Dear FBI: Letter No. 2


  1. They must be thrilled to know they have their own fan site on Facebook. We Love the FBI in Hoboken.

  2. So does Operation Big Rig!

  3. As Lt Columbo(rest in peace!)is like to say, "okay ma'am, there's just one more thing".
    I looked this up on the internets, and I see two things used almost interchangeably. Is it Operation Bid Rig, or Operation Big Rig? Google 'em up, and you'll see. Personally, I like Operation Big Rig, because this all seems "so much larger than life"*.

    Maybe we could vote on it?
    With a third eye always on the mail-ins?

    * source:"Big Time", by Peter Gabriel.

  4. 2 fan sites? Well, that settles it then, GA. Obviously the FB stands for FaceBook. That just leaves the "I" to be explained. Can you ask them next time you guys are at Mamouns? PS. Love, love, love the totally retro windbreakers. Do they have a Cafe Press site for there stuff? Looking for a dog sweater. See avatar for approximate size.

  5. Yes, ply I stumbled upon that one myself.

    It appears that what we know as 'Big Rig'- the sweep in 2009 that got Cammy- is (also) known as the 3rd phase of Operation Bid Rig or 'Bid Rig 3'.

    Operation Bid Rig is an FBI/ IRS/ US Attorney (NJ)anti-corruption operation started in 2002. And still ongoing, it seems. So in fact, whatever comes of the FBI's adventure in Hoboken today is likely part of that continuum- call it 'Bid Rig 4'.


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