Thursday, March 31, 2016

Earwitness Rumor: Reputation Rehab?

Folks, today's Earwitness dispatch is a rumor.  But, my Earwitness notes a few 'coincidences' which tend to support its truth.

GA must refrain from specific observations of  my own as they relate to matters I cannot discuss at this time.

But you know, no one can sue the sun, nor its light that shines in the darkest of places.

word is she is desperate to rehabilitate her image in Hoboken.  The new storefront, flyer, puff piece in the paper. The wallets open. whatever it takes to rehabilitate her reputation and clean up the biggest stink around it now.  


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BIG Petrosino Lie- is he hurting his case?

Folks, the whoppers that this "academic" continues to publish on his blog about an ongoing case in which he is a Respondent never cease to amaze me.

One has to wonder when does his credibility on matters relating to his litigation become an issue in court?

My perspective on today's Petro-gas harvest comes from my experience as a litigant in Bajardi v Pincus.

I cannot ever imagine publishing demonstrably false statements before, after, or during my litigation.  In fact, I cannot ever imagine publishing demonstrably false statements and/or verifiable statements which I believe to be false about anything.

But here is Anthony Petrosino, lying his ass off about a relevant historical fact in his litigation, which is a matter of public record.  In my opinion, Wilentz Attorneys at Law, representing HoLa, should be furious and muzzle his lying trap.

Anyway, let's get to it.

On December 15, 2015 Pinocchio-sino wrote:
"As you may recall, the original concept for HoLa in 2008 was a strand within the district, housed at Connors, the Hoboken public school with the highest concentration of low income students."

I was there in 2008 at the BoE meeting when Superintendent Raslowsky told parents that space would be needed for the HoLa program in Wallace,  so Wallace students would have to be moved out. 

How could I forget that?   My daughter was in kindergarten at Wallace and my head nearly exploded as the words left Raslowsky's mouth.

Oh yeah, another inconvenient fact: Connors was slated for a major renovation to begin in the 2009-2010 school year, a two-year project.  As noted in the Jersey Journal on November 18, 2008.

Petrosino was Assistant to Superintendent Jack Raslowsky, knew that Connors was to be vacated for renovation and knew HoLa was NOT to be "housed at Connors."

What a liar. 

GA cannot find video of that 2008 meeting.

Beth Mason has/had it.

Let me explain.  At that time a website, owned and operated by former Councilwoman Mason was regularly videotaping public meetings, including Hoboken City Council meetings and Board of Education meetings.  GA would love to have posted the clip, but Mason took her site down years ago.


Even if Beth Mason did not want to continue videotaping meetings, why didn't she leave the videos up for a nominal cost?

A possible clue as to why Beth Mason pulled down wethepeoplereports may lie in a Bajardi v Pincus email exhibit.   Take note: according to the email,  the Raslowsky-Petrosino administration were editing out public comment against HoLa for the Channel 77 broadcast.

Wilentz peeps, are you paying attention to what your client is doing to your case?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fresh face, powerful voice

Most of us can recognize the faces who regularly attend public meetings, especially those who get up to the mic.  The speakers we know (the 'regulars')  are activists or political partisans or advocates/objectors for a particular agenda item.

So it's refreshing to see a Hoboken resident who is none-of-the-above, speaking at a meeting for the first time though not particularly comfortable with public speaking.  Most of us aren't.

GA was very impressed with the eloquence of this Hoboken district mom, who spoke for many Hoboken district families on March 8, 2016 at the Hoboken School Board  meeting.  Here is the video, and below a transcription (if you prefer to read.)

"My family is relatively new to Hoboken. We moved here less than 3 years ago and were uncertain about the reputation of the schools. But to our delight, our boys have flourished in the public pre-k and district schools. We have met the most wonderful families and kids along the way and as they have moved onto different schools, we have wished nothing but the best for them and their families.

And so we felt very ambivalent about the lawsuit between the district and a local charter school. We felt uncomfortable about the political and financial costs, the silence from civic leaders and the impact on local elections.

But lately, I have felt troubled by the political gaming outside and inside this board and so I decided to read up on the issues and here is what I learned:

At the heart of this case, a charter school asked the state for permission to renew and expand its charter. The school has the burden to show that this would not exacerbate segregation in the district. Segregative effect is essentially a civil rights question. It’s a legal question and I believe we need the courts to help us figure this out:

Here are 3 reasons why:

1.) As residents, we should be interested in whether public monies provide equal educational opportunities to students regardless of race, income or status.

2.) As a former Abbott district, we cannot enjoy free public pre-k at the same time as preventing equal protection questions from going to the court. Hoboken has free public pre-k as a result of the Abbott lawsuits, which asked similar questions to this case. To remedy the segregation that the court found, it permitted funding for public pre-k in certain urban districts, including ours. Public pre-k is enjoyed by many families in this town, including the children of non-district school leaders.

3.) As parents, we are too divided and emotionally invested in a certain answer. In our country, it is the courts that clarify our understanding of civil rights. And in Hoboken, we have never needed this more than now. To be clear, no one is calling for schools to get closed or calling anyone a “whatzit,” rather we are asking for a neutral party to answer these hard questions for us.

Secondly, I wanted to address the embarrassing antics at the last Board of Education meeting.

I expect that there will be difference of opinion and values among this board. But when the interests of this district’s students conflict with outside interests, the code of ethics makes it clear which takes priority. The code also dictates that board members do not take private actions that would compromise the board.

So here’s another way of looking at it: when you play for the Yankees but root for the other team and provide them with inside strategy, then no one will trust you, will want to play with you, or will want to hire you and certainly no one watching the game will like you.

The code of ethics not only exists to protect the interests of our district children but they also serve to protect YOUR public and professional reputation. You can advocate for any group of children but you cannot do so from that chair. If this is too difficult for you, then I know some highly qualified people who can serve our district children wholeheartedly.

So I want to say this as nicely as possible… but you need to get your act together! We are talking about the civil rights of children! Any reasonably intelligent person would know that political gaming is inappropriate.

Most of us in our family histories have experienced being “the other.” For many families in Hoboken, that struggle is still very real today. I call on school leaders to act sensitively and model integrity around issues of civil rights in our community. Thank you to the majority of the board who have refrained from political gaming and who have acted at great personal cost to defend the civil rights of children in our district!

Thank you."

No, thank youMrs. Kim

originally posted on "Hijinks on the Hoboken School BoE"

Monday, March 28, 2016

Exorcism included or à la carte?

Anyone who watches A Haunting knows how a demon can attach itself to an inanimate object (like desks, counter tops, modular cubes, drawing tables and file cabinets) and be transported with the object.

Anyone who watches When Ghosts Attack knows what a malevolent spirit can do.

That is why GA recommends objects which may contain malevolent energies-  a demon or angry spirit- be cleansed immediately upon entering your home.

Preemptive cleansing may save you from exorcism later.

In fact, cleansing is economical; all you need is a bundle of white sage (known as a "smudge stick") to do it yourself.   Whereas, exorcisms don't guarantee results, ritual cleansing with a smudge stick is known to expel malevolent spirits; it is an ancient practice believed to be rooted in Native American culturethough that could be wrong.

You know the old saying: spare the sage, spoil the demon.

One sign of demonic possession is you will make shit up out of whole cloth then publish it in a newspaper.  You may also plot with other demons to plant stories in your newspaper or to embarrass your enemies or to swing local elections.  You will also serve demonic entities who buy weekly ads on page 3.  One should avoid demonic possession at all cost.

Therefore, before you carry home an inanimate object with a demon attached, obtain your own smudge stick.  

Now, you are ready to cleanse.


If you stick with it, you will eventually discover if the instructor is wearing pants:

Happy shopping!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Egg hunt!

click on image to read
Special Agent Cottontail says, "Happy Easter!" 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hoppin' round the bunny trail

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!

Hippity hop!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Promising "lower taxes" to voters while he tries to drain Hoboken's Treasury 

GA had a pile of election promises from "Garcia for Hoboken Council" sent to my home prior to the November 3 municipal election.

In fact, Candidate Carmelo Garcia carpet-bombed the entire 6th ward with promises; Letters, cards, mailers- even doorknobs pledged to "lower taxes" in exchange for our vote.

The magnitude of candidate Carmelo Garcia's dishonesty to voters has  been exposed by a Q-Tipster.

Because we now know that while the candidate was promising to "lower taxes" he was coveting $1.2 million of taxpayer money; the price to make his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit go away.

$1.2 million= 1.12% of  Hoboken's $107 million proposed budget  (2016).

How could Garcia "lower taxes" while he's pocketing $1.2 million of taxpayer money?  

That is a question 6th Ward voters never got to ask because candidate Carmelo Garcia:
(1) never told voters that he was suing the City,
(2) never told the voters he sought damages in the millions,
(3) never allowed voters to consider the inherent conflict between serving on a Legislative body with the people he's suing.
(4) never allowed voters to consider the inherent problems of a councilman working with the Mayor he is suing.

The election may be long over, but 6th Ward voters have just discovered Garcia's depth of dishonesty; he is  (still) suing the Mayor, her husband, and 3 current/former HHA officials, and is asking for a gigantic payday from public monies in an amount which (I believe) threatens Hoboken's fiscal stability.

Indeed, this is a matter of public interest and public concern.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Zimmer Saves Hoboken Taxpayers $1.2 MILLION, Carmelo leaves empty-handed

GA is still reeling from yesterday's Earwitness dispatch...  the jaw-dropping sum of money that Carmelo Garcia wanted to shake from the Hoboken taxpayer's pockets at a recent 'Ethnic Cleansing III' mediation...


Oh wait... that's only half of the taxpayer loot Carmelo Garcia wanted to extricate from our wallets, according to GA's Q-Tipster. The other half is not paid by the City of Hoboken, but with federal dollars, by HUD:


For a Grand TOTAL of:

Wow, just wow.

Hey Louis Z, this post is FAIR comment from a disgusted Hoboken (and federal) TAXPAYER.

My Q-Tipster performed a public service by sharing this attempted taxpayer-mugging with GA!

Imagine, on November 3, 2015 Garcia ran to represent my ward, the 6th Ward, on Hoboken's City Council while seeking to tap the Hoboken taxpayer's wallet for a jackpot.  The public must be protected from electing someone with such disregard for our money.   This is a matter of public interest and public concern.

In my OPINION, the fact that Garcia was running to be my Ward representative while this request for enormous sums of public monies should have been disclosed and frankly upon reflection, why wasn't it made known to the general voting population at the time of the election?  Clearly this is something which reflected upon Garcia's fitness to govern over Hoboken's finances.  In my OPINION, this  matter should have been front and center in the election last November.  GA had no idea this was going on.

Thank you, Q-Tipster!

But the real thanks go to those who, by walking away from the table, PROTECTED the taxpayer from a major league screwing.

Thank you, Mayor Zimmer.

My OPINION: GA hopes the Defendants take this to trial.  The legal issues are entirely different, but maybe the frivolous litigation statutes apply.  GA would like to see the taxpayers refunded the $150,000 they've spent to defend the City so far.

left: Mayor Zimmer protecting the Hoboken taxpayer   right: Carmelo Garcia walked away empty handed

As posted yesterday, my Q-Tipster said Garcia's astronomical damage claims are based on his life expectancy calculations,  the belief he had the right to hold his HHA position for life, and estimated lost income multiplied over his life span!

Aside from Vladamir Putin, what public servant expects employment for life?   (Rhetorical question!)

GA's Q-Tipster also said Garcia is going to re-file his complaint soon ('Ethnic Cleansing IV') with beefed-up racketeering charges! Ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching!  

Oh... what a coincidence... in time for the 2017  mayoral race!  Ka-ching again!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Earwitness News: the Carmelo mediations

In case you folks forgot, the Hoboken Mayor, her spouse, and 3 current or former Hoboken Housing Authority officials are defending former Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's  'Ethnic Cleansing III'*.  
* GA believes Garcia's "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit, filed on or about August 15, 2003, is on it's 3rd iteration ("Ethnic Cleansing III"- see bottom of page)
Aside from October's media splash of leaked Grossbard emails two weeks before the November 3rd municipal election (in which Carmelo Garcia ran for the 6th Ward Council seat) no one's heard a peep about Garcia's lawsuit.  Is it still going on?

YES, it is.

Hoboken taxpayers have spent $150,000 defending non-green people 

Which leads GA to today's Earwitness News!   

Folks, GA's Q-Tipster delivered an earful, which makes this an  extra waxy Earwitness report.    Hold onto your lobes...
Mediation between Carmelo and the HHA, Stan G. and the City was held last July [2015]. Carmelo started off asking for $700,000 from everyone. No more discussion after that. Mediation was terminated.  
The 2nd mediation was a couple of weeks ago in February or March.  Carmelo started the discussion by asking for $2.4 million. $1.2 million from the city and $1.2 million from the HHA.  That ended it.  I hear Carmelo was upset when he heard mediation was terminated. I think he expected to walk away with a big bundle of money. 
Carmelo's damages theory is that he had a right to be Executive Director for the rest of his life. He is claiming millions in damages because he lost his job before the end of his 5 year contract. He is also wants to add more racketeering charges and expand the complaint. 

According to GA's Earwitness Q-Tipster, in 8 months Carmelo's asking price went from $700K to $2.4 MILLION?

Let's see, somewhere in between July and March, Garcia got those discovery emails...

Taxpayers have already shelled out $150,000 to defend the City.

Now (according to GA's Earwitness)  Hoboken politician Carmelo Garcia wants to add $1.2 million dollars to the Hoboken taxpayer's tab!

Thank you Mayor Zimmer for fighting to protect the taxpayer from Carmelo Garcia's $1.2 MILLION payday!

Yes, this IS a 2017 campaign issue.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Chris Campos' ELEC Mysteries

Why is Chris Campos opening a campaign account in August 2015 for a run-off election that took place 8 years ago? 

This is a new campaign (bank) account. 

Campos' 2007 campaign bank accounts were reported as follows:
  • Municipal election:  On April 2, 2007, "Friends to Re-Elect Christopher Campos" filed a D-1 form to open PNC Bank Account # 8033661071. His Campaign Treasurer was Marilyn Monrroy.  
  • General election:  On October 7, 2007, "Friends to Re-Elect Christoper Campos" filed a D-1 form to open Commerce Bank Account  # 3453197453.  His Campaign Treasurer was Theresa LaBruno. 
8 years pass....
  • Runoff election:  On August 21, 2015, "Friends to Re-Elect Christoper Campos" filed a D-1 form to open TD Bank North, Account # 4313068151.  The Campaign Treasurer for the TD Bank account is "candidate" Christopher Campos. 

In 2015, Campos filed fourteen ELEC reports (R-1s, Amendments) for his 2007 Municipal and 2007 Runoff elections, none for the General.  They are highlighted in yellow below. 

All of the retroactive reports correspond to Campos' PNC account  ( # 8033661071.)

No reports have (yet) been filed for Campos' 'new' TD Bank North account ( # 4313068151.)

GA is being generous to say say Campos' 2015 retroactive ELEC reports are a mess.  For the time being, GA will keep it simple.

Note,Campos is amending BOTH campaign accounts on the same dates.  All deposits and disbursements date back to 2007. 

Follow the numbers.


  • 2008 closing balance was $11,930  (filed April 24, 2008)
  • 2015 opening balance $5,970, deposits $10,350, disbursements $18,630, closing balance $-2,310. (filed June 29, 2015)
  • 2015 opening balance $5970, deposits $9,100, disbursements $15,070, closing balance $0 (filed August 4, 2015)

  • 2008 closing balance was $11,930  (filed April 24, 2008)
  • 2015 opening balance $-2310, deposits $44,700, disbursements $42,390, closing balance $0 (filed June 29, 2015)
  • 2008 closing balance was $8,075.77 (filed April 28, 2008)
  • 2015 opening balance $0, funds transferred from prior campaign $13,499.39, deposits $10,000, disbursements $16,473.32, closing balance $7,025.77 (filed June 29, 2015)
  • 2015 opening balance $0, funds transferred from prior campaign $6,879.15, deposits $59,700, disbursements, disbursements $56,903.38, closing balance $10,775.77  (filed August 10, 2015)
  • 2015 opening balance $0, funds transferred from prior campaign $6,879.15, deposits $59,700, disbursements, disbursements $56,903.38, closing balance $10,775.77  (filed September 11, 2015*)
*same  report filed on August 10, 2015

  • 2008 closing balance was $3,849.93 (filed April 28, 2008)
  • 2015 opening balance $7,025.77, deposits $40,100, disbursements $47,125.77, closing balance $0 (filed June 29, 2015)
  • 2015 opening balance $10,775.77, deposits $42,100.00, disbursements $52,875.77 closing balance $0 (filed August 4, 2015)

According to Campos' ELECs filed in 2015, enormous amounts of money are moving through Campos' 2007 campaign account.  The account is zeroed out several times in one reporting cycle.

During this time period, Chris Campos was serving as outgoing Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's Chief of Staff.

During this time period (June through September 2015) was Hoboken's municipal campaign season.

During this time period Carmelo Garcia was spending extravagantly on his municipal campaign, but to- date has not filed ELEC reports showing deposits and disbursements for Garcia for Council.  

So many ELEC mysteries! 

One thing is NOT mysterious: both the 2007 candidate, Chris Campos, and his Treasurer, Marilyn Monrroy, certified the truth and accuracy of the 2015 amended filings.




Friday, March 18, 2016

F.B.I. and D.O.J. leave 'calling cards' for GA

click on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge
Statcounter data from March 17 and 18 (morning) 

Folks who doubt that the federal investigation related to the Campos charges is red-hot and moving in on Hoboken- take a look at who's been hammering GA

Make no mistake; the F.BI. and D.O.J. can come to this blog anytime without detection. But, they have chosen not to cloak these particular visits.  They are deliberately making their presence known, they are deliberately showing the focus of their interest.

The F.B.I./D.O.J data on GA's Statcounter web tracker are their calling cards.

The visits began on Monday, March 14.  Just one hit from the F.B.I., so GA didn't pay much attention.

click image to enlarge

Then yesterday.... and this morning....


Our federal friends are hitting these articles: The Campos Complaint, Not Stempler: The Campos Complaint, and The Silence of The Carmelo.

 The most viewed (popular) appears to be The Silence of The Carmelo. 

Popular with the Feds on March 17, 18
Can we learn anything from these F.B.I./D.O.J. 'calling cards'?


(1) 100% of  these visits have come from "no referring link."  In 2011 and 2012 (during the Ricciardi data theft era) most of their visits came in from keyword searches (Google)- that was their "referring link." The F.B.I. / D.O.J. appear to be 'link sharing' - via email, intranet- who knows.  Or someone- a third party, is sending them links.

By the way, this kind of "no referring link" entry is unusual.

Federal agencies generally come in to GA via referring links, like Google searches.  For example,  the I.R.S. came in a coupe of days last February with a  referring link- Google.  (The I.R.S.seemed to like the "Tattletale cup" series)

click image to enlarge

(2) The articles were viewed from 3-5 locations. 

I am telling you, this kind of activity from the F.B.I. and D.O.J. is unprecedented on GA.

GA is a Hoboken-centric blog; there is really no reason for the Feds to leave calling cards other than to send a message to Hoboken/Hudson County.

What do you think it is?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Make your own Blarney Stone

top: Blarney Castle, Cork Ireland- bottom: The Blarney Stone

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Irish peeps!

In Hoboken, some honor the Irish Saint with bar-crawls, projectile vomiting and public urination, others decorate doors and windows with symbols of Ireland.

And what could be more Irish than the Blarney Stone?

The (real) Blarney Stone is set in the battlements of the medieval Blarney castle in Cork, Ireland. To kiss it, one has to lean backwards (holding on to an iron railing) from the parapet walk. The prize is a real one as once kissed the stone bestows the gift of eloquence.

Well folks, did you know that you can make your own Blarney Stone?

GA didn't know either, until someone sent me these pics of Beth Mason's storefront window on 12th St.

Glad that sign is there or you'd be asking, "why the fuck is that paper bag wearing a hat?"

No, silly.  It's not a crumpled-up grocery bag it's the Blarney Stone.... *wink*.

Making your own Blarney Stone is a quick and easy way to honor the Saint who spread Christianity throughout pagan Ireland in the 5th century A.D.   All you need is a paper bag.

Instructions: Avoid bags with logos (i.e.; Target, Home Depot, ACME). Bag should be Blarney-stone color.  Crumple it up in a Blarney stone shape.  Put on a leprechaun hat.

Done!  Now you're read to display. "Top 'o the mornin' to you, Blarney-bag!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Belfiore supports Campos, Carmelo hides

In a shocking statement today to MSV, Perry Belfiore stepped up as the only Hoboken politico (so far) to publicly support Chris Campos.

Belfiore told Horse:
"I love Chris Campos and time will tell the magnitude of his involvement.
Belfiore is correct.  Time will tell the magnitude of Campos' involvement; it's called a trial. Campos is presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

Which means Belfiore is the only Dark Sider with any balls whatsoever.  

Deserted by his childhood friend Carmelo Garcia, and not a peep from his old Hoboken gang, Belfiore is the only one of Campos' peers to give him the presumption of innocence, the only one unafraid to show kindness to the accused in his time of need.

Ruben sure stuck the knife into Campos (and twisted it) when he told the Hoboken Reporter  "I'm disappointed."

Hey Ruben, what happened to the presumption of innocence?

Not-Stempler: The Campos Complaint

In the early years of this blog, GA had a Legal Department.  His name was "Not-Stempler" (I'll explain later).

Guess what?

A federal criminal prosecution of the seismic kind in New York and New Jersey districts has lured Not-Stempler away from his high-paying gig to his no-paying gig at GA.  GA is referring to The United States of America v Julio Alvarez, Christopher Campos, Marco Blasio and Geuris Ramos.

Not-Stempler, a veteran of federal cases from Capitol Hill to the Garden State, has returned to GA with his assessment of  the Campos complaint. These are notes from our discussion:
This kind of complaint is designed to strike fear and dread in the hearts of anyone remotely connected to the scheme. 

It was obvious there were many participants. Its obvious some have started to cooperate. It's obvious many will wind up in jail.  It's obvious to any competent criminal attorney that they'd better strike a deal and give up as much and as many in exchange for leniency. 

This is a race to the prosecutors office.

This is the type of the situation that the prosecutors have structured to grab as many people as possible. They are on a witch-hunt, they will take as many bodies as they can get. This is the effect.

Chris Campos has exposed the underbelly of Hoboken grifting in a way that nobody could have anticipated.  You will see a wide variety of issues, arrests, pleas. This will have tentacles all over the place.  

Worse, is that the NY Feds got it. They get to drag in and tweak the NJ Feds for allowing this to happen on their watch.  It becomes a matter of pride that the NJ Feds have to jump on board to be seen as tough and aggressive as the guys from NY.

The Feds threw chum into shark infested waters to see what they can catch.

This is explosive.  This is so far off the charts of any of the penny ante [crime] the Old Guard mess with. This is the Feds. This is the full weight of the FBI, NY and NJ and the DOJ.  This is unprecedented in Hoboken.This is a giant powder keg of dynamite in Church Square Park.  Nobody has said BOO.

It’s so explosive that they have no idea where the next shockwave will come from.

The Feds have figured out there’s a kind of crime syndicate here in Hudson County interwoven with politics.

There will be more arrests.
Take it from where it comes, folks...  if you want Not-Stempler's professional  services, his fee is $850/ hour.

Oh yes, his moniker...

Not-Stempler's real name is "Larry."  But, back in 2011, GA was writing about a(nother) lawyer named  'Larry" (whose last name was Stempler. )

To avoid confusion among Larrys, I called mine "Not-Stempler"

And Larry Stempler?  Back then, he was a Beth Mason donor and fund-raiser and National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) Board member.  In November 2010, Stempler trafficked a ghostwritten hit piece through the NJDC's back door which linked directly to The hit piece was intended to destroy yours truly on an epic scale. Oh yeah, Beth Mason was an  NJDC donor. 

Take a look!

read from bottom up

Now you know why GA has called the NJDC a corrupt organization: political favors for donors: "can you make sure Beth has seen this...."  

But I digress...

GA thanks the REAL Not -Stempler (not to be confused with cheap imitations) for his thoughts on The United States of America v Julio Alvarez, Christopher Campos, Marco Blasio and Geuris Ramos

Welcome back!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Silence of the Carmelo

Day 6 since the March 9 arrest of his best friend and NJ Assembly Chief of Staff , Christopher Campos, and what have we heard from Carmelo Garcia?

A lot.

On  March 10, Carmelo facebooked about a Montessori Model event he attended.

On March 12 he congratulated his "alma mater" Seton Hall (not Harvard) for their "2016 NE Champions" basketball victory.

On March 13 he facebooked a statement from the NJ Transit Interim Executive Director, thanking negotiators and union reps for success in averting a transit strike.

On March 14 Carmelo facebooked twice:
#1- "Oy vey, another water main break!"
#2-  misinformation that "some schools were reportedly closed."

The question that everyone seems to be asking is:  why hasn't Carmelo said a peep about his 'brother' Chris Campos?

Ruben Ramos, 1/3 of "Three Amigos," had no problem giving a statement to the Hoboken Reporter.

On March 10, the day the news hit Hoboken, Ramos told the HR: “Unfortunately these charges were brought up today. I’m just as shocked as a lot of people. Chris has always been a hard worker, raised himself through a tough situation to become an attorney. I’m sad. I’m disappointed.”

Ramos has not hesitated to comment publicly about his friend, Chris Campos.

Not so with the other 1/3.

 GA hears through the grapevine the other 1/3 of the "Three Amigos,"  Carmelo Garcia, is not talking to the press, nor has he issued a statement about Campos.


The complaint enumerated a chronology of alleged criminal activities with an assortment of individuals referred to only by description: "Straw Purchaser 1,"  "CC-1,"and "CW-1," for example.

The U.S. District Attorney has declined to use their actual names in the complaint.

According to Paragraph 8,  "at least 20 straw purchasers" were involved in the alleged scheme, yet only four "Straw Purchasers" were noted.


Further, the complaint alleges that "Straw Purchaser-2" and "Straw Purchaser-3" were recruited by Campos.  "Straw- Purchaser-2" is described as a relative.  What about "Straw Purchaser-3"?

Here's where it gets interesting.

"Straw Purchaser-3" is also an FBI informant.

Paragraph 12 reads, "Based on information I (F.B.I. Special Agent Michael Birley)  obtained from another individual, ("Straw Purchaser -3") I learned the following:"


"Straw Purchaser -3" really ratted out Campos!

As the wheels of justice turn at their excruciating pace, leaving us in suspense, it is equally curious who is remaining mum (so far) and why.

Well, silence is not a crime.

R.I.P., Billy Markle

Best friends
Billy Markle crossed over yesterday after a brief illness.  GA's sincere condolences to the Markles: wife Rose, children Alicia and Zack.

What a great guy: down-to-earth, nice, funny and a real family-guy.  He and Rose were a true love match.   They built a wonderful life in the place they were both born and raised: Hoboken.  I will always remember that smile. And those sparkling eyes.

Visitation will be held at Failla's Memorial Hoboken at 533 Willow Avenue on Wednesday March 16, 2016 from 2-4 and 7-9 PM.   

The Funeral Mass will be offered on Thursday March 17, 2016 10AM at St. Ann's RC Church, Hoboken.

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Goodbye, Billy. I'll always remember you smiling, at the side of your Rose. R.I.P.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lane Bajardi ordered to pay 25% net of CBS salary

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Well folks, the Karma Patrol from the "SLAPP suit Refund House" visited the William Brennan Courthouse last Friday!


On or about March 18, 2016,  debtors Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi,  are to begin paying a six-figure judgment to one "John Doe" Defendant.

Judge Barry Sarkisian ordered Lane Bajardi to pay the MAXIMUM allowable salary-attachment: 25% of his disposable income, which equals $907.42 per bi-weekly paycheck, $1,814. 84/month, $21,778.08/ year.

Let's be clear, this wage execution is simply a reimbursement of legal fees and NOT DAMAGES.

Bajardi  had opposed the garnishment motion, and submitted a certification to the court claiming that his weekly household expenses totaled $1,695.83, without attaching a single receipt, or proof. Bajardi also estimated additional "unexpected expenses" in the amount of $100/week.

The court appeared unsympathetic to Lane Bajardis' claimed weekly household expenses.  For example, he claimed: $21.92  on "hair care for 3," $300 for "food,"  $69.23 for "household items," $34 for "Zip Car/Car sharing," $19.23 for "Lane and Kimberly clothing"- noting expenses to the penny without providing a single receipt.

It appeared to GA, who was in the courtroom, that Bajardi had prepared to testify  on the wage garnishment, but balked at the sight of a reporter's video camera; John Heinis from Hudson County View, filmed the proceedings and  published his article today.

Read the article 

Bajardi's 25% salary garnishment is not the first collection on the $276,677.00 judgment.

In January, a named-Defendant, Horse, was granted a writ of execution which froze the Bajardis' TD bank checking account and put their money in escrow.  In February the court granted a release of their funds to attorney Alex Booth.

Today, Horsey revealed the amount: $4,223.75.  

Note, the Bajardis filed a Notice of Appeal several months ago, but stopped the 'Appeal clock" with the filing of Appellate motions. Last week, the Appellate DENIED both of the Bajardis' motions, hence the 'clock' should resume ticking with the scheduling of briefs.  

Which brings us to the present.

The email below is a peek behind the curtain at the "SLAPP suit disguised as a defamation case..."  One man's "calling things as I see them" is another man's "attack" for which he seeks "damages... to send a message..."


There is no clearer description of abusing the courts to step on the First Amendment.