Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mason claims Hillary Clinton's NJ Campaign Director ran her 2011 re-election campaign!

A reader sent me the above Beth Mason Facebook post with the caption: "Huuuuuuuuuge Lie."

In her post, former Councilwoman Beth Mason alleges that Hillary Clinton's choice to head her General Election effort in New Jersey, Jennifer Holdsworth, was her re-election campaign manager in 2011!    Funny, I don't remember that at all.

Is it true?

Would Mason lie like a rug about Jennifer Holdsworth managing her 2011 re-election campaign?

In 2015, Mason's 2011 campaign was slammed with historic ELEC fine for "election reporting violations."  

If Holdsworth was "campaign manager", it is reasonable to question whether she was a Respondent in the complaint ELEC filed against Hoboken councilwoman Beth Mason and "members of her campaign."

Here is the ELEC report for the 2011 campaign Mason alleges was managed by Holdworth:

DOes Holdsworth appear on the 2011 Mason campaign's ELEC reports?

click to read

No.   GA did not find the name "Jennifer Holdsworth" listed on any Mason 2011 ELEC.

And a  keyword search of the 50,000+ Bajardi discovery email exhibits returned no results for"Jennifer Holdsworth."

What about social media?

GA searched Ms. Holdsworth's public Facebook page for the year 2011.

There is NOTHING posted showing that Ms. Holdsworth managed Mason's 2011 campaign, nor involved in any capacity;   she attended law school that year.

Holdsworth made no posts on or about May 10, 2011, Election day except this one before:

In conclusion, GA has a reasonable basis to believe that Mason lied like a rug about Ms. Holdsworth, and Holdsworth was NOT her 2011 "re-election campaign manager." 

 Which begs the question...

Why would Beth Mason tar the reputation of Hillary Clinton's General Election Director in NJ, lying that she managed  a campaign which received  historic ELEC fines?  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ROOTS: The Break-Up

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Musa and Me

Whose estimated half-million $ got flushed down the crapper? SLAPP victims want to know.

How would you like that  $2,000,000-- cash or check?

How about neither?

In the 2008 email below, one half of the regular 'ole "Hoboken couple" contacts Musa Moore, a Brooklyn-based political operative for Councilwoman Beth Mason, to discuss banana bread recipes.  

In this email, that same half of the whole "Hoboken Couple" asks, "Do you want to fight?" and copies Musa Moore and Micheal Oliva, another campaign consultant for Councilwoman Beth Mason.  By "fight" the Hoboken Half-Couple must be referring to a particularly challenging brownie recipe.

Well, what do you know? There's that Half-Couple emailing Musa Moore, Beth Mason, and other Half-Couple because "we need to call a meeting about '09." The agenda?  Baking vs. frying your cutlets.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


What a day!

GA hopes some of you were there to celebrate with our gay brothers and sisters.

TD Bank was, and (if I might say) very generous with the swag.

Oh look!

A group of Muslim gay Americans were there expressing their pride to be Muslim gay Americans.

Donald Trump, why don't you shove THIS up your orange-colored a$$?

Hey, you don't get more mainstream Americana than... WALMART.

The 49 Orlando victims were prominently "presente" thanks to many parade marchers who carried their pictures, signs, and other remembrances.

Yes, the marchers were young..,

...and old...

...together with hundreds of thousands of spectators and united by mutual respect and joy to be alive.


WHEN: Today 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Zimmer's Fashion Police

circa 2012

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

GUESS WHO lobbied Ricky to "scare" the "Lenz/Zimmer gang" with "legal intervention"

GUESS WHO pitched a defamation lawsuit directly to Ricky Mason in 2010  to "stop lies"  that "mislead voters" which "help Dawn and hurt Beth."

According to GUESS WHO, the so-called "lies" were posted on Hoboken Revolt, and the lawsuit was pitched against "Donna, Kurt and others who post[ed] "felon" comments and articles under their own names."

GUESS WHO warned Ricky Mason:
 "...unless you take drastic measures, this is only going to get worse as we head into the 2011 races.... the only thing that will force the Lenz/Zimmer gang to stop their consant slander is legal action... They are working hard to remove Beth from the council and from any capacity in local government, and they have a lot of converts who buy into the Zimmer/Lenz lies... Lenz and team are not deterred by response letters in published newspapers... it doesn't scare them into stopping their destructive behavior."
GUESS WHO was pitching political discourse as "destructive behavior/slander/lies", and "legal intervention" to "scare them" silent.

In other words, GUESS WHO was proposing that Ricky Mason file a SLAPP suit.
A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. 
Start reading the Bajardi v Pincus email below from the bottom (where it says "Start Here") and work your way up.

Information collecting.... the desire to inflict pain... the desire to use litigation to shut down political discourse on matters of public interest and public concern... all of these elements are coming to light as GA and others cull through voluminous discovery emails.

Questions are arising.

How much behind-the-scenes influence did "GUESS WHO" have in the execution of the 2012 SLAPP suit, when two years earlier she pitched nearly same plot to Ricky Mason?

Bajardi v Pincus emails provide a reasonable basis to ask how involved  GUESS WHO was in the planning and implementation of the SLAPP suit.

GA can confirm GUESS WHO was behind one of the Bajardis' damages claims.  Lane Bajardi wrote, in his interrogatories:
"...I also believe that my young son was not invited to return to the Stevens Cooperative School because certain decision-makers there viewed the many disparaging statements about me and Kimberly online. A copy of the letter informing me that my son would not be invited to return to Stevens is also being produced contemporaneously. Kimberly and I were considering pursuing adoption in 2011, but we had to stop because Ms. Pincus’ statements regarding DYFS made this impossible...."
Here is what Lane Bajardi said under oath at his deposition regarding his claim individual bloggers were responsible for his son not being readmitted to Stevens Cooperative School.

You follow?

There is no doubt, all who have been dragged through nearly 4 years of punishing, frivolous litigation have been grievously harmed. 

GA and others have a pressing interest in identifying all parties responsible for its planning and execution, what their roles were, and if they benefited from it, financially or otherwise, in any way. 

Jen's Chatty Hacker- UPDATE

Updated 06/24/2016-
The virus scan GA ran after deleting the "Jen Hacker" email detected an infection of "high severity" - a virus.  Who knows if it was related, but a heads up to anyone who got one of those to run a scan.  Just because you have not observed  changes to your system does not mean the virus is not wreaking havoc in your hard drive.  Here's the virus:  XPL/Gen CW _
XPL/Gen CW _ is a malicious software that once it is executed has the capability of replicating itself and infect other files and programs. These type of malware, called Viruses, can steal hard disk space and memory that slows down or completely halts your PC. It can also corrupt or delete data, erase your hard drive, steal personal information, hijack your screen and spam your contacts to spread itself to other users. Usually, a Virus is received as an attachment on an email or instant message.


Early this morning, Hoboken Councilwoman Jen Giattino's personal Gmail account was hacked.

Stay tuned, it gets interesting....

At 4:41 AM, GA was BCC-ed on an email signed "Jennifer Giattino, Hudson Place Realty..." The email read:
Please kindly view an important document which i sent through Secure PDF. Please check and advise if any issues, or confirm if OK
The email had an Adobe .PDF icon and links to "View" and "Download."

A second, nearly identical email came at 7:36 AM signed "Jennifer Giattino, Hudson Place Realty..."

Listen to me.

NEVER NEVER NEVER "click" on a link emailed to you even if even the message is signed "Your loving MOTHER."

First, ask  yourself: "Why would my mother be sending me a link to "Girls Gone Wild" on VHS?"  Remember that Mama doesn't have a computer.  Remember she's in Bora Bora.

DO NOT CLICK ON unexpected e-mail LINKS until you verify the SOURCE.  Just because someone signs "Your loving Mama" (or "Jen Giattino") doesn't mean it was sent by your loving Momma (or "Jen Giattino")  I'll bet the sender doesn't love you at all.

Think.  Why the hell would Jen email you a document from her "workplace" in the middle of the night?  When an email appears 'off' that's because it is.  I don't want to embarrass individuals, but if you have contacted Giattino to tell her "the link didn't work" then I AM talking to you.

You clicked.  Who knows if you got infected with some lurking Trojan or nasty virus?  GA is not kidding.  If you clicked on that link, you should run your virus scan/cleaner.

 But hey, don't listen to me.  This information about email threats is on the Symantec website:

click image to read

Back to the story...

At 7:49 AM I forwarded the suspect email to ""  with the message:

Hi Jen. I've gotten 2 of these emails from you... it looks like a virus. You may want to warn folks not to click on the link.

Hope all's well.


At 7:51 AM, the hacker replied:
 No nancy its not a virus, did you view the document ?

I replied...


Well folks, I called Giattino. 

Jen confirmed she'd been hacked and was quite surprised to hear that she'd "replied" to me.  I forwarded the 'reply' email for her use.

It appears the hacker came in though her personal email account, like an open door, and accessed her workplace email account.   From there, the chatty hacker replied to me as Giattino at her place of business.  

Isn't that a crime?  I think so.

After I spoke to (the real) Jen, I sent this to the fake one:

And that concludes the Strange Tale of Jen's Chatty Hacker!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 Forums to go dark

Many of us 'old timers' recall when's  Hoboken Forum was churning with political operatives, cranks, activists, passers-by, locals and lunatics, slugging it out in a 24/7 cyber-fight club.

Yes, that board was rough-and-tumble (an understatement.)   I posted there as "Clockwork3."

In 2010, after I began my term on the ZBA, "messages" like this one began to pop up on the forum:

A videographer who said "someone hired him" showed up at my ZBA meeting to film "on Tuesday."

Hey, Beth Mason's videographer did film me at the Zoning Board  for 12 months... and the video did play on a sound truck ("Nazi Truck") for the BoE "Move Forward" campaign.

Messages would pop up about my running for re-election as Democratic Committeewoman  for Ward 6- District 5...

...and invitations to resign my Committee seat.

GA has a reasonable basis to believe that these "messages" to silence this blog, to deprive me of my constitutional right to participate in the democratic process, came from the same miserable group behind the SLAPP suit.  Yes, the kind that wish "painful vasectomies" on their political opponents, that try to impoverish them with in court for political free speech.

Here is one of Team SLAPP, believed to be Mason's chief political operative, warning Horsey and myself of "what Lane [Bajardi] has in store for us" if we "keep yapping."

The irony of course, is that they SLAPPed themselves silent. Their fake lawsuit emptied the Hoboken Forum and Hoboken Patch discussion boards; neither ever recovered.  

So, we bid good-bye to the  one time free-for-all, where municipal board members and elected officials and SLAPP suits could be threatened by real bullies.

I can't say I will miss it.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Pain Gang

Ever wish a painful vasectomy on a friend?  Or on anyone?

This desire to inflict pain on political opponents, by vasectomy or SLAPP, was the hallmark of a once-influential cell of Hoboken political operatives.

For them, victory at the ballot box wasn't enough; their opponents should suffer painful vasectomies, financial ruin and public disgrace.

Though tiny in number, this cell had a large presence on the internet, be it through ghostwritten screeds on Hoboken411 or vitriolic posts under ever-shifting screen name IDs. The apex of their online influence was around 2008-2009.

This 2008 email illustrates how operatives coordinated political messaging directly with  Hoboken411, and believed in the power to influence Hoboken politics.  Kim Cardinal  advises on the "best strategy  to make [Lenz] irrelevant" is "never talking about him on 411."

That was 2008.

In 2009, the dynamic changed.

Hoboken411's policy of comment censorship and banning, gave birth to an open Reform blogosphere.

Banned from Hoboken411, Reform activists developed their own platforms for free political discourse. First, The  Hoboken Journal, then Mile Square View. later, in 2010, this blog, Grafix Avenger.

With these changes (plus the death spiral of Hoboken411), the 'vasectomy pain crew' no longer dominated the online political conversation in Hoboken.  That had to hurt the raging egos of narcissists.

A new problem emerged: the discourse from the 'other side,' was delivered as sharply as their own, but it could no longer be banned or moderated out of existence. New Reform voices were entering Hoboken's online marketplace of ideas.  These voices were sharply critical of the once-dominant political faction, and a "war" between screen names erupted online.  Heated, nasty discourse in threads sometimes hundreds of comments long (on Patch), the context was Hoboken politics.

What happened next?

Under the same kind of fire they had dished out, these internet warriors proved more delicate than hothouse flowers.

Boo hoo hoo. Waaaaaaah. Bullies! Meanies!