EXCLUSIVE: Michele Denies Getting County Job

GA's heard from several reliable sources that Michele Russo has denied she was offered a job with the County, a story broken in yesterday's Hoboken Reporter. 

Kurt Gardiner at Hoboken Journal reports the HR's unattributed piece was written by Al Sullivan, so perhaps our man Sully can get to the bottom of it. 

I spoke to my buddy, GA's super-sleuth One-Eye today on the run, and asked him what he made of this- first the job announcement, then Ma Russo's denial.

 Here 's his assessment:
There's some problems with the story. The job announcement was premature. Someone tipped off Al before the final paperwork was done.  Michele didn't have final approval before the story came out and now that it has, nobody wants to touch her.  This was supposed to fly under the radar. If she's claiming she didn't know about it or didn't get it or whatever,  she's trying to save face

It sounds plausible.  So One-Eye thinks the intended offer fell through after hitting the press.

Well, we shall see... stay tuned.


  1. MSV dug into this and posted a story. However we had not seen this story and can't detail what One-Eye says.

    MSV did source the story and confirmed several facts for its update.


  2. Smarty, I'd heard the denial(s) yesterday, chatted w/One-Eye this morning.

    It's just an assessment, although in addition to his one sharp eye he's got quite a nose.

  3. Typical Hudson Co. fishy-sounding, from your other thread, GA.

    Now, apparently, a bit of a red herring.... ;-)


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