bajardi:
"...and Councilman Bhalla, being the first City Council member of Asian descent, you ought to be ashamed of yourself supporting the layoff of Hoboken's first Asian police officer..."
Beth Mason was seen clapping after that.

Not to mention the racism advanced on Mason-tabloid Hoboken411. Here's Mason campaign worker and ├╝ber-supporter Margaret O'Brien:

At home with other racism on the Mason tabloid...


Well, GA's digressed... sorta.

The extent to which hate for Mayor Zimmer, her allies on the City Council (and everywhere else) has twisted the sense of her opponents is the point.  From elected officials playing politics with our hospital;  trying to killing the sale to the one viable bidder, to ignoring City Council procedure, to denigrating the City Council President's ethnicity... it's all poison from the same well.

In stark contrast are those who follow rule, and are motivated by what's best for Hoboken and not their political ascendancy or lining their pockets.

And the power to keep these destructive forces at bay is as fragile as the next election.


  1. More important. I hope LA is feeling better.

  2. I was about to say the same. How is LA.

  3. No pneumonia, thank G-d. She had an upper respiratory viral infection. No meds prescribed either, after all that. Just over-the-counter Children's Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the fever.

    She's doing much better, thank you!

  4. Further evidence of urban rednecks. Between Bajardi/Mason/Occhipinti/Markevitch's disdain for free speech and the Russos creeping racism I wonder if my urban oasis is secretly harboring remnants of the John Birch Society.

    It's a city, people. Ya got plenty of places to live if you want to make like white trash. Pick one and go.


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