Saturday, October 31, 2015

"(Redacted) is telling VBM voters not to open the door for inspectors"

400 First Street, one of the buildings scheduled for VBM investigation by the Hudson County Board of elections

Obstruction of justice, anyone?  

Rumor has it that "more than one person" told not to open their doors for inspectors is talking... at least two of the 'actors' who told voters not to open their doors were named in complaints.

GA heard one intimidation tactic used is that by talking to the inspectors, they will be prosecuted for telling the truth: that someone mailed the VBM for them.


Folks who filled out a VBM but did not mail it themselves ARE SAFE.   If you or a friend or neighbor has filled out a VBM but let someone else mail it you will not be prosecuted or fined or arrested....

GA knows this for a FACT after speaking with officials at the Hudson County Board of elections.

It is the person scaring you, threatening you, or telling you NOT to open the door for Board of Elections inspectors who is obstructing justice.  

In the meantime, GA got an early morning report on antics at the Board of Elections.  A witness used the word "shit show."

According to witnesses, Mike Russo, was screaming at Charlie "Blue" the Chief Inspector under John Bryzowski, the Acting Superintendent at the Board of Elections.  With Mike Russo was Mama, Kim Glatt and Jay Yacker, George DeStefano, and Ruben Ramos' attorney.  Kim Glatt argued that they needed to know the difference between a 'challenge' and an 'investigation', then demanded specific information on which buildings were being challenged (or investigated).  Matt Calicchio was there screaming to Charlie that reform candidates were paying a $100 vote and that Dana Wefer was "intimidating people" in the 4th Ward.  Calicchio said that they would 'get them all to vote provisionally."   The Dark Siders waited around for Bryzowski to show, but eventually left when he failed to appear.  In total they challenged "about 8 ballots", because "Ruben had most all the VBMs"

Folks, it looks like Hudson County Board of Elections is not laying down for the 'same old' this year, and is determined to enforce the amended vote-by-mail law.  At the same time, GA hears the NJ Attorney General is "following" the investigation ongoing in Hoboken.

Me thinks there will be surprises in the coming days.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Mason Mailer #4 hits 6th ward

Seeing is believing: Mailer #4 hit the 6th ward today.  Everybody get busy and write your Thank-You cards to Ines Garcia Keim and John Keim; their PAC, Real Democrats for Hoboken  "paid for" this one, too. 

I actually heard brain cells die when I read it.

GA cannot imagine anyone being "taught" by slime oozing from the coffin... I mean "coffers" of Countess SLAPPula...

Folks, this is the kind of over-kill that kills you at the polls.

GA really can't wait to read Garcia's ELECs and those for "Real Democrats for Hoboken,"  because when it comes to ELEC violation complaints, lightning can strike twice.



Breaking: Confirmed Voter Fraud at 400 First Street

County investigation of VBM irregularities begun at 400 First Street

According to a source who got this from Hudson County Board of Elections, voter fraud has been confirmed at 400 First Street (Marian Towers).

As of last night, 9 VBMs returned from 400 First Street were tossed for chain-of-custody irregularities, found by investigators who had scoured that building. GA's source said as word of the investigation spread around the building, VBM voters on "upper floors" would not open their doors. 

It appears the Superintendent of Elections, Michael Harper, is enforcing the August 10, 2015 amendment to Title 19 concerning the use of "messengers" and "bearers" for transporting vote by mail ballots. The new law reads (in part): "No person shall serve as an authorized messenger for more than three (3) qualified voters in an election; thus reducing the previous limit of ten (10) qualified voters. Additionally, no person shall serve as a bearer for more than three (3) qualified voters."

That is a huge change from the 'old ways', and appears to have flustered the vote farmers.

According to GA's source, chain of custody irregularities are widespread in the Fourth Ward.  VBMs were mailed without a bearer, and unless the chain of custody can be confirmed by investigators for each one, the probability that they will get tossed is real.

GA hears from the source that "old people had their ballots man-handled" and they were mailed "without bearer designation."

It appears the Board of Elections is seeing clear circumvention of its new law, which based on history, there is NO OTHER EXPLANATION than ballot harvesting.  If this does not justify investigation and legal action by NJ's Attorney General, what does?

As of last night, here are some confirmed VBM totals in the Fouth Ward:
4-3:  123 vbms sent- 93 returned, 
4-4:  109 vbms sents, 72 returned
4-6   100 vbms sent, 83 returned (9 tossed so far) 
4-7   51 vbms sent, 38 returned
415 TOTAL vbms have been returned in the entire 4th Ward. 
GA will keep you posted on updates that come in. 

GA note: 4th Ward candidate Tim Occhipinti just contacted GA about this story. Occhipinti strongly denied he is the candidate who harvested VBMs from the mainly senior population.  Occhipinti attributes the operation at 400 First Street to candidate Ruben Ramos. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mason active in the 6th Ward race

GA has a reasonable basis to believe that 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason is silently backing Carmelo Garcia's 6th Ward campaign, with a drumbeat of "in-kind" negative mailers funded through the backdoor by 'Real Democrats For Hoboken."

Oh yeah, this just in from the Dark Side...
"Barracato is running Carmelo's campaign."
Beth Mason  is "business partners" with political operative James Barracato;   each "owns or controls" a 50% share of a bar in Weehawken called 'Cooper Place, LLC."     

Well, this came in my mailbox yesterday, "Paid for by Real Democrats For Hoboken, P.O. Box 3143, Hoboken NJ":

 Giattino is shown holding a beer- the pic was taken at her 2011 victory party. 
Note, the Hudson Reporter quote is dated "7/3/2011".  Giattino was inaugurated 2 days earlier on July 1, 2011.

This came in my mailbox today, "Paid for by Real Democrats For Hoboken, P.O. Box 3143, Hoboken NJ": 

GA confirmed:NO SUCH VOTE WAS RECORDED on existing 02/06/2013 meeting minutes.  Hoboken City Council has no legal authority to "ban assault weapons."

Once again, Hoboken has no legal authority to "ban assault weapons and high ca. Here is who  the arepacity magazines." 

WHO are the "Real Democrats For Hoboken"?

A local political committee that has filed with ELEC for every year since 2011.  Their ELEC filings appear to be incomplete and sporadic for all years, 2011-2015.

These are the officers of "Real Democrats for Hoboken" from the beginning to the present:






GA is curious why "Real Democrats for Hoboken" used a P.O. Box on their "Paid for" instead of their REGISTERED address? 

Could it be the Officers of "Real Democrats for Hoboken" don't want to be associated with a dishonest, smear campaign?  

"Real Democrats for Hoboken" Committee Chairman John Keim and Treasurer, Ines Keim, will be expected to provide a full financial accounting for their payment of these fliers. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Monarch Man breaks local law

Tragedy: mass suicide in the 5th ward. Eduardo flyers dove into a garbage can after ripping themselves to pieces. credit: GA reader  

That is so sad!  

I understand things don't seem to be going well for Eduardo over in the 5th Ward.  GA heard about a gal who was "afraid to open the door" when he came canvassing- one look through the peephole and she thought, "Creepy!"  

But I digress... GA wants you folks to be aware of local Ordinance 110-45.  This ordinance, better known as "Don't stuff your campaign shit under my windshield"  reads:

City of Hoboken Ordinance 110-45:
No person shall throw, cast or distribute, or cause to be thrown, cast or distributed, any handbill, circular, card or other advertising matter whatsoever, in or upon any street or public place or in a front yard or in any vehicle or in the vestibule or hall of any building or in any place from which such matter may be blown by the wind onto a street or public place, or place on any pole or public sign any advertising matter unauthorized by the owner of the said pole or public sign
Oops! Somebody tell 2nd Ward candidate Peter 'Monarch Man' Biancamano!

A reader sent GA this photo early today...

Monarch Man breaks local law, Mother Nature gets her revenge

Before the monsoon arrived.

GA doesn't mean to be un-kind, but... for days, the weather forecast for today was predicted to be rain, rain, rain.

Who is the idiot on the Biancamano campaign who decided to distribute flyers on the day of a rainstorm?

Here 's a tip: people hate these things.  Hate 'em.

When these people  come to their cars later to find an unreadable pile of wet pulp shoved under their wiper or tomorrow,  dried to their windshield, they will not be endeared  to candidate Biancamano.  No, in fact they might say, "I wouldn't vote for that prick if you gave me a dozen roses and a box of Godiva chocolate."

But really, to avoid this distasteful situation, simply remember to obey Ordinance 110-45.

And please, don't vote for anyone who breaks local law. 

Carmelo: "The envelopes may have been doctored!"

The Doctor is in

Someone pointed out to me that Carmelo Garcia had claimed the Fiocchi envelopes had been "doctored."

I didn't believe it... is that the third explanation his campaign has given so far for why he was, (according to Councilwoman Jen Giattino) "electioneering" in 1st Legislative District Republican Sam Fiocchi's envelopes?

Seeing is believing, in this week's Hoboken Reporter:

If that's not enough weirdness for you,  GA mentioned there was a mistake on the Assembly letterhead  Garcia has been using to bombard Hoboken's 6th Ward.  Carmelo sits on the Committee for "Transportation and Independent Authorities."  The printer for the NJ Assembly would not misspell the name of a Committee- but a doctor might.  Especially one practicing medicine without a license- or a brain. 

This is all very strange.  Perhaps the strangeness is what's compelled the media to continue covering the story.  GA doesn't see it going away any time soon.

This week's PolitiFax:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Carmelo Attacks!

Carmelo's flyer: both sides-  8 1/2" x 11"
Here we go! Retaliation for Saturday's superb "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" mailer - this dopey, amateurish, dreck from "Real Democrats for Hoboken" arrived today in 6th Ward mailboxes...

This schlock-in-your-box announces that Giattino has "eliminated parking for residents."   After that, Giattino rounded up residents, machine-gunned them, then stuffed them in 6th Ward pot holes.

Problem solved!

Oh look, the schlock-in-your-box  stuck Jen's head in a parking meter and tagged her "EXPIRED."

"Expired?"Is that some kind of sick, subliminal death-wish?
expire [ik-spahyuh r]
Word Origin verb (used without object), expired, expiring. 
1. to emit the last breath; die. 

Yikes.  Carmelo says that Jen's "TIME HAS EXPIRED..."  



Need an exclusive job?

What is an "exclusive" job?  A short-term job with a crappy hourly wage and no benefits "exclusively" for Stevens students?

If elected, would Carmelo Garcia really be the "first" alumnus (not "alumni") to do so?

Garcia did receive a Double Master's Degree of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) and Management from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.  

Wait a minute... a double major... a single "MSIS" degree at Stevens is 30 credits of course work (GA checked) ... a Double Masters would be about 45-52 credits...

That double-major is FOUR semesters of full-time course work!  

Do you know when Carmelo Garcia received his Double Master's degree?

In 2004!

But.. but... Carmelo Garcia had a full-time Director's job with the City of Hoboken from 2001 through 2007...

So the "rumors" are true? That Carmelo Garcia was a NO SHOW at his city job while he got his "Double Master's" from Stevens Institute!

What was Garcia's salary "to manage and supervise 154 city employees throughout the city" from the campus of Stevens Institute?

Was he a NO SHOW on payday? 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Coucilwoman Jen Giattino calls on Assembly Speaker to Suspend Garcia's Postage and Franking Privileges

6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino (left) calls for NJ Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto to suspend lame duck Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's "postage and franking privileges," Giattino charges"electioneering"

BREAKING... In a letter posted on Friday, October 23, Hoboken's 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino calls on Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto to suspend 33rd District Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's postal and franking privileges because he "is using his Assembly stationery and postage for electioneering and campaigning."

Giattino writes, "the 6th Ward comprises less than 4% of the population of the 33rd Legislative District.  No other residents received this correspondence other than Sixth Ward residents."

Here are Giattino's letter and attachments:



This is a weird one. It was brought to GA's attention that there is a peculiar error in the letterhead on Carmelo's Assembly stationery.  It's the kind of error one might make while "creating" bootleg Assembly stationery-  a mistake in the name of the Committee Garcia serves on.  The name of Garcia's Assembly committee is "Transportation and Independent Authorities."

Carmelo Garcia's letterhead reads "Independence."

It's "Independent" NOT "Independence."

GA seriously doubts this is a printer error, since the print shop works off templates... in which case...  did somebody run out of stationery?  

Zimmer "puppets" and a "Horse's ass"

Sunday, October 25, 2015


What an exciting election season it's been in the 6th Ward of Hoboken!


There's "Garcia for Hoboken Council's" failure to file his 29-day pre-election ELEC while re-filing his April 2015 "Garcia for Assembly" ELEC in October 2015. 

Simply put, Assemblyman Garcia has reported NO new financial information since April 2015, and 6th Ward candidate Garcia has NEVER reported a single financial transaction: account balance, campaign contributions, campaign disbursements, in-kind contributions... while candidate Garcia is spending loot like a drunken sailor...  he's hosted a block party, paid for coffee give-aways at Dunkin Donuts and 7-11, mailed constituents from both the Assembly and his local office....

All amidst RUMOR that he's tapped his "$41K Assembly monies" for his Hoboken campaign!

Uh-oh!  ELEC permits Garcia's self-contribution maximum of $8,200 from his assembly committee to his council committee- including in-kind, although  Hoboken's anti-wheeling law permits only $500.    

The SCANDALS: Gandhi-gate and Hair-gate

GA readers know all about Gandhi-gate: Carmelo Garcia electioneering in Hoboken's 6th Ward with Gandhi-grams (letters) sent in Republican Assemblyman Sam Fiocci's envelopes.
Note,  GA will feature exciting breaking news tomorrow on this scandal, so "y'all come back now!"

What is Hair-gate?

It's a FASCINATING breaking scandal which portends to drag in well-known figures on Hoboken's political scene including elected officials.  Hair-gate will unfold on the tortuously slow time-clock of our courts, and not at the speed of anyone's political agenda. In short, it appears a group (members unconfirmed prior to depositions) sought a very dubious political orgasm while being ignorant of SERIOUS legal consequences.  GA is referring to the "500 email" dump of a private citizen's emails during the discovery phase of litigation without consent of the court AND the dissemination of these emails to others in a 'conspiracy' to leak court supervised discovery for political purposes: impacting an election and damaging the Zimmer administration.

Were any elected officials on the council complicit in knowing beforehand what was going down before a duly constituted governing body of the state of New Jersey?

And now... for the latest....


As GA headed out yesterday, I found this in my mailbox:


Holy cow!  A FACT-BASED educational mailer about Carmelo Garcia, from "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" arriving ON THE SAME DAY as the Hoboken Reporter's one-sided 'Hair-gate' story...

Coincidence? It seems a little too coincidental... 


Historically, this kind of arrow has been in the Dark Side's quiver... but aren't those Dark Stars aligned for November 3?  We may conclude it was a person or entity with loot and enough animus toward Garcia to gift (the 6th Ward? city-wide?) with the truth about Garcia.  Possibly, it came from outside of Hoboken.... maybe the Assembly. Payback from Republicans for embarrassing FiocchiGA sources say 'they' are plenty pissed at him.

Who knows.  GA wonders if "A CONCERNED CITIZEN" will appear again in our mailboxes, perhaps in a different ward next time?  Be on the lookout, people!  And please, send your pics to GA at

Yep, this has been an exciting election season.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Carmelo's next scandal: HAIR-gate

Another Carmelo Garcia scandal?  Somebody, keep count.

You know, GA likes Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore. In fact, I showed him my eggplant at ShopRite recently and he let me pet his hair.  So, it is with sadness GA finds him at the center of the breaking "Hair-gate" scandal, although without him at the center,  we'd have to call it something else.

Here it is.

Until recently, few Hoboken residents knew that 6th Ward candidate Carmelo Garcia's moronic "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit against the Mayor of Hoboken,  hubby Stan, Councilman Dave Mello, HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer and the prior HHA Chairman was still going on.

Not any more.

At 4:34 PM on October 21, 2015 PolitickerNJ dropped a bomb for Carmelo Garcia,  timed within 3 hours of the final Hoboken City Council meeting before municipal elections on November 3.

What was it?

'Ethnic cleansing' Plaintiff Garcia unleashed 500 emails produced by Defendants in the discovery phase of his litigation to the mediaDiscovery emails are not public documents; they are exchanged by parties for use in depositions, and in the trial to support/prove Plaintiffs' or Defendants' case.   

GA has a reasonable basis to believe that Garcia's litigation, launched in 2013, was in design a fishing expedition to abuse  discovery in order to damage Mayor Zimmer and her administration prior to the 2015 election

Well, it looks like the Dark Side gang was in on it. That is my OPINION. Defendants may need to issue a slew of subpoenas to depose parties who may have had knowledge of/or enabled this political operation to go forward. 

There is no other reason than POLITICS, to have unleashed 500 discovery documents during the discovery phase of the litigation into the public domain.

Who got copies of Garcia's discovery emails, other than the press and when did they get them?   

Enter, Hair-gate.

Perry Belfiore carried a manila folder up to the podium on Wednesday night to speak during the public portion.
Thank you Council. Since I’ve been involved in politics there’s been a raging question: what is the extent to which a sitting mayor can intrude upon the sovereign function of an independent body or board? What is that extent? Detractors of the mayor would say, “no”. Fans of the mayor would say, “as far as he could go, or she could go and then some.” The question has never been posed, what of the mayor’s spouse. What right does the mayor’s spouse have… (Council President Ravi Bhalla interrupts) You’re censoring me, Ravi… you’re censoring me...(Belfiore opens his folder and takes out one of the papers)  I’m not gonna let you talk over me… (he takes out a second paper from the folder, is holding 'emails' in both hands) do you know that the mayor’s husband wrote a resolution firing Carmelo Garcia.. Here it is, right here (thrusts the paper in his right hand forward) … Here it is, right here (moves paper into position to read… police approach Belfiore, Beth Mason protests to Ravi, Belfiore escorted out).

Why did Hoboken politico Perry 'The Hair' Belfiore have custody of unpublished discovery emails produced by Defendants in Carmelo Garcia's litigation?

That's Hair-gate.  GA would like to know the answer.

The choreography of this political operation is told in video stills: from the Mason political operative who filmed it, to 'The Hair' who waved around copies of Garcia emails from the podium, to the wriggling Beth Mason griming smugly in her chair until 'The Hair" is escorted out without executing his attempt to read one email into the public record.

GA Note: It's  fascinating that Garcia, who was fired from his HHA Executive Director position for cause, an action supported by the trail of HUD reports,  audits and ELECs in the public domain, thinks this stunt gets him elected.

In my OPINION, this email dump is the beginning of the end of Carmelo's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuit. In my OPINION,  this email dump has given all Defendants- including the City of Hoboken, a case for malicious abuse of process complaints against Garcia, and possibly others.

GA hopes the City moves to recover the $150,000 of taxpayer money spent to defend this garbage from whomever the Court deems liable.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Garcia LEAKS court docs to distract voters from his miserable record

Independent Auditor's report: "Financial Statements and Supplemental Information, Years ended September 30, 2014" dated June 29, 2015: 

Folks, there aren't enough free cups of 7-11 coffee in the world to make Carmelo Garcia's miserable record as Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) look good.

That's the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Well folks, plenty more where that came from, but you catch the drift.

So, it is NO surprise that the troubled and substandard campaign of the troubled and substandard candidate, Carmelo Garcia, would pull a rabbit named "Hail Mary" out of his bag of troubled and substandard tricks.  It is not the move of a confident, winning campaign.

As a SLAPP Defendant in Bajardi v Pincus, GA endured 540 days of discovery, dozens of motions and a trial before posting any discovery on this blog. Further, every document GA has posted here  was produced as an exhibit to the pre-trial/trial judge and as a matter of record, is a public document.

So, GA was genuinely surprised to read that "discovery emails" were given to PolitickerNJ in the middle of Garcia's litigation, before the close of discovery and 12 days before a municipal election!

GA could only imagine the Dark Side glee at "getting" the mayor who is so hated by them. Certainly, no such Dark Side indignation flared at either this:

Or this...

Def. Pincus' MSJ Exhibit: BAJARDI_00042948.doc 

Hey, did you know that this resolution written for 1st Ward candidate Terry Castellano by a radio-guy PASSED?

All that aside, the mayor's not on the ballot- Carmelo Garcia is. 

Releasing discovery to the press in the middle of the litigation, timed to influence the election outcome, could only 'hurt' the credibility of Garcia and his case in the eyes of the Court.  But... 

What may really interest the Court will be Garcia's explanation how Hoboken politico, Perry Belfiore, obtained the unpublished emails which he brought with him to the City Council yesterday and waved in the air while exclaiming, "[bla bla bla] wrote a resolution firing Carmelo Garcia, Here it is, right here!"

It is all on video.

Further, wouldn't you know a Beth Mason political operative employee sat in the back row of the Council chambers next to Belfiore, then filmed Belfiore's speech (and ousting) while Mason grinned and wriggled in her chair, weirdly barking in protest at the removal of Belfiore.

Well, who could blame Beth Mason for being happy... she FINALLY got her hands on someone's email.

One may imagine an 11th hour attack ad with this footage will be Mason's 'un-kind' contribution to Carmelo Garcia's campaign. Maybe Garcia will turn in an ELEC report one day.   If you wish upon a star...

Belfiore sits with known Mason operative (red shirt), Mason grins as Belfiore waves around Garcia's discovery email and cries, "Here it is, right here!"  Mason operative continues to film as an unruly Belfiore is escorted out by the police

Anyway, this is all inside baseball, red meat for political junkies. 

None of it will matter on November 3.

Please people, we need to get our DECENT, HONEST, LAW-ABIDING, DEPENDABLE Councilwoman Jen Giattino re-elected. By the way, she is the only 6th Ward candidate who has not cost taxpayers $150,000  (so far) for a politically-motivated "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit.

6th Ward peeps,  please, get as many folks as you can to VOTE for Jen Giattino on November 3.