Thursday, October 31, 2013

Earwitness News: "A bloodbath is coming..."

Oh, dear.

This Earwitness News dispatch was gleaned from sources close to Russo, Ramos and those 'in between' (uncommitted), who are all saying the same things; they're enraged, furious and "out for blood".

Here is what one of them just told me:
A bloodbath is coming after this (election).  Win or lose, Barracato and Mason are outcasts. The Russos and Ramos will come for Cryan, Occhipinti, Barracato (Finboy)  and Mason.  The Russos and Ramos feel like they've been shit on.  All the nasty, dirty tricks behind the scenes, the twisting arms, phone calls, dirty tricks, the midnight flyer.  The Russos are furious about the midnight flyer. No one has ever shown them this kind of disrespect.  This is a blood feud, they will not forgive.  They know it's all Barracato and Cryan.  

Barracato and Cryan's midnight flyer
This is the first campaign Barracato's run by himself and he  tested out all his dirty tricks.   He's worn out his welcome everywhere.  He's destroyed political careers with this campaign.  He's destroyed Occhipinti.  He's destroyed Cryan.  And others. Not everyone likes what he's done to Ravi.  He went too far.  He's frivolously thrown away Franks money and if Frank loses some people might not get paid. 

But most of all, the Russo and Ramos people are furious at that flyer. Barracato better get really good at mixing drinks.

Wow.  GA also heard that Finboy is gunning for me and Al Sullivan.  What else is new?  Here's an old proverb my mother taught me: A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools.

In this case, a bad tool quarrels with carpenters.

VOTE Tim for Mayor because...


Gosh, that's sweet.  

What about Frank? 

 Frank, these are for you:


There!  Feel better? 

Now where's my $1,000?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mason Responds: Let's Have a Kangaroo Court at the W Hotel

Proposes kangaroo court at the W Hotel "at her expense"

 Beth Mason, in a bizarre email screed, has thrown down the gauntlet to Ravi Bhalla.  In response to Bhalla's email today, telling friends and supporters that he intends to sue Beth Mason for defamation after the election, Mason sent out her email titled "20 Questions for Councilman Ravi Bhalla".  Here are excerpts from her loony letter:

Mr. Bhalla is now threatening to sue me after the election for daring to raise these issues. But I believe that if he truly has nothing to hide, there is no need to wait until after the election. If he is as committed to the truth as I am, I am willing to immediately provide, at my own expense, a court reporter at the conference room of the W Hotel, or any other convenient location, so that he can answer the following twenty questions under oath: 

(20 questions follow)

If Mr. Bhalla believes threats of frivolous litigation scare me then he obviously hasn’t paid attention for the last decade. I took on the political machine to ensure that public meetings are videotaped and televised; I successfully fought to make wait lists for affordable housing available to senior citizens and low-income residents at an affordable cost; and I led the fight to pass the toughest campaign finance reform in Hoboken’s history. If Mr. Bhalla and his political machine think I can be bullied out of standing up for the public, he is sadly mistaken. 

I do not believe Mr. Bhalla will answer these questions under oath, because he knows the public will not like the answers. But I hope my belief is mistaken and look forward to his response to my offer.

Thank you for your time. 

Folks, what do you think?

Beth Mason wants to hire a stenographer and set up a mock courtroom in the W Hotel


Yikes! Where is hubby?  

Does she have a lawyer(s) advising her?    

Mason Behind-the-Scenes

Clockwise from top-left: James Barracato, Hudson Reporter cover-October 27, 2013, 'Ethics Violations' series, Perry Klaussen- Hoboken411 owner, The Hudson Reporter Publishers Dave Unger and Lucha Malato, Richard G. Mason

A BOMBSHELL rocked Hoboken's political world this morning.  Shortly before 9:00 AM, Councilman and At-Large Council candidate Ravi Bhalla announced:
While I remain focused on this election, please rest assured that after the election is over, I intend to file a defamation lawsuit against Ms. Mason to protect my reputation as a proud member of the Hoboken community. 
Note that prior to today's announcement, on October 28, Beth Mason was served with a "Cease and Desist" letter.  GA heard some talk about the letter, that the subject was "Defamation of Ravinder Bhalla by Beth Mason and others".  

 WHO are these "others"?

GA also heard the "Cease and Desist" letter said that Mason, YouTube, Hoboken411 and any other entity in which defamatory material was published is liable to Bhalla for damages.  There it is again- "any other entity". And that Bhalla has been harmed by Beth Mason's repeated publication and re-publication of defamatory material. 

Many questions arise.  

GA wants to know how a political campaign veered off into a media juggernaut to destroy Ravi's character, reputation and private sector employment?   

Mason has fought her filthy war on Bhalla on several fronts, relying heavily on print and electronic media including email and video, anonymous online postings (Patch's "Ravi Ravioli"), and the Old Guard echo chamber in the City Council.

Discovery will unmask the identity of Ravi Ravioli

But one woman does not a war make.  This war was fought with many hands. Many players surround the central figure, Beth Mason.  What their role was- if they had one, or if they have any liability for the damage done to Bhalla is unknown.  

GA offers no opinion about whether the following individuals were accessories in the defamation of Bhalla.  They ARE behind-the-scenes 'players': political operatives, they take her money for print advertising space or support her.


James 'Finboy' Barracato: Beth Mason's chief political operative, political strategist and all-around proxy for Beth Mason.   Sources say that if you want Mason, you have to go through Finboy first.  You will find his name on internal City Council emails instead of Mason's- he appears to receive her email- does he send it (from her account) too?    Barracato was caught red-handed trying to plant a story in The Hoboken Reporter accusing GA of writing a story about 'Nazi gas chambers'- he left his electronic fingerprints on a doctored screen-cap of a Grafix Avenger post called "Nurse Kevorkian to Meet and Greet Victims"

In spite of his proclivity to screw up and lose campaigns (the Move Forward campaign Nazi Truck and midnight flyer attack on GA), Mason continues to employ him.   Sources tell GA that he is the architect of the 'Get-Ravi' strategy.  He is believed to be a vile anonymous blogger who uses a strange iteration of Ravi's name and frequently refers to his 'towel'. (Bhalla, a Sikh, wears a turban)  Finally, he has for YEARS had access and influence on The Hoboken Reporter, from the bottom to the top, as a proxy for the formidable Mason checkbook.

The Hoboken Reporter:  GA observes that Beth Mason's weekly page 3 ads started appearing on or about April 2012, coincidentally when Finboy tried to plant the 'Nazi Bloggers' story in the HR and the Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi lawsuit hit a few months later.  The HR has recently done a series of articles repeating Mason attacks on Bhalla as though timely and "news" and last week's gratuitous and unnecessary PRE-ELECTION article about Ravi Bhalla "defending his integrity".

The Hoboken Reporter fails to understand that there would be no CAUSE for Bhalla to "defend his integerity" if  the HR did not avail itself to publish Beth Mason's campaign of lies and defamation.  This is THEIR "scandal"-- manufactured by Beth Mason and/or her political operatives.  Simple due diligence would have stopped it from potentially damaging Bhalla by it's publication and framing as an "ethics" controversy.

The Hoboken Reporter continues to show that it has been thoroughly co-opted  by Beth Mason.

GA has many issues with this week's article about asking Zimmer "hard questions".  My  name was printed  SIX TIMES in reference to the Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi law suit.  Yet, they the Plaintiffs, were NEVER named.  No, they are simply a "Hoboken couple"- not the seasoned political operatives revealed in my 148 exhibits, all online.  One of my statements which Plaintiffs complain about the HR calls my "unproven allegations".  When did the Hoboken Reporter start taking dictation from James Barracato?  What kind of journalism is this?  Where a Defendant is named SIX times and the person making charges, claiming injury to the tune of $2M is NOT NAMED?   The Plaintiffs INITIATED the lawsuit, they must PROVE their damages, not ME.  The HR has it backwards- on purpose. Their slant couldn't be more obvious.

From now on, shall we call the paper The Mason Reporter?

Hoboken411: The most outrageous, defamatory material appears on this Mason-tabloid in an article called "Ravi Bhalla Ethics Violations" on or about October 13, 2013.  GA can guess Perry Klaussen will be hearing from Ravi Bhalla's lawyer.  Not surprising from a guy who published this:  "Two years ago, Bhalla defended Zoning Board member Pincus’ right to say that she wanted to shoot down the front doors to people’s homes."  I never said that, Asshole. 

Richard G Mason: GA is told that a law partner at Wachtell certainly keeps late hours and does not have a lot of time to micro-manage what his wife does.  But what does he know about the ebb and flow of money to consultants, political operatives, publishers, web site proprietors, videographers, video production crew, etc?  Will this money will be claimed on Occhipinti's ELEC? How or where will it be reported?
GA believes a vigorous Discovery will retrieve skeletons from Beth Mason's closet and expose those who've assisted her defamation of Bhalla and others in Hoboken.

Godspeed, Ravi.

BREAKING: Bhalla to SUE Beth Mason

For DEFAMATION.  Link to Bhalla's "Setting the Record Straight About Beth Mason’s Vicious Lies".

Just released....

More to follow on GA, stay tuned....

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midnight Flyers! Russo Endorsement! BoE Campaign Gets Nazi Truck Team $$$$!

 What an exciting morning! Starting with... midnight flyers!

Soluble midnight flyer
Look at that.

The Occhipinti campaign finally took a swing at Ramos.

Too little, too late?

Let's start with too little.

As midnight flyers go, this was an anemic effort.  Half-assed and half-hearted, done more to say "see, we did attack him" than to do damage. (Not like the one which blanketed Hoboken last year starring yours truly.)  No, this midnight flyer was done by the same crew that will line up for jobs in a Ramos administration,  palms out.

This effort looks to me like it was done to calm Mason's ruffled feathers; GA hears her telephone poll shows Tim so far behind Ramos, he's not even a blip.

Those in the Occhipinti camp playing footsie with Ramos did their jobs a little too well.

These midnight flyers were scattered rag-tag, on random utility poles. One here, another there  None on windshields, none left at or near home entrances or mailboxes.  Furthermore, the fine print at the bottom tells you:
Printed on an organic water-soluble substrate using water-soluble non-toxic inks.  This message will dissolve in the rain forming a slurry that does not block the sewers or adversely effect plant and animal life.
Dissolves in the rain. 

What is tomorrow's forecast?  RAIN. 

See what I mean?  This was not a serious effort; it was done the cheap to impress the money-people (Raia and Mason) that "we did it".  Such a "water-soluble" effort is more circumstantial proof that those running the Occhipinti campaign are working for Ruben and milking the campaign with this melts-in-the-rain flyer.

As for "too late", well... that remains to be seen, doesn't it?

Non-soluble  Russo endorsement 
Meanwhile, a reader sent me Councilman Mike Russo's "official endorsement" of Ruben Ramos and his Vision for Hoboken At-Large slate, Joe Mindak, Laura Miani and Eduardo Gonzales. It had come in the mail with a flyer for the Better Schools Now slate.

So it's official!

Now GA isn't sure if Michael Russo's endorsement letter melts in the rain or is printed in water soluble ink, but I bet if you dropped it in the toilet to soak, it wouldn't get stuck in the pipe after you flushed it down.

Finally, GA received this from another reader:

The last page of the 2013 Q2 ELEC filing for "Moving Forward" (Vazquez, Oland, Markevitch) shows a closing balance of $4425.50

The first page of the 2013 R29 WLWC filing for "One Hoboken Moving Forward" (Gilbarty, Rivera) shows funds transferred from prior campaign of $4425.50 with a note "see Moving Forward Committee of 2012"

Non-soluble Nazi Truck delivers 2012 campaign cash to 2013 'One Hoboken Moving Forward'

Hmmm... anything technically 'wrong' with that Nazi Truck campaign's delivery of $4,425.00?  Campaign cash is fungible, as they say.  Anybody know?

Frank Raia, One Hoboken candidate was Treasurer of the ill-fated Move Forward campaign that attacked a Hoboken mom/activist/blogger with a Nazi Truck (and a Horse).

Well, GA is reminded of that Move Forward campaign was supposed to return $6,616.50 to Councilwoman Beth Mason's political action committee for violating Hoboken's Pay-to-Play ordinance.  From the paper formerly known as The Hoboken Reporter, now The Beth Mason Reporter:
School board slate told to return campaign donation to Mason committee 

HOBOKEN -- The city of Hoboken ruled last week that campaign contributions by Councilwoman Beth Mason to Board of Education election ticket Move Forward have to be returned within 30 days.City Clerk Jim Farina wrote to the treasurer of Friends of Beth Mason, saying that the $7,116 contribution from her political action committee last month exceeded the municipal code limit of $500 from political action committees in local elections. The ordinance was passed in mid 2011, according to a statement from city attorney Mellissa Longo.
Did that money get returned?  Or did a Nazi Truck deliver it to Frank Raia's One Hoboken Moving Forward BoE slate?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mason Buys Ad on Monday Night Football

(Oh, and don't forget Frank Raia!  It's his ad, too.)

But let's face it, just like Beth Mason has co-opted The Hoboken Reporter (weaponized it to attack foes), she's co-opted the One Hoboken campaign.

Sources tell GA that Mason and Raia have purchased a 30-second spot to air on tonight's Monday Night Football on ESPN costing a whopping $150,000.  In other words, Ricky Mason's lunch money.

The ad reportedly goes after Ruben Ramos, but who are we kidding?  Today was the launch of Mason's bat-shit craziest ad to-date; a reckless, mad dog attack on Ravi Bhalla.

GA's heart goes out to his lovely wife and 2 children, his brother and parents, who have to watch this crazy woman slander their son in such a public way.  This kind of attack transcends any 'normal' political discourse.

Here is what my favorite new blog, Hangin on the Vine said about where Beth Mason is taking Hoboken political discourse:

The Hoboken mayor and council race has gotten so dirty that it gives the phrase “dirty campaigns” a good name.

Chief architects of the new low in political filth are the Ramos and Occhipinti campaigns, aided by Councilwoman Beth Mason and her millions, minions and myopia. For some reason, they just can’t find a legitimate line of attack against the incumbent administration of Mayor Dawn Zimmer that makes sense and would be appealing to the voters. There are some legitimate issues, but they just can’t be bothered.

They’ve tried to butcher Ravi Bhalla, have their sights now set on Councilwoman Jen Giattino and have proven that they do not know the difference between a negative campaign and a dirty one. Negative campaigns result in their share of victories, dirty ones rarely. All they are doing is increasing the margin of victory for the Zimmer team.
This guy/gal has been around the block.   If only there were a debate on legitimate issues.  But when your opponents are not interested in issues, not bright but aiming to milk the public teat- AND are plyed with cash from a hateful megalomaniac, THIS is the kind of campaign you get.

Let me know what airs tonight.  GA doesn't watch football. Boooor-ing.

Congratulations, Ricky Mason!

Wow, what an honor!  The Greater New YorkCouncils, Boy Scouts of America has chosen  Richard G.Mason of  Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz s its National Eagle Scout Association Committee Chair!

Did you know that Ricky Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz's wife, Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason was a filmmaker? 

Here is one of Mrs. Ricky Mason's films, starring a swastika, a blogger, and a Nazi-film poster:

ABOUT the film: Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason's personal videographer filmed this video which displayed on 5 huge video screens on a rental truck on October 16 and 17, 2012.  This marked the first time in Hoboken history that swastikas were used in a political campaign.  The media coined the phrase "Nazi Truck".  Hoboken's Jewish leaders repudiated the Nazi Truck and asked those responsible for an apology. None was given. The video production and political operative who orchestrated  the Nazi truck video were employed by Beth Mason, wife of Eagle Scout Ricky Mason. The subject of the truck attack, is a political activist/blogger who is a critic of Ms. Mason, and serves on Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment.  None of the allegations on the Nazi Truck are true and represent the most debased and unethical character of Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason, wife of Eagle Scout Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, LLP.
Isn't that terrific?  The Masons attend Hoboken United Synagogue where they are appreciated for their generosity.

And here is filmmaker Beth Mason's newest production!  Released just yesterday, it plays on YouTube, and is expected to blanket local cable media and perhaps get a primo SuperBowl slot.

ABOUT the film: This production is slanderous and defamatory, chock full of lies, and may result in litigation.  Until the financial backer of Mrs. Ricky Mason's film-making career pulls the plug, she will continue making films which will surely earn accolades on Above the Law when she finds herself on the other end of a defamation lawsuit.

Don't you wonder if Ricky Mason is as involved in these video productions as he's been in her political career?

GA notices the above press release cites that Mr. Mason's 501(c)3 is called the "Mason Family Civic League".  Funny, when GA checked there was no registered 501(c)3 with the NJ Secretary of State, only a "Mason Civic League, Inc." which has employed political operatives and hosted the Move Forward political campaign at it's non-profit gallery.  Btw, the Nazi Truck film was made for the Move Forward campaign, although no one has ever taken credit.  I wonder why? 

 Mrs. Ricky Mason is proud of this latest film; here is today's press release, and look at the bottom- she posts a still image from her film!

Aw, 'His and Hers' press releases.  Kinda romantic, no?

I'll bet Mr. Eagle Scout is proud of his film-maker.

Hey, look!

Mrs. Ricky Mason appears to have used the SAME video production crew for BOTH of her films!

GA photographed Barry Brendel (pictured below as "Tree") and his son Tim Brendel ("Apple"), filming me at the Zoning Board, for the Nazi Truck video!

And look!  Here's Mrs. Ricky Mason's videographer Barry Brendel filming Ravi at the last city council meeting!

  Fantastic photo of Barry Brendel video taping Ravi Bhalla, courtesy of MSV
So you can see, the team that produced the Ravi video for Mrs. Richard Mason produced the Nazi Truck video for Mrs. Richard Mason-- unless your eyes are lying.

Congratulations Richard Mason for being awarded the National Eagle Scout Association Committee Chair!

You've made Hoboken proud.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zimmer-Kids First Team Photo!

click photo to enlarge
Yesterday at Church Square Park


Saturday, October 26, 2013

How the Bhalla Obsession Derailed Tim & Raia

Ramos devours Occhipinti's campaign

Once again, Beth Mason and her chief political operative, 'Finboy' Barracato, have driven a campaign into the ground.  Once again, a campaign was hijacked by their maniacal obsession to turn a member of our community into a pariah, destroy their reputation and make them unemployable.  Such attacks lack a political objective; they are purely personal.

Last year it was yours truly starring in a Nazi Truck video, in the BoE race.  This year it's Ravi Bhalla, starring in Mason newsletters,  press releases, a City Council resolution,and a full-on marketing effort.

These tactics fail because they 'preach to the choir' and only serve to galvanize Reform.  This year, they have accomplished more. Because WHO is the biggest beneficiary in the relentless pursuit to trash Bhalla? 

Ruben Ramos. 

One Hoboken's failures seem to have moved Ramos into second place, and wrecked Frank Raia.

How?  One Hoboken's chief political strategist, Finboy Barracato, once again forgot that campaigns are about winning elections and not using the boss's money to bash his enemies.

The One Hoboken 'brain trust' was in fact, focused on the Ravi- jihad: resolutions, newsletters, seeking publicity for his Ravi-obsession.   The only press release they have issued was the Peyton Letter, an attack on a football legend.

One Hoboken has not issued a single press release critical of Ramos!

Not one!  Raia's paying a reported $1,000/week to a PR person for.... what?   Apparently to do nothing while Ruben leapfrogs over Occhipinti and 'Finboy' Barracato is waging war on Bhalla.

And Raia?  Out to lunch.

GA will continue to believe that One Hoboken has been infiltrated by Ramos, who has effectively suppressed ALL criticism of Ruben and fanned the silly, counter-productive jihad against Bhalla. 

More 'fuel' to my belief: Al Sullivan writes in his column this week that Occhipinti backed out of a cable tv debate because Zimmer declined and he would face Ramos alone.  Occhipinti declined a chance to go head-to-head with Ruben?  WHO told him to do that?  Even the cable producer, Pat O'Meila, called Occhipinti's decision  a "failed opportunity".

Of course!

And who is living with Occhipinti?  His PR person.  She didn't persuade Tim he should appear and challenge Ramos?  Unless she did the opposite.  See what I mean?  Holy MOLEy.

One Hoboken's refusal to campaign against Ramos plus the inordinate amount of energy and resources directed at whacking Bhalla (Finboy's obsession) has driven Occhipinti into Siberia, and with him Frank Raia.

GA read the Raia letter in the Hoboken Reporter.  Holy cow. Another 'communications' disaster.  Who let that go to print?  Holy MOLEy.

Remember, when Occhipinti entered the race it chopped the ABZs  (Anyone But Zimmer) cleanly in two.

Now Tim's lackluster effort to campaign against Ruben for his lousy record on Hoboken City Council, his mom's patronage job- the first one cut by the Hoboken Fiscal Monitor, late Judy Tripodi- his double-dipping on a full time teacher's salary while he's in Trenton... Tim's FAILURE to campaign against Ruben and to oust any MOLES.... well look what's happened.

A third place Occhipinti wrecks his political viability in the future. A third place Ruben does the same.

Ruben recognized that and is running a professional campaign, dirty and devious.  Timmy is simply running dirty.  Dirt doesn't win. If it did, Beth Mason would be mayor, and Move Forward would be on the BoE.  GA hears Russo is the brains behind Ramos.

As a Reformer, GA is disappointed that Timmy rolled over and played 'dead' and is getting stomped by Ramos.  We are where we started: a two-way race with Ramos.  Don't take anything for granted, peeps.

We must GET OUT THE VOTE for Zimmer, Bhalla, Mello and Doyle.

Meanwhile, will Tim's trouncing wake up Mason and will she finally ditch the crazies?  She has invested plenty of resources in this race for Timmy.  Her chief political strategist seems to have fucked that up, once again.  That fish is a political bad-luck charm.

GA hasn't read the Ravi-drivel in the Hoboken Reporter yet.  I glanced at it- it appears to be written in he said-she said fashion, instead of the Reporter's taking the conclusive evidence that Bhalla has done nothing wrong and writing the piece THAT way.  Instead, publishing this he-said she said crap on fallacious ethics charges by a heavy ad buyer ON THE EVE OF AN ELECTION is out and out yellow journalism.


 Lies and Obsession

Friday, October 25, 2013

Say Cheese (Tomorrow)

GA's new Lifestyle Magazine

Hey listen, GA's got nothing against the young, good looking,fashionable crowd that seem to float from party to party on the pages of the other Hoboken lifestyle magazine.  Not at all!

But I know a business opportunity when I see one, and there's an under-served  marketplace out there (the only 'hip' they've got are prosthetic).   And just like Hoboken's young, good-looking party crowd doesn't want to see old, un-hip Hoboken,  old-unhip Hoboken could care less about the young, beautiful people guzzling martinis on the pages of that other magazine. 

Let's say some old, fat or ugly people did accidentally appear in that other magazine, well what would would I do then?

Oh, but I kid Joe Mindak.

GA enjoys his magazine.  I wish him well, but not well enough to win an At-Large Council Seat.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Raia had a shot, but blew it"

Sources close to Raia hold Mason chief operative 'Finboy' (a.k.a. 'James Anthony' on Facebook) responsible for "ruining the campaign", "effectively destroying Occhipinti" and for "pushing the Ravi-thing" which they believe helps Zimmer.

GA's got some deep dish for you today, it comes from sources close to Frank Raia.

As you know, Raia is presumed to be the Dark Side's best shot at taking control of the City Council, which includes control of the Zoning Board (8 appointments) and HHA (replacement appointments for Jake Stuiver and Greg Lincoln).  The Council is also the City's Redevelopment Agency. What hangs in the balance are several huge development projects including but not limited to Vision 20/20, NJ Transit railyards, and the Rockefeller Group property.

That is many millions of dollars in contracts and (dare I say... ) kickbacks.   Allegedly.

And though various Dark Side politicos are feuding, one color unites them: GREEN.  So you'd better believe that One Hoboken (Tim's slate) and Vision for Hoboken (Ruben's slate) will work hand-in-hand to wrest control of the City Council back from Reform.  They already are; it's called the Giattino strategy  (a.k.a. Operation Douchebag).

Yesterday, GA blogged how the 2 Dark Side factions are working to boot Giattino off the Council.    Because Jen relocated her family out the 6th Ward during reconstruction of her home (damaged by Hurricane Sandy), Dark Siders see an opening to exploit her tragedy. Jen's residency was attacked at the City Council by Joe Branco, a Carmelo-Ramos guy and Beth Mason operatives were 'busted photographing Giattino's home last Saturday and filing OPRA requests for her new address, permits, etc. 


Who thought that attacking a flood victim in a city of flood victims was smart politics?  

It's that kind of stupidity that has those close to Frank Raia shaking their heads. They think he blew it.

Here are notes from speaking with these sources:

Raia lost another one.  He had a chance. But his campaign was co-opted by Beth's people. They drove the campaign into the ground. Destroyed his chances of getting the seat.  Beth Mason, Barracato and Cryan have taken over the campaign and Frank doesn't seem to care. Tim could have come in second, now he's coming in third.  Ramos will be in second place.

Ramos is running a real campaign. A professional campaign. They issue press releases. Russo is the orchestrator of that.  Russo is the real power behind Ramos, he's pushing the agenda - he at least knows what he's doing.  

Frank isn't getting the seat because his campaign is run by amateurs.  Barracato and Cryan have no idea what they are doing, they've got no strategy, they're out of their league. 

Occhipinti, Barracato and Cryan are responsible for ruining the campaign. It's amateur hour.  They've put out almost no press releases. What they put out is crap. They offended Manning. They have their own agenda, they're flat-out amateurs who don't have a political brain among them.  Especially Barracato, he thinks he knows what he's talking about. Barracato is pushing the Ravi thing, which will get Zimmer voters to come out en masse....
Mason co-opted the campaign through her hatred of Ravi. Barracato is obsessed with Ravi.  He thinks he knows what he's doing. that's a big mistake.  The Ravi attacks have galvanized the Zimmer vote. The attacks on Ravi are helping Zimmer. The campaign has been effective at destroying Occhipinti, they have no clue as to what they're doing. 

The whole campaign strategy is a shambles. The strategy attacking manning, the buttons, the flyer, lack of consistent press releases.  They're paying a lot of money... they have a press person who is not issuing press releases.

The candidates are running off doing their own thing. Frank doesn't care.  He just wants to win his seat.  He doesn't understand his campaign's been fucked up by people who don't know what they're doing.  He had a shot, but he blew it.

Well, that was interesting! Though GA doesn't believe in counting chickens before they vote, Raia's peeps are saying "it's over" for him, because those running the campaign are "out of their league" and thoroughly incompetent.  I can't disagree.

First there was a Nazi Truck.  Now a Peyton Letter, etc.  Finboy has trashed another campaign.

Yet, foolish Dark Siders continue to take Mason's money (and they will again) though they understand it comes with an arrogant, incompetent operative who allows personal hatreds to hijack political campaigns.

Let me guess: Finboy is the 'brains' behind the Giattino Strategy?  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Douchebag Attack on the Giattino Family

GA got this note today:
Last night, I spoke to (redacted) and she said that she saw (Mason operative) taking photos of Jen's house. Apparently, they are launching an attack on Jen claiming that she doesn't live in town.  Jen is living a couple of blocks away while her house has flood remediation, so I guess they are going the dbag route and say she lives out of town. Disgusting. 
Wow.  'd-bag' is right.

As you know, Jen Giattino is the 6th Ward Councilwoman-my ward.  She lives with her husband and 3 little boys in a 7th Street garden level home wrecked by Hurricane Sandy.  The damage to the Giattino family home was extensive and renovations are not complete. Until they can move back  (by Christmas), Giattino family is living 4 blocks away on 11th Street.

Terrible, no? 

Many families on GA's street were displaced for months.  Some, like the Giattinos, are still displaced.

Displacement has a  profound impact on small children who must process how a storm can take everything away so quickly, and Mom and Dad 'can't make it stop.'  Parents must make life as 'normal' as possible for their little ones, while they themselves deal with enormous personal and financial loss. Everyone in Hoboken knows someone impacted in this way, who like the Giattino family have endured a long nightmare and all they want is to restore normality to their children's lives.  And we, their neighbors, extend our hearts and hands to help these families, however we can;  families who have gone through tragedy and made it out the other side, like the Giattinos.  

Unless of course, you are a douchebag.

Here's how you know that you are a douchebag: you  attack the residency of the flooded out Giattino family to steal Jen Giattino's City Council seat with lies that she's "moved away".

If you participate in an effort to do such a thing, then you Sir/Madam are a douche (bag).

THAT is the plan being coordinated by Mason-Ramos political operatives.  Hence the Mason photographer lurking outside of Giattino's home last Saturday, furtively snapping shots most likely to appear on Hoboken411, and the Ramos ally appearing at the City Council to question Giattino publicly on her residency.  This is a political operation against Sandy victims, the Giattinos.

Call it Operation Douchebag

Democratic Committeeman Joe Branco rolled out Operation Douchebag  on October 16, 2013 with these comments:
As the 6th Ward 2nd district committee-person, I have been going door to door to my constituents getting people signed up for voter registration and asking any concerns and issues they might have. We talked about Sandy tonight and we know our 6th ward councilwoman's home is devastated due to Hurricane Sandy and a lot of people asked about you, hows everything going and I said I haven't heard any communication from our 6th Ward councilwoman.  A couple of people said that.. what are you looking like that for, I'm being honest with you... (exchange of words with Giattino, Branco looks down at his notes)  Okay, a couple of people asked me when you were returning to your building I said I had no idea when your apartment or your building would be finished .  They also said to me that you don't live in the 6th Ward anymore, you've moved to 11th and Grand. I says I don't know, I don't know where she's living at. Is that true?  Is that a true statement that you've moved out of the ward?
 Jeez, what kind of person launches a political attack on a flood victim and her family?

This kind: the kind that would deprive a 10 year-old child of a bed to sleep in:

What a douche.

Branco is a Ramos-guy.  

ANYONE considering voting for Ramos or Raia, know their operatives are behind Operation Douchebag.

Where will Operation Douchebag go next?

GA anticipates douchebaggery will surface on Hoboken411 using the photos of Giattino's home taken by the Mason operative followed by a Douchebag cameo appearance at  the next Council meeting.

Jen Giattino is well-loved in the 6th Ward. 6-2 Democratic Committeeman Joe Branco is not.  And he is not endearing himself to anyone by questioning a displaced family's residency for the sake of political opportunism.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tim-Raia Slate Targets Bars with Gift Bags

A GA reader sent me this:

(Timmy) Occhipinti went to (redacted) bar today and handed out treat bags with his ticket on it. It's pretty disgusting to ply barflies with goodies to get their vote.  I am disgusted and refuse to touch my treat bag.  Okay,  I took a few things out.  Maybe five.  Possibly nine.  Here is a photo:

Disgraceful!  Yesterday it was day cares!  Who will be targeted next?

Ruben and Ethics

"You cannot legislate character... it's not going to stop me from accepting an illegal bribe from someone"
-Ruben Ramos, June 5, 2007

Congratulations, Ruben Ramos!  Today you issued the funniest press release since your last one.

Hearing you scold Ravi Bhalla on ethics is like a Pol Pot lecture on table manners.  This is the same Ruben Ramos who stood side-by-side with ex-felon Peter Cammarano mocking Pay-to-Play law,  proclaiming no law could  stop him from taking an illegal bribe?

Don't sprain your finger from wagging, Ruben.  GA hears that you are collecting a full time teaching salary from Paterson, New Jersey in absentia while Paterson is forced to pay a substitute teacher to cover for you, WHILE you collect a hefty salary from the NJ State Assembly.   ka ching ka ching.

Ask the folks of Paterson who are paying two teaching salaries for one teacher what they think about your ethics.  You can't be both in the Assembly in Trenton and a classroom in Paterson at the same time, yet you're paid for both.

That's what GA calls double-dipping from the public teat.

Oink, oink!

And what was the first patronage position cut by State Fiscal Monitor Judy TripodiYour mom's. Hoboken taxpayers had furnished a salary north of $90K/year as Director of Constituent Services- whatever that is. 

You seem to mistake New Jersey taxpayers for an employment agency, and have no shame collecting multiple paychecks from us.   

Some ethics.

Of course it's mean season, but perhaps there are genuine policy disagreements between Ravi and yourself to attack rather than low-road mud slinging and pile-on with the One Hoboken party bus.

Ravi is an accomplished, respected man in our community, whose achieved in the private sector because he is an excellent lawyer.  Why the Ramos and Raia people have tried to wreck Bhalla's career and employability is beyond comprehension and the voters will remember how low you have sank.

Mindak, Miani and Gonzales: so what if you didn't sign Ramos' attack on Bhalla. Your silence speaks volumes.


Wedding Bells for Paul and Allen!

GA is overjoyed that at last, our gay brothers and sisters have the right to suffer like everyone else in holy wedded matrimony.    It is absurd that this most fundamental right, to select one's spouse, has been denied them for so long.

GA is thrilled that Mayor Zimmer presided over Hoboken's first gay wedding yesterday, and now all the rest of you gay people can charge the gates to make your unions legal, finally.  

Two men whom I admire and adore, who've chosen to spend their lives together can FINALLY tie the knot- where they live.  Their story made the AP and was published on the national news site Huffington Post.

This devoted couple is tying the knot this Thursday, WOO-HOO!  Mazeltov, fellas.  (And put your shoes on before you crush the glass)

From Huffpo:

Among those seeking their licenses Saturday morning were Hoboken residents Paul Somerville and Allen Kratz, who have been together since 1985. They were previously married in Oregon in 2004, only to have the union nullified by the state's supreme court. They also have been part of a domestic partnership in 2006 and a civil union in 2008, both through the city of Hoboken.

The couple said they will receive their license on Tuesday and plan to wed Thursday in a private ceremony. Kratz told The Jersey Journal that it's wonderful to be able to marry his longtime partner.

"Civil rights always come too early for those in a comfortable position of power and never soon enough for those who have been denied life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Kratz said.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gutting Occhipinti

Did you read this in Augie Torres' last column:
After the Hoboken municipal election, look for Assemblyman Ruben Ramos to go after Tim Occhipinti's council seat and, unless Frank Raia gets on the City Council in November, look for Raia to then target Michael Russo's council seat. The animosity is getting that bad.
Sources outside of Hoboken are telling GA the same thing.  That Ruben is gunning for Occhipinti. In a big way.

How big?   GA hears that Ramos wants to end Occhipinti's political career.  Well, Timmy is up for re-election in 2015; that's two long years away.  Has Ramos already begun to sow the seeds of Timmy's political downfall?
GA believes the answer is 'YES', and that you have to look no further than the 'One Hoboken' campaign.  

Here's my theory.

Along with Timmy, WHO else's Council seat is up for grabs in 2015?

Wow!   Of the Councilpersons whose terms are expiring, WHO among them is politically radioactive and considered unelectable in Hoboken?  Only one name comes to mind...

Exactly.  The attempted hospital-killer.

So, let's say you are her chief political operative and are looking at 2015, what would you do?

A fish in a drying river would swim to new waters.  Lake Russo?  Perhaps the fish had been diverting  fish food from the river into the lake (like in last year's BoE race), so the lake would welcome the fishy in the future.

Smell something fishy?  I do.

A fish might destroy Tim Occhipinti's political future by wrecking his campaign (with help) for oh, Ruben Ramos and his ally Mike Russo?

Oh c'mon GA, you're imagining things!

Did I imagine the notorious Peyton Letter?  The lame flyer?  The woeful "St. Patty's" Beer Cap button?  No experienced political campaign veteran would have let a single one of those things into the public domain.  Which means they could be getting out on purpose.

Clever fish.  Tapping the river to ply the lake. 

Meanwhile, Raia's chances are dimming, as the damage to his campaign piles up.  Mason's wallet is being tapped while the 'help' undermines the Occhipinti campaign. She is too disconnected from reality to get the double-cross.  Occhipinti is too dopey to figure it out.

That's a theory.  Which is not actionable.

Ruben must be enjoying it all.  Watching Occhipinti gutted (allegedly) by his own people. And Mason footing the bill.

What's Hangin' on the Vine?

Read more at Hangin on the Vine

GA was mighty pleased to get a shout-out on Hudson County's best new political web site, Hangin' on The Vine.   Thank you, mystery-person.

Yep, HTV serves great dish from all over the County, and comes out every Monday. Here's an  excerpt from today's:

Yeah, you've got that right, mystery-person.  We've got 4 pots on Hoboken's City Council calling the kettle 'black'.

And if you need to borrow a quarter, you're 5 years too late-- Castellano could have directed you to 4 million of them before she "cleared it all up! 

Mo DeGennaro: I's like to ask you a question about the statement you made, Mr. Russo about the million dollars. Is there a million dollars missing or is it there was a mistake, did they find it or WHAT on the parking...

Castellano: Mr. Russo?

Russo:  Thank you Council President. Mo, the REASON why I thought money was missing was because I was going on past year's uh anticipated revenues from the Parking Utility from the meters. Uh, it turned out that the meters did not generate as much money as they did in years past, so it was MY mistake to think that money was THERE when in fact it was not. That was, that was the situation.

Castellano: It's been cleared up.

DeGennaro: Because that was some statement to make! I think it's made everybody...

Russo: Well it wasn't it wasn't a statement, Mo. It was a question to Mr. Englund during our budget process to clarify if I was right or wrong. AND I came back and said I was wrong.

Castellano: It's been, it's been cleared up.

DeGennaro: I just wanted to make sure...
Castellano: It's been cleared up.
Finally,  a bit of comic irony.

Today GA got notice in both Hudson County's best new political web site and on Hudson County's worst, least-trafficked, most-discredited web sewer, Hoboken411. Here is what that nitwit said:
 " ...anyone else find it ironic that Bhalla is claiming defamation when the Zimmer Administration attempts to smear anyone who dares to speak out against it? Two years ago, Bhalla defended Zoning Board member Pincus’ right to say that she wanted to shoot down the front doors to people’s homes."
I must be doing something right.

Folks, do check what's hangin' on the vine, and ignore Klausssen's sour grapes.   He's just jealous.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Timmy's Campaign Button is a Heineken Cap

This is not a joke.

One Hoboken, the campaign that made a nation roll its eyes, has an official campaign button.

A Heineken beer cap. 

Please someone, get GA one of these.  Please. They are going to be a collector's item. They're already creating a buzz on the internet:  

Tim's Beer Cap even uses the Heineken font!

And did you notice the "@" on Tim's Beer Cap makes a clever reference to the ® (registered trademark symbol) on the Heineken beer cap. 

I guess he wasn't kidding, folks.  This is why Timmy quit his job.  To hit the bars, pin his One Hoboken beer caps on nubile young foxes, and practice lines like, "How'd you like to wake up with a mayor?" 

Boob hits bars to pin cap on boobs

Wow. Well, we can have fun with this, and that's all.

Because this is not a serious campaign. It's a party bus.  

And Frank's picking up the tab.

Friday, October 18, 2013


What's missing?

GA had heard about a new One Hoboken flyer so awful that some are whispering about sabotage from within the campaign.

What does this mean?

A flyer written, designed and (presumably) approved by the campaign is such a communications misfire, there's talk it may actually hurt Frank Raia.  One complaint seems to be the bio made Raia sound too "pro-development" (remember, he's trying to poach votes from Ravi Bhalla), and so poorly-done it must have been intentional.

GA hadn't seen the flyer, so a friendly Dark-Sider sent it to me.

My reaction: oh, dear.  Somebody open a window.

The flyer was written like a newspaper article- big blocks of text with captions- and not a political  communications tool.  In fact, it is so overstuffed with text GA doubts many will read it.  And that's a good thing.  The amateurish, fluff-filled pablum contains promises like One Hoboken will "Stop the Flooding" which I understand Moses tried with little success.  Perhaps a quartet of benevolent humanitarians have a pipeline to the Almighty. Or else, a weather machine.

Substance aside, graphics aside, the most fundamental information any political flyer should contain is missing: date of the election, polling times, candidate's identity and position sought on the cover page.  On this flyer, the 'H' logo looms over the candidates names like it's ready to bite them.

Okay, so what does this all mean?  A shitty flyer was approved for publication with essential information missing.  Did anyone show the flyer to Frank Raia?  Did anyone show the nationally-acclaimed Peyton Letter to Frank Raia?

"No" and "No"?

It seems that Raia is being used like an ATM for a gaggle of worthless and untalented individuals, some whom are making a rumored $1,000 a week.

And I suppose millionaire Raia doesn't mind-- unless he discovers  their ineptitude is hurting him, like in issuing a dopey flyer that doesn't tell voters when to vote.

And this all feeds into what some believe is a sabotage strategy by Ruben Ramos.  Sabotage from the inside.

What do you think?

A Peyton Letter which Raia never sees making the One Hoboken ticket a national joke?

A shitty flyer which paints Raia as a hardcore pro-development, developer when the campaign should be wooing reformers away from Ravi Bhalla?  Did Frank approve?

The reaction to GA's suggestion that particular members of the One Hoboken campaign  may have worked for Ruben Ramos was met with such a virulent over-reaction... very curious.  In fact, I was Tweeted a litigation threat and a retraction was requested, which I did.  Now why did the notion of working for Ruben Ramos elicit a retraction request?  Strange.

Later, GA's comparison of One Hoboken to The Producers, seemed to rile others. The analogy was that like the Mel Brooks classic comedy, Frank was being milked like a cow by the campaign architects in the act of producing a FLOP. 

Too close to the truth for some?  

Indeed, a FLOP it is. The messaging so awful it made national headlines.  Now this dreadful flyer.  As money allegedly flows from Frank's pockets.

Who cares, really.  It's just a riddle: is the campaign just inept or is the ineptitude sabotage directed from outside to others inside?

Wake up, Frank!

Does Raia know what's going on?

50 Shades of Mason

 Taking pleasure in wrecking a man's livelihood

Have you ever hit a piñata?

You know, those hollow figurines filled with candy and toys you swing at with a bat. Sometimes you really have to pummel it before it breaks.  

Well, GA was waiting for candy to come out of Ravi Bhalla last night.

Perry Belefiore, Beth Mason, Terry Castellano, Mike Russo all took their best shots. BANG!  BAM!  POW!  They swung with such mean-spiritedness, it was clear their objective was not to win votes but to destroy a man.

Worse, the ones swinging hardest seemed to relish the beating. To use the vernacular, they got off on it.  A shrink might call it some kind of replacement-sex. BANG, BANG, BANG- ooooh ahhhhhhh... hit him harder, faster!   GA's no shrink, but the assault was so sadistic and their enjoyment so plain, I suggest they don black rubber lederhosen, laced leather corsets and executioner's masks to the next Council meeting. 50 Shades of Beth Mason.

Mason arrives late

Kids hit a piñata for candy.   Belfiore, Mason and Castellano wanted blood.

But, you know a strange thing happened.  The harder they swung, the smaller they got.  Yep.

By the time Perry Belefiore swung his final epithet (calling Ravi a "bastard") he went POOF and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.  Poor Perry, all that was left in the room was his gorgeous silver mop.  (Either that or he was removed by a policeman for disorderly conduct) In any case, Belfiore vanished with a bang.

Next, Mason and Castellano shrank to 3" tall under the dais. A cockroach passing by high-fived them and said, "nice work."

In short, last night was a salvage operation for 50 Shades of Mason's Ravi-Resolution. It's success as a political operation depends on where you sit.

I'm guessing loyal BDSM fans, bigots and misanthropes enjoyed seeing a good man's reputation and career recklessly trashed in theory, for a political outcome.  

The others thought it was way too much, too personal, too mean and will deliver MORE bodies to the polls for Bhalla.

The piñata kept his candy, and his dignity.

Thank you, Ravi.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

GA Notifies Media about Mason Lies

Here is what Councilwoman Beth Mason emailed to numerous media outlets yesterday:

screenshot courtesy of MSV

Here's what GA emailed to all of those media outlets today:

From: Nancy Pincus []
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 12:28
To:;;;;;;;; asullivan
Subject: Correction to Councilwoman Mason's False Allegation

It's been brought to my attention that a false allegation about myself was disseminated to various media outlets by Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason yesterday. She had copied these media outlets on an email to Hoboken Councilman Peter Cunningham.

Mason falsely alleged, "One (blogger) of which you paid to serve as the web administrator to your website." I am that un-named blogger. Here is the truth.
  • In early 2010 started a web site for the Cunningham's 2011 municipal campaign. It was a single page, Flash animation, and never finished. The page was parked on my personal domain End of story. I am not a web host. I am not a web administrator. The site was never finished. I was not "paid" for anything by anyone. I have NEVER administrated nor hosted ANY WEB SITE for Cunningham, nor any Hoboken politician. Please note Ms. Mason used the same lie on her 'Nazi Truck', for the 2012 School Board 'Move Forward' campaign (Nazi truck video furnished upon request).

  • Ms. Mason's email notes "These individuals (bloggers Roman Brice and myself) are being sued for $2 million". Partially true. There are a total of 22 Defendants in this litigation- Roman Brice and myself, 10 John Does, 12 Screen Name Defendants, the $2 million dollar demand is per Defendant, and all Defendants are pro-administration bloggers critical of Councilwoman Beth Mason. This is a lawsuit drenched in politics, executed by longtime political operatives of the Councilwoman.
As I cannot discuss this matter in litigation, please find attached letter from my attorney which summarizes my legal position. Further, my motions are public documents posted at
I am giving notice that any 'facts' (or allegations) you receive from James Barracato, Councilwoman Mason, and her operatives with respect to me cannot be trusted as true and accurate. Proper due diligence on the part of the media will prevent publication of false, defamatory or libelous information, and I urge you to be careful and responsible about repeating information you receive about me from these sources. 
Best regards,
Nancy Pincus

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