Monday, March 31, 2014

Carmelo "Generator" of Trespassing Complaint!

Assemblyman Garcia claims the HHA has filed a complaint against GA and Ms. Coco for "trespassing" in a parking lot!

Hi, folks! Sorry, the lights have been out here for a week... just a few days more 'cause I've got 'stuff' to finish...

But you know, sometimes when you least expect it (if you are me) you get a message like this:
I spoke to HHA members, and they mentioned an incident involving you and Ms. Coco involving the HHA generators. Director Garcia said HHA filed a complaint against both of you for trespassing. I wanted to make sure that I reached out to you to possibly discuss the matter.
Whaaaaaaat?  Trespassing???

In a parking lot?  You mean this one?  

Arrest those cars!

You mean, the parking lot that's open to both sides of the street with adjacent residential buildings (with egress doors that open onto the parking lot) that pedestrians walk through and has no "No Trespassers" sign?

That one?

The same one with the 14 generators that GA 'found' were languishing in plastic wrap, uninstalled since the Summer of 2013? 

So, GA and Jessica Coco, an HHA resident, are "trespassers" in that very, very, very special parking lot with the 14 generators our federal tax dollars paid for and Assemblyman Garcia left rotting out all winter in plastic packaging?

The same parking lot The Hoboken Reporter's Dean DeChiaro stood in a few days later to take photos- like I did.

Did the HHA bust Dean DeChiaro for "trespassing" too?  Oh, they didn't? They like the stuff he writes.

Well, guess what Assemblyman Garcia?

My federal tax dollars pay for "your" parking lot, which make me a stakeholder in that parking lot- in fact, it's my parking lot, too!  Yep, I just might hold a barbeque in my HHA parking lot when the weather gets warmer, and invite a few hundred of my closest friends. We'll roast weenies, sing campfire songs...  In fact, there'll be even more room in my HHA parking lot once you start installing those generators like you told The Hoboken Reporter you would "in Spring"

Grab a weenie and let's party!
It's Spring.

GA wants a copy of this "HHA Trespassing Complaint."

Too funny.

The not-funny part is how the bullies of the Dark Side use the Courts, the police, and some even use HHA "complaints" to attack those who express a different political point of view, write about lonely generators, or oppose Vision 20/20. 

That parking lot is located in America, right? 

Speaking of America, and the blessed freedoms that aren't free- SLAPP suits run a pretty penny- here's a GA shout-out to my nephew, who just joined the Marines.

Semper fi!

Yes indeed, while we suffer indignities from low-lives with their SLAPP suits and "trespassing" complaints,  honorable men and women fight for  our right to speak truth to power and walk in parking lots everywhere.

Honorable men like my nephew, the MarineGA is so proud.

Semper fi  means "always faithful."  GA's motto is "Never give up."

And I never will.

How to speak to a dead generator

Monday, March 24, 2014

Petrosino Gets Smackdown

Of all the tools in the Dark Side tool chest beware of the ones with doctoral degrees.

Their malevolence is cloaked in high-falutin' mumbo-jumbo and like a Trojan Horse, once they get inside the gates of your mind, BOOM!  Statistics! Graphs! Ratios! Acronyms! Data, data, more data... all twisted like a Bavarian pretzel that sounds very, very impressive to the layman.

Wow, I didnt know that! You're kidding me! 

This kind is much different than the garden-variety political operative dope bearing midnight flyers and juvenile blog posts; he is credible- even admired.  With his doctorate degree, big words, and mysterious acronyms that mumbo-jumbo must be true, because it's coming from an academic.

Unless you are another academic, an honest one, who sees the through the mumbo-jumbo and calls it for what it is- crap. 

 Enter the Jersey Jazzman

In the left corner, is Hoboken's Dr. Anthony Petrosino. In the right is "Duke", the Jersey Jazzman.

"Jersey Jazzman" is a New Jersey public school teacher, public school parent, taxpayer, NJEA member and a part-time doctoral student in education policy at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education

Dr. Anthony Petrosino is a University of Austin professor  and former Assistant to Hoboken Schools Superintendant Jack Raslowsky from 2007 until he was fired at the end of the school year in 2009.  After that, Petrosino unsuccessfully sued Hoboken's BoE and was forced to pay back the district.  Dr. Petrosino's blog   "Dr. Petrosino's Education Project" is obsessively Hoboken-centric and (it seems) retaliatory;  cloaked in academic language, his half-baked diatribes rip and tear at Hoboken public schools, Kids First, and Dr. Toback. Who is hurt most by The Doctor's unrelenting bashing?

Our district's kids and hard-working teachers.

On March 19 2014, the Doc published: "Under Kids First and Superintendent Toback- Traditional Hoboken Public School SAT Scores Are SIGNIFICANTLY Lower than Socio-Economic Status Predicts."  

OBSESSION: Petrosino's 3/19/14 article includes this  Kids First 2009 mailer (designed by me!)

Well, this latest salvo in Petrosino's long war on the Kids First, Dr. Toback and our distict is so foul, so nasty, so wrong-- it drew the  Jersey Jazzman's attention.

The blog took a brick bat to Petrosino's 'research' and dismantled it as crapola.  For one, Petro used a graph of national SAT averages correlating to family income to lambast Hoboken High School's SAT performance.

 Petrosino Blog: Graph using National SAT Averages
Petrosino uses national data to skew results

Jersey Jazzman:  

Instead of comparing Hoboken High to an entire class of students across the nation at a particular family income level, why don't we look at every high school in New Jersey -- including Hoboken High -- and judge their SAT total scores against the proportion if kids they have in poverty. That might make more sense, dontcha you think?

 Jazzman Blog: NJ Public High Schools:  SAT Total v % Free Lunch Eligible 

Yeah, OK, sure: after all, the correlation between SAT scores and percentage of free lunch students is very tight. 

Nearly 70 percent of the difference between schools in their SAT scores can be explained by those schools' Free Lunch-eligible percentage (look at the r-squared). 

The trendline shows the prediction of where a school should be when accounting for free lunch eligibility among the student populations. Hoboken High is actually above prediction: Hoboken High is above where we would expect to find it on SAT scores, even when controlling for student poverty. 

You see?

The intellectually dishonest  "Education Project" serves the Dark Side by trashing Reformers (Kids First, Toback) which is also a side-swipe at the Zimmer administration.  In fact, its narratives of Reform-failure are in my opinion, the bleating of a bitter crap-merchant.  (No offense to crap-merchants)

Okay, now for the 'fun'.  Petro chimed in below the Jazzman article:

"Duke" replied:

How funny is that?

Petro inaccurately used 'Duke's' data ... and is scolded to get his "facts in a row!"

Hey Duke, facts don't matter on the Dark Side. 

Last word goes to a sockmonkey:

Friday, March 21, 2014

So-called HHA Hypocrisy

click image to read

Hey, it's GA of the so-called Chosen People checking in!  How are you on this fine, so-called day?

Strangely enough, this morning I found myself drawn to a so-called German Shepherd.  He was on a leash.  Well, I wasn't drawn to it but it seems my inner cave girl was feeling lonely... so I reached into my pocket to entice him with a so-called dog biscuit, then remembered I don't have a dog.  Lucky thing.

Here's the so-called reason...

See what I mean? 

Now,  the so-called leader of the Hoboken Housing Authority Resident Advisory Board/Tenant Association knows a lot about the so-called Chosen (my people).

In fact, I was just going through some of my old Playdog Centerfolds, to figure out which I'd most like to distinctly lick my festering sores.  It was tough.

There was Mr. March...

He looks like he could handle at least a half-a-dozen festering sores.

Then there's Mr. October...

I'll bet he's never turned down a so-called consenting sore.

Or Mr. May...

 My goodness, he's just begging for a tap on a so-called willing festering sore.

But, ya know there's too much of a good thing....

Mr. July could use some some hair of the so-called dog.

Well, a lonely cave consort could have lots of fun with Mr. September... just remember gals, to B.Y.O.F.L. (Bring Your Own Fig Leaf) and B.Y.O.F.S. (Bring Your Own Festering Sores).

Ladies, are you in touch with your inner cave gal? 

Neither am I.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

20 Days

Lest we forget, historic ELEC fines for His and Hers (alleged) ELEC-law breakers loom...  and in case you think it's only GA, Da Horsey and a few dozen SLAPP Defendants paying attention, hark!

Since GA uploaded (and embedded) the (2) ELEC Complaints two weeks ago and Mason's 2009 Team for One Hoboken 20 Day Post-Election report one week ago, take a look at how many have read them:

My goodness, that's a lot of eyeballs on those embeds- assuming everyone has two. 

GA can tell you there is a lot of interest in the story of potentially-historic ELEC fines being levied on Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason and her Campaign Treasurer husband, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Partner Ricky Mason.  In spite of the Mason Reporter's best effort to bury this scandal, it will not go away.

Here is why.

There are (at least) two scenarios: (1) ELEC caves to the pressure of Mason's formidable legal team and slaps her wrist or (2) ELEC whacks her with a two-by-four.

In either case, observers and critics will ruminate on the outcome.  If the Masons skate, ELEC will forever be tarred as toothless, gutless and diving under the wheels of her Brinks truck.  If ELEC 'throws the book' at them, ELEC will demonstrate integrity and purpose, incentivizing campaigns across the state to obey election law.

Which will it be?   

GA's a cynic.  I'd love to be wrong.

We'll know soon because the Complaints were filed on February 26, 2014. Respondents have 20 days after service of the Complaint to respond with a written answer or else...

GA doesn't know when Respondents were served, but probably not long after the Complaints were filed.  Which means, the written responses are due anytime.

Will ELEC post them? 

Sometime after the filing of written responses a hearing will be scheduled to "present evidence and argument on all relevant issues."

I wonder if the Brendels are available to film that?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rise Up!

This just came from an HHA resident:

This flyer got put up in my building sometime after 1 pm.

The Trenton Crusher

Underneath the rhetoric flying around is this simple truth: Governor Tubby is squashing Hoboken's school district with a funding formula that pits us- public and charters- against each other.

Public schools simply cannot bear the weight of the Gov's bottom (line).

People of good will- public and charter parents- deserve better from the State.

Tomorrow night is the Hoboken School District's preliminary budget hearing; Superintendent Toback will present his budget proposal to the BoE for their consideration.   GA expects Draconian cuts will be on the table.   The 'final' district budget hearing will take place on May 6.

Let's see.

For anyone who is interested, the Hoboken School District's 2013-2014 User-Friendly Budget is HERE.

Keep in mind all of that sunshine was brought by Reform: Kids First, who took back Hoboken's School Board from the steak-eaters.... 

OINK OINK... page 157 from the 2005-2006 BoE Audit

...the cell phone buyers (schools do not provide cell phones)...

2005-2006 BoE audit- page 133

1,050 employees on the Hoboken district payroll!!!!  1,050 (all) did not have a primary job title nor location description!  139 did not have first and last names, and address or a Social Security number!  215 had no hire date! 

2005-2006 BoE audit- page 40

95% of Purchase Orders had no evidence of approval for the "excessive amount"...

2005-2006 BoE audit- page 50

...and who could forget fun-time in Atlantic City?

So folks, just remember where we came from.    And how far we've come.

GA can attest to great things happening in our public schools,  thanks to Reform,  Kids First, our wonderful teachers, Superintendent Toback and all the others working hard for our kids' education.

2005-2006 BoE's Petty Cash Piggy-Bank

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Top 'o the Morning to you

Dig in!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Little Miss Sunshine & The Mason Reporter

I could have sworn last week PolitickerNJ broke the news that Councilwoman Beth Mason, her 2011 Campaign Treasurer husband and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz Partner Richard G. Mason,  2009  de-facto Treasurer Ines Garcia-Keim and 4 others in her 2009 campaign were facing  record-breaking, potential multi-million dollar ELEC fines.

$14.3 M, to be exact.

On March 12, 2014, even the Jersey Journal reported "Hoboken councilwoman Beth Mason could owe state $2M for alleged campaign financing violations."  And the JJ was only reporting the Councilwoman's fines- not the possible fines for all 7 Respondents named in the 2009 and 2011 complaints.

Well, thank goodness we have The Mason Reporter, to take heaps of dough from Beth Mason for 2 years of page 3 ads, then tell us absolute horse poo like:

Mason Reporter:  A point in Mason’s favor is the fact that most of the money used in both campaigns was her own, making disclosure a moot point.

GA:  A "moot point"?  Really?  So it's okay to (allegedly) break campaign contribution reporting law with one's own money? What is the source of that exclusion, O' Mason Reporter?  Certainly not any statute known in the State of New Jersey. "Moot"? Wow.  I never saw a centrifuge that could spin like that. Pssst... not that it matters that the campaign was largely self-funded,  ELEC alleged reporting violations in contributions by others; see Exhibits 'A' and 'B' in Count Two of the 2009 ELEC complaint against Mason Team for One Hoboken:

The Mason Reporter:  Mason’s violations are not considered flagrant.

GA:  Says who?  GA is told that the complaints as written are "atypical". The time, effort and money invested in compiling so many allegations and drafting them in that format says this: ELEC may consider the violations "flagrant" enough to have allocated resources as they did. There are nearly 400 (alleged) late reporting transactions cited in the Complaints.

The Mason Reporter:  Most severe penalties are reserve for flagrant violations of the election law. While fines related to Mason’s alleged violations have been widely reported in the millions, the largest fine imposed historically was well under $1 million and that was against a state committee with a history of violations.

GA: Well, then Mason is in trouble.  See above.  ELEC invested a lot of time and materials into drafting the two complaints.  That was no accident.  The largest fine imposed was in 2006 to the Democratic State Committeee for $225,000.  Perhaps ELEC wants to make an example of the Masons. GA has no idea who or how they pissed off the commission, but it looks that way to me. And if this was not true, it will be when the agency reads this in the Mason Reporter:
This has to be the first time the state has its hands in her pockets if, indeed, she even has to pay. The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) generally has about as much enforcement power as the local dog catcher, and most often doesn’t do much when it catches whoever it’s after.
The "local dog catcher"OUCH. 

I think that comment just jacked up her fines another 10%.

Anyway, GA observed another curiosity in this week's Mason Reporter.  The page 3 "paid for by" verbiage changed.  "The Mason Civic League" was gone.  

Might that have anything to do with so much ELEC sunshine on Miss Sunshine?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

BoE's Leon Gold Tells Salon Mag: “We are creating separate but equal school systems”

Gold speaks: the 2010 BoE Debate.  Leon forced me to sit across from him in the front... forgot why.
Shy and soft-spoken Leon Gold (NOT!... luv ya, big guy) spoke to Salon magazine about the screwing that public schools here in Hoboken are getting at the hands of the state... as more public money gets diverted from public education for the expansion of Charters which do NOT represent the demographic of the school-age population in Hoboken.

No, they don't.

Not sure how shrinking-violet Leon got the interview, but it starts like this:
As charters in the city have exploded in number and size, “they’re fostering white flight, and they’re bankrupting us,” the city’s school board head charged in a Wednesday interview. “We are creating separate but equal school systems,” warned Hoboken Board of Education president Leon Gold. (As Salon has reported, Christie-style ed reform has also sparked controversy in Newark.)
Gold, an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of Engineering & Applied Science, decried the Christie administration’s approval of the HoLa charter school’s bid to add middle school grades, which was opposed by the city’s superintendent. (Gold emphasized that he is speaking in a personal capacity, and not on behalf of the entire Board of Education.) State data shows that 11 percent of HoLa students qualify for reduced-cost or free lunch, whereas 72 percent of their counterparts in Hoboken’s traditional public schools do, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. Ninety percent of charter enrollment costs are paid by the Hoboken school district.

Then Leon pussy-foots around, and doesn't get to the point about the segregative effect that the continual expansion of existing Charters is having on the public schools.  
Salon:  In December, Hoboken’s superintendent wrote to Chris Christie’s ed commissioner that he had “sometimes wondered if the Hoboken Public School District is a part of some inevitable plan, because at this point the stage has been set, and many of the strategies” a former assistant commissioner “described for breaking down traditional public schools in favor of charters are working as he predicted.” Is that what you see happening in Hoboken? 

Gold: Exactly. And the recent decision to grant a charter expansion to the charter school HoLa is a perfect example of that …

There are two considerations that the state is supposed to consider: the financial impact on the Hoboken public schools, and the segregatory effect … increasing the segregation.

There’s a chart …  the Hoboken demographic composition of charter schools, versus the whole district, that shows the complete adverse impact …

We’re being hurt by increasing white flight from our school system [to charters], and we’re being strangled financially: Because of the [tax] cap that they put on in Jersey, we can’t even pay the amount of money that we will have to pay out from local tax levy, to support the charter school expansion.

And they are actually starving us; we are going to have to engage in layoffs now because of this … Hoboken is this incredible nexus, where everything wrong about charter schools [and] about funding all comes together …


Well folks, as the mom of a child attending a Hoboken public school and thriving there, I am personally distressed by yet more money being diverted from our public schools, and more 'alternatives' being promoted  by our leaders.

GA may not agree with Leon on all views expressed, but the flight from public schools I have witnessed myself is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  We are headed the wrong way.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ELEC Forgets other Mason 2009 "Clerical Errors"

Well folks, the Jersey Journal has weighed in on the historic "$2M" fine which "could" be owed by  Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason for ELEC reporting violations in her 2009 and 2011campaigns.

GA notes this quote from ELEC:
Which seems to be at odds with this quote from Mason's attorney, Rajiv Parikh:
"In our firm's experience, it's clear that the fine structure is not meant to be punitive in nature," he said. 
GA will stick with ELEC's position, that fines are punitive, to those who "totally ignore the law."

Does having contempt for the law count?  If so, the Mason campaigns' have got it in spades.

Because inexplicably, ELEC declined to note numerous other violations in the Mason Team for One Hoboken 20-Day Post Election ELEC report which for some reason, did not get addressed in the complaints.

Starting with "totally ignoring the law", how about NJ statute 19:44A-11.7
"...efforts directly to promote or encourage the participation of voters in an election, including but not limited to payments made to campaign workers and payments to other individuals which are intended for further transfer to election-day workers or other ultimate payees, shall be made by check payable to such named individual, and no such payment shall be made in currency."
Get it?  NJ statute 19:44A-11.7 prohibits checks made out to "cash".

Oooops!  See how many times that "clerical error" was made on the same ELEC report that contains hundreds of  late-reporting violations:

Back to"totally ignoring the law", what about ELEC's own Candidate Compliance Manual (page30):
 Street money must be paid by check to the individual who actually performs the services. In the event that a campaign makes payment to a vendor, group, or association for the purpose of making street money disbursements, the candidate committee, or joint candidates committee retains responsibility for reporting the identity of each individual who receives any street money payment from the vendor, group, or association. The payment to the vendor, group, or association must be made by check. Every street money expenditure must be reported as follows:
So, on top of "late reporting" (ELEC complaint) and paying "street workers" in checks made to "cash" (ignored by ELEC)...

Here is the next "clerical error" made by Mason Team for One Hoboken 20-Day Post Election ELEC report: multiple individuals being paid off the same check:

So, while GA applauds ELEC for enforcing election reporting law, I wonder why they did not go 'all the way'?

The Mason ELEC complaints demonstrate to the rest of New Jersey's political world that the Election Law Enforcement Commission is not a toothless organization and does enforce the law. So why then, ignore this mountain of abuses- checks made out to "cash" and multiple parties splitting a single check- in the same report for which it charges late-reporting violations?

GA asks ELEC either to amend their 2009 complaint or file a third complaint for  Mason Team for One Hoboken's numerous violations.

It sends the wrong message to selectively enforce the law.

GA urges ELEC to consider ALL "reporting transactions"made by Mason Team for One Hoboken,  not just some, because indeed this campaign  has "ignored the law"... so many violations in a single report cannot be dismissed as "clerical errors".

-Joe Donohue, ELEC deputy director. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Despondent Respondents

Folks, are you starting to wonder whether magic hands have muzzled the Jersey Journal and Star Ledger?

So far neither media outlet has spilled cyber-ink on historic ELEC violations charged to the 2009 and 2011 campaigns of Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Union City Mayor Brian Stack should only have been so lucky!

The Star Ledger took a two-by-four and whacked 'ole Brian with this coverage of his "historic fine"...BANG!

The fine levied was $68,725, but could be lowered to $55,000 if the campaign committee meets the payment schedule outlined in the consent order. The fine is tied for the sixth-highest ever issued by ELEC, according to commission spokesman Joseph Donohue.

The Star Ledger even reminded us that Stack's committee has a "$50,000 unpaid bill at Dunkin’ Donuts", which unleashed a torrent of sniggers throughout Hudson County. 

It's too soon to conclude our Fourth Estate's been gagged with a fistful of Benjamins.  But when it comes to Mayor Zimmer, the Star Ledger spared no effort to dust off an ancient, frothing-at-the-mouth, Zimmer-hating lunatic to publish allegations were they true would implicate her in a conspiracy of silence to cover VBM fraud.

Well, whatever.

GA was thinking about the expenses the ELEC complaints' Respondents (the Accused) are facing. Not just fines, but steep legal costs. Yep, each Respondent needs to obtain a lawyer. A decent one will take the case with a $15K retainer, the whole she-bang could end up at $25K- that's without filing an appeal.

A (good) lawyer can be expected to (successfully) negotiate down fines for their Client. So, let's say ELEC reduces fines down an extraordinary 90% (and who's to say they will).  Based on estimated penalties, Respondents could still be liable for:

Projected ELEC Fines if Reduced by 90%
Beth Mason: $264,006 
Lombard: $215,726
Morales: $215,726
Pasquale: $215,726
Addeo: $215,726
Ines Garcia Keim: $214,366
Richard G. Mason: $ 96,560_____
GRAND TOTAL: $1,437,840

Wow,  that plus attorney's fees...  those are extraordinary costs for regular folks lacking Mason's bank account.  Those fines are like a second mortgage.  In my opinion, the only decent thing would be for the Masons to cover expenses for the Respondents.  Of course, such gifts are subject to the imposition of federal gift tax.  IRS Information and forms for Gift Taxes can be found in IRS Publication 950.

According to the IRS,  the donor is generally responsible for paying the gift tax. Under special arrangements the donee may agree to pay the tax instead.   What is considered a gift? Any transfer to an individual, either directly or indirectly, where full consideration (measured in money or money's worth) is not received in return.

GA believes even negotiated downward, the ELEC grand total will stay at 7-figures.

Those Respondents would have been better off named in a meritless SLAPP suit.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mason Team Proposes Bhalla Makeover

Councilman Bhalla sans makeover
HOBOKEN-- Faced with mounting criticism for a series of venomous attacks- and now a lawsuit- all targeting Hoboken Councilman Ravinder Bhalla, a spokesman for Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason  has issued a proposal.  The Mason spokesman said, "It is really his fault... he's you know, exotic.  Got a thing on his head." 

Councilman Bhalla is a Sikh and wears a turban. 

Sikhism is the only religion in the world which requires its followers to tie a turban: the Sikh turban is an article of faith.  Sikhism is the fifth largest world religion, with an estimated 500,000 Sikhs living in America. As a result of September 11, Sikh Americans have become subject to discrimination, often from individuals who mistakenly believe that they are Arab or Muslim.

"That's why we bash him," Mason's spokesman admitted.

In early March, Councilwoman Beth Mason, who has a history of filing public records lawsuits, filed a lawsuit accusing the city of redacting too much information from invoices from Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt & Fader, a law firm that hired Councilman-at-large Ravi Bhalla in August.  Many believe the timing of this lawsuit is meant to distract attention from Mason's historic Election Law Enforcement Commission complaints against her 2009 and 2011 campaigns.  Her husband, Richard G. Mason, a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz was named in the two complaints.  Mason's total campaign ELEC violations are subject to penalties up to a stunning $14.3 million dollars. 

Reacting to critics who believe Councilwoman Mason has gone too far this time in targeting Bhalla's employer, her Team has issued a proposal to Bhalla if he wants the harassment to stop- a makeover.   

The Mason Team is proposing cosmetic alterations to Mr. Bhalla- hair, eyes, skin, and activities like...



Tennis at the Country Club...

Slaying forest animals with a rifle...

The Mason spokesman said if Bhalla was agreeable they would restrict their hit pieces in The Hoboken Reporter to 200 words or less and plant them below the fold on the cover (instead of above).

"We won't withdraw the lawsuit", said Mason's spokesman, "but we'll hold off on the other three we were planning against him."

Mr. Bhalla did not wish to comment.