GA's got whiplash!

A story posted this afternoon on the Jersey Journal online reports that Michele Russo DID get the head housekeeper job at the County Plaza building in Jersey City and will "start immediately".

After those denials.

Well, I am excited for Ma Russo... I'll bet she's terrific with a mop and feather duster just like my favorite head housekeeper of all time, Hazel. 

Wasn't she great?  Always getting herself into mischief.  Kind of like the other head housekeeper, Michele.

I wonder if Hazel ever extorted 5 bucks from Mr. B?   That was a lot of money back then.  I'll bet  she did, and with that mountain of extortion cash was able to buy a nice beach house in Malibu.  Which I hear she sold to her son Hazel Jr. for a buck.

And...just like Hazel the housekeeper had keys to the Baxter home, Ma Russo will have a set of keys to open up every locked door in the entire County Plaza building.  From the Board of Elections to the Court Administration Office to the County Clerk... 

Oh, what delightful mischief our Michele can find behind every door she unlocks with her Master Key!

Can't wait for the sitcom.


  1. Housekeeping: The Next Front-ier!!
    MR is rarely one to miss opportunities---look what she achieved in towing and real estate! Given her "tenacity," I'm sure she'll make the most of every choice opportunity County Plaza offers!

    Housekeeping operations in large facilities can be wonderful entrepreneurial environments. For example, at least in the '90's, it was well-rumored that the housekeeping dept. at St. Mary's Hospital had a thriving gambling operation. There was supposedly a whole code the PA system used to alert housekeeping of where to pick up bets/pay out winnings, etc. Paging the dept. to clean up bodily fluids spilled on such & such a floor did not necessarily mean a mop & bucket was called for. Or that the requisite "incident report" was filed.

    St. Mary was also rumored to have a large swag-operation, run by a couple of lower-level employees (unit clerk-types). Want a pair of Timberlands or a good-quality fake Coach bag? Go see so&so. So&so would ask your size or show some samples & it would appear, for a steal (below Canal St. prices). Who knows about kick-backs to the higher-ups. Knowing Hudson Co., I can only imagine a similar culture could easily exist & thrive at County Plaza.

    Can't wait for the sitcom, GA? David Kelley would probably be interested. He supposedly optioned Helene Stapinski's wonderful Hudson Co. memoir, "Five Finger Discount."

  2. Interesting, MBB.

    I wonder if any St. Mary's swag ended up in their thrift shop. Only garments and accessories? What about tchotchkes?


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