Cage Filler

Vacancy at the U.S. District Courthouse in Newark

At least one birdie emboldened by the stillness of summer has forgotten there's a federal bird-collector on the loose, and a holding cell um.. I mean 'bird cage' waiting for him at the U.S. District Courthouse in Newark.

Once this bird gets collected, he'll fill that empty cage in Newark while awaiting his bail hearing and arraignment.  If the judge, um... I mean 'federal pet shop manager' determines he's not a flight risk (and what bird isn't?) he'll set bail... of course the birdie may not have enough birdseed to make bail, in which case it's BACK in the cage!


I wonder what kind of bird seed the Feds serve?

Again, the 'federal pet shop manager' may decide the birdie can't be released on his own recognizance... 


So before this birdie flies too close to the sun he may wish to take a flight path to a lawyer instead.