Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From the Two of Us....


GA's been under the weather , but never too sick to wish my peeps and the creeping, crawling critters of the Dark a safe, happy and healthy 2014.

Stay off the roads if you can.  If you can't, be careful.  And if you've knocked down a few, let the sober one drive.

Frankly, GA hasn't given 2014 a lot of thought.  2012 was a crappy year (S-A-N-D-Y), 2013 was the comeback.   I suspect 2014 will be a year of action, progress and solution. But what do I know?

Stay tuned in 2014, folks.  And once again: a very happy and healthy New Year to you all.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays from Brian Stack

Ho ho ho!   

GA readers know what it means to me to be remembered around the holidays by our elected officials.

These cards hold special meaning; especially the ones addressed to "CURRENT RESIDENT" because I know wherever I go, like heat-seeking missiles, they will find me where I will always be that special "CURRENT RESIDENT". 

So, GA was delighted to be remembered again this year  by my State Senator, Brian Stack.   Thank you, Senator Stack!

I like this year's card; it's bright and cheery.  And bilingual! 

Hoboken residents: don't hold your breath for your Zimmer holiday card;  you'll turn blue and drop dead first.  And I mean it. You will literally be six feet under or in an urn on the mantle before you get one from her.  Thanks for nothing, Mayor.

I did get a Christmas card once from Michael Russo.  And former Mayor Roberts, too.  

Savvy politicians know that people like getting stuff.  Free stuff.  I do.

So please send your poinsettias, chocolates, turkeys, breads, and miscellaneous tchockes to me, "CURRENT RESIDENT" in your ward, district, city or county.   

Is that a deal?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Earwitness: That Campaign Again

Oh dear!

Just when GA thought tongues had stopped wagging about Tim Occhipinti's ill-fated mayoral campaign, a fresh dispatch arrives from an Earwitness.  
(Mason consultant) sent out multiple checks- four and five- to people on the campaign, for work they didn't do.  They paid each worker four or five times.  They were bleeding Raia or it was chaos. Same result.
If GA's Earwitness is correct, that could explain where at least some moneys from seemingly excessive disbursements reported to ELEC ($92K for mailers) actually went.

CURIOUS: Why were mayoral campaign disbursements declared on a School Board slate's ELEC report? One Hoboken disbursements appear on One Hoboken Moving Forward's ELEC above.

GA's Earwitness kept dishing. 
One of Raia's workers filed a harassment suit against a Ruben Ramos family member for obstructing their campaign's absentee ballot operation. The Raia worker dropped the suit later, and no one can figure out why. Ramos effectively suppressed the Raia VBM operation which Frank should have owned.
And last:
In spite of how Raia was taken to the cleaners and finished a humiliating seventh, Cryan is still in good standing with him. It looks like Raia is building an organization to take on Russo in 2015.
No surprise there, Earwitness!  One can never start too early. Interesting, the Earwitness reports Raia maintains confidence in One Hoboken's campaign manager; that's like booking a second ride on the SS Hindenburg.  GA would be inclined to hire a new team, but what do I know?

Well, some folks believe Russo is vulnerable in 2015.  We'll see.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Puzzled Roaches

This one's for GA reader Puzzled One, who posted: My favorite tank at LSC is the cockroaches -here you go!

Merry Xmas!

Liberty Science Center hissing roaches for Puzzled One

So, what did Santa bring you?  Were you naughty or nice?  Remember: when you do your re-gifting, don't give the ugly sweater or cheap wine back to the person you got it from.

Ho ho ho!

Well, folks it's a slow week. GA was on Staten Island this morning- do you know it cost $13 to enter New York City's least distinguished borough from the Bayonne Bridge?  13 frigging dollars!  I'd pay $13 to leave Staten Island. 

When I got home, this was in my mailbox: 

Woo hoo! 

That paper could have said "The inauguration of Tim Occhipinti".  Sounds like a horror flick, no? Can you imagine?  Of course, if that were the case, I wouldn't have been invited.

So thank you, Inaugural Committee.  And please seat me in the Zimmer-Blogger section: the place where Zimmer-bloggers receive radio transmissions from the mayor's hidden antennae: beep-beep-beep boop-beep boop-beep  boop-boop-boop... You got it, Mayor!

OK, anything else going on?  Let me check the tank...

Oh, yes!  GA hears a hapless herring has garnered such exceptionally poor reviews for his work on the Raia-Occhipinti  mayoral campaign he may be 'damaged goods' among the politicos of Hudson County.  This from sources outside of our fair city.

Don't despair, talentless trout.  I hear your future is in the bag.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Lump of Coal for Zayas

Not looking merry at Liberty Science Center

GA just got back from a fabulous day at LSC (Liberty Science Center) with LA (Little Avenger), and took a peek inside da Horsey's barn...

Oh, boo-hoo and sniffle-sniff!  

MSV reported the City Council voted last night to flush Angel Alicea's $440K payday down the City Hall crapper, in a 5-2 vote.  Which, of course, leaves Louis Zayas clinging to the porcelain rim for dear life...


Darn, there's nothing worse for a lawyer than having a huge payday flushed from the jaws of victory.  I mean, if $440K gets awarded in the forest but no one is there to approve it, did it make a sound?

Well, count on Mike Russo and Terry Castellano to endorse the taxpayer-screwing, just like the good old days!  You know, when a 'friend' would sue the City and get a big judgment?

What are you talking about, GA

Oh, don't you know?

Yet another reason why Mayor Zimmer's administration is hated... because she put a stop to this 'game':
A 'friend' sues the City for some alleged infraction, often frivolous, the City attorney would hire an “outside counsel” (read “politically connected law firm”) and that outside counsel would allow the suit to drag on and on and on and on, billing hourly.... ka-ching ka-ching. (with the benevolent approval of the city attorney *wink* *wink*)

All this time the politically connected outside counsel is making campaign donations and wining and dining the various politicos whose approval was needed to get and keep the “outside counsel” designation.

After enough money has been sucked from the city’s coffers, a suitably generous “settlement” is EVENTUALLY arranged with the assistance of the plaintiff’s attorney.

From the “settlement” pot: (i) the plaintiff’s attorney gets his cut of the settlement for his fees, as the case was taken on a contingency basis; and (ii) the “friend” gets his slice; and (iii) and the various politicos that make this merry game keep churning all get a taste; and (iv) the outside counsel gets a new case and the Zombie game begins again.

This was risk free litigation, with the costs of the litigation essentially funded by the City. There was no hurry to bring the case to resolution, legitimately, when the billing is hourly and the results are guaranteed by the City’s coffers. The rules of the Zombie game make sure that everyone gets paid in the end. 
The City no longer 'settles' these sh*t-cases; the City litigates them and WINSGA believes Hoboken's 'win' record is something like 94%.  So, what we pay upfront in legal fees, taxpayers save more than in settlements.

And, litigating instead of settling these suits means, no payday for the 'gang'... boo hoo. 

So whomever thinks they may get a 'piece' of the Alicea settlement, Santa may be stuffing something else in their stocking this year... and it ain't green. 

The real 'Stick' (bug)
Where was Beth Mason last night?   Hangin' with the frog?

Lazy frog

Monday, December 23, 2013

Vine: "a lawsuit will be filed..."

Well, folks.  We are heading into a slow news-cycle; you know, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and attentions have turned toward the merry, kids are home from school this week, so...

 GA wishes you-all a very happy and healthy and Merry Christmas, and that goes to ALL of you, whether you lurk on the Dark Side or in the Light.

Today, I did read this tantalizing morsel on Hanging' on the Vine, Hudson County's best new political news-blog.
The odds are that newly elected 33rd District Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia will not get to serve out his full term in the Assembly starting next month.

The basic reason is that Hangin on the Vine has learned that a lawsuit will be filed challenging his right to serve in lieu of the Hatch Act and his position as Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority. 

Hey Mr./Ms. Vine, whoever you are, how do you know this?  If true, it certainly is curious because you seem to imply that if push came to (legal) shove, Garcia would give up the Assembly rather than the HHA Executive Directorship.

OK, more later... perhaps!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thank you, LE

Hoboken's Dustin Friedland
GA caught Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray's press conference this morning, to announce the arrest of the 4 NJ men alleged to have participated in the carjacking and murder of Hoboken resident Dustin Friedland last Sunday night at NJ's Short Hills Mall.

GA is elated at this development, and wishes to thank all members of the law enforcement community who were able to work so quickly to locate and arrest the suspects.

According to Prosecutor Murray, the target was the car. The four suspects rode to the mall, and two got out of their car to  ambush  Friedland who was shot when he wouldn't give up the keys because his wife was inside.

He died a senseless death as a HERO, risking himself to protect his wife.

It may have been US DOJ Attorney Fishman who said that arrests began "9ish" last night and continued to 3AM this morning.  One suspect was arrested at a hotel in Pennsylvania, the others at residences in NJ.  The police received thousands of tips from an outraged public.  The gun was not recovered (yet) but police have a "projectile".

The charges include murder, carjacking, possession of a firearm.  Murray said these were "state" charges, that the Federal government hadn't filed charges yet.  She said that the maximum penalty was "life"; New Jersey has no death penalty.

GA has mixed views of the death penalty.  If these men can be proven beyond any doubt responsible, they deserve it.

A beautiful life, robbed

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Russo Grabs the Chair!

You can't say Mike Russo isn't real good at the game of politics, and speaking of games...

Imagine last night's Council meeting as a game of Musical Chairs. One empty seat, the 5th vote, was circled by 4 minority members: Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti.    Round and round and round...

Round and round the mulberry bush, 
The monkey chased the weasel. 
The monkey stopped to pull up his socks 
And Pop goes the weasel.

Well, guess who grabbed the chair?  

Mike Russo!

Here is what MSV reported today:

Councilman Michael Russo stunned the City Council and the public when he pivoted on a decisive vote approving a design vendor for Sinatra Drive: Kimley Horn and Associates in a 5-3 vote.

Yup, when the music stopped, he was all over that chair.  Me, me, me!  It's mine! Back off, Timmy, Terry and Beth!

The question is, WHO was really in the game?  Did any other others want to grab the chair?

The next meeting in 2014 will have Jim Doyle, Reform's 5th vote, so Musical Chairs will commence only when a 6th vote is needed.

That chair holds power. The Dark Sider who gets it is relevant, and on the same side  as an Administration that swept City Hall and the Board of Education, and will appoint a new Zoning Board and HHA Commissioners.
What savvy politician wouldn't want to be on that side?  Mike Russo is a savvy politician.

But, to my Reform peeps who believe this is some kind of epiphany, or choice to do what's best for Hoboken, hop back on the turnip truck and go home to the farm.

Last night was a Power Play.  Russo was staking out his turf, with the message, "that chair is mine."  We all heard it, loud and clear.  But, don't get used to it; when it is no longer politically expedient to have the chair, he'll walk away.  And turnip- farmers with trembling lower lips will sniffle, "But, but... I thought he changed".

No, he didn't.

So, GA says, take it for what it is and enjoy it while it lasts.

Now, if Russo has real competition in his game of Musical Chairs-  that weakens the leverage Russo thinks that chair might give him with the Zimmer administration.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Base

Well folks, now that 9 seats of an 11-member board, Hoboken's Zoning Board of Adjustment are about to be filled, we can reflect on what a difference a Reform majority Council will make on that board.

One only has to look back to a day in late April 2009, seated at a table in Jersey City's Lighthorse Tavern were Hoboken Councilman Michael Russo, an F.B.I. informant disguised as a real estate developer shopping for zoning variances- Solomon Dwek, and Dwek's 'bagman', Khalil Maher.  The chit chat was amiable, but no one was there for chit-chat.

Dwek was dispatched to entrap Russo into a) a videotaped agreement to take money in exchange for  expediting D variances and zone changes and, b) to close the deal by having Russo take the agreed-upon cash amount.

As you know, Dwek only got to 'first base' with Mikey- he got the agreement: $5,000 to be deposited in 'Russo for Hoboken', but Russo never followed up to arrange the deposit.  Hence, the 3rd Ward Councilman didn't get nailed on July 23, 2009, with the 43 alleged crooks arrested in New Jersey's biggest political corruption sting to-date, Bid-Rig 3.

While you shrug and say, "that was 5 years ago", GA reminds you, the two central enablers of Dwek's pitch to expedite variances and zone changes for him are still sitting Council members: Beth Mason and Mike Russo.

Wrap your head around that.  And around what that would have meant for our city had the "enablers" become the majority and filled our Zoning Board.

There's Beth Mason, who dealt her At-Large Council slate to Mike Russo in exchange for his support which, if victorious, would have given Russo the "veto-proof majority" he boasted about to Dwek.  Mason knew exactly who she was playing footsie with.

And Mike Russo?   See for yourself.

"Develop-or-Die!" Mason 
Let's Make a Deal
He's the man!
You won't have to go through all that nonsense!  
"we'll most certainly expedite those applications for you... ka-ching!"

Mike speaks French?
So, as our Council appoints new board members, the importance of today's memory-exercise is to never take for granted how close we are to yesterday.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

That Noisy Tin Cup...

rattle rattle

Remember Tim's Tin Cup, folks? 

You know,  Tim Occhipinti's  "4th Annual Politics, Pasta and Sinatra" at Leo's Grandevous on December 12, 2013.

Did you go? 

If so, then you were one of approximately 0.0002% of Hoboken residents who did (according to the 2010 Census; that's 10 divided by 50,000)

Hey, 0.00002% is nothing to shake a stick at.  Not if it's a very short stick. Very. Very. An eensie-weensie stick.

That is, according to a source who told GA:
His "fundraiser" had about 10 people the other night and they hardly broke even.
Oh, dear.  I can hear that rattling sound coming from Tim's empty tin cup.   

Rattle rattle.

I am almost positive this source was not one of the lucky 0.00002%, which means, Timmy's got a mole.  Another (alleged) one!  God knows, his campaign was (allegedly) riddled with alleged moles!  Allegedly speaking!

Rattle rattle.

Jeez, Tim's a regular mole magnet... he's the gravitational force in a mole-universe, the central, binding force of a malodorous mole-miasma... why, he's got Mole Mojo!

It sure is a sign-'o-the-times, folks. Change.

Another 'sign': GA hears Finboy is MIA; at least that's the buzz. But you know, as long as the corpulent cod has a keyboard and internet access, he cannot control his destructive impulses. Though, sources tell me that Beth Mason has hired a replacement; which could be what her letter in last week's Hoboken Reporter was all about. Because you know she doesn't write her own stuff, though she says she does.

Remember this Oldie-but-Goodie?

The feisty exchange between Councilwoman Beth Mason and former Hoboken Business Administrator Arch Liston at a December 2011 City Council meeting:

Mason: Council President, I could ask a question there are more to ask, and actually GETTING information is only a START to being able to ask questions. Being kept in the dark is when you CAN'T ask questions. I have to.

Liston: Believe it or not my phone and my email works if you had questions you can contact me at any time as other Council members do on a regular basis and I will answer your question. Don't come to a meeting and say I have a question when I am available all during the week and anytime you want to contact me by email like I said and I'll be more than happy to get your answer. Coming to a meeting and saying I have no information and I (garbled) a question...I"M NOT PLAYING THAT GAME... That's a game. Oh, please. It's not a game? I'll take a vote, I'll take a vote of the majority. Can I have a vote of the majority to see if that's a game or not?

Referee Bhalla:  Director, Director Director...

Mason: Council President, please.

Referee Bhalla: Let's let Councilwoman Mason proceed. Thank you, Director.

Liston: It's a GAME!

Mason: It is not a game.

(Liston shouts something)

Referee Bhalla: Director,Director...

Liston: It's a GAME!

Referee Bhalla: Please... Councilwoman... sorry.

Mason: The public... I represent the public- not you.  The public has a RIGHT to know what questions I wish to ASK and they have a right to have the answers. NOT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS IN YOUR OFFICE OR or on a TELEPHONE.

Liston:  How about an email? I'll make it public. Email is public. Email is public. You have no problem, you have no problem opening other email. You can have mine too. I'll give you mine. You can have mine. You have a question? I'll make it a public document, I'llk put it on the web site for you if you have a question. Not a problem!

Referee Bhalla: Councilwoman Mason, continue.

Mason:  It seems to be difficult to do such.

Referee Bhalla: Well he's answering your questions.
(long pause)

Mason: I think there's an item here which kinda gives the impression or the attitude of what is going on. When you take $600 in a line item transfer to cover QUOTE "immaterial budget error".

Cunnigham: $600? 

Unidentified: In a $100 million budget?

(LAUGHTER from spectators)

Mason: And it's actually disturbing that someone would LAUGH and say that's immaterial for SOME people that's a week's salary. A WEEK'S SALARY for some people. Excuuuuse me, I have the FLOOR. (reads a written speech)... I can't support that resolution.

Liston:  I'll bet you spent more than $600 to have someone write that for you. Mason: Excuuuuse me?

"Excuuuuuuuuse me?"
Referee Bhalla: Hold on, hold on.

Mason: All due respect, I write my own stuff, Mr. Liston.

Liston: Oh, I believe that.

Referee Bhalla: Ok, we're getting off-topic here. There was a mention about City Hall layoffs, I would say if it weren't for four city council members refusing to vote for a garage bond refinance we wouldn't be stuck with a 4.5 million budget gap that causes a necessity for increased taxes or layoffs.  So don't direct responsibility on the mayor. The responsibility if there are layoffs are squarely on four members of the city council. I just wanted to address that issue because it was raised by Councilwoman Mason.
(Bhalla stands up)

Referee Bhalla: It looks like you knocked her out, Arch. When are garbage pickups here?  Is it too late?  Somebody please call over at Sanitation to see if we can bag her and put her out.  And get the procedure for disposing Hazardous Waste.  Do we hose her down first? Or stuff her in then hose down the bag? Just make sure she's not recycled. (Did he really say that?)

Ho ho ho!  Merry (almost) Christmas!

Rattle rattle.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The $92K Milking of Raia

This comment left on GA yesterday caught my attention; the commenter suggests Frank Raia's campaign staff inflated invoices and pocketed the extra loot:
Costs for mailings -- most of which were never sent out -- may be been has high as $92,000 -- when those inside the Raia camp estimated the actual costs to be under $30,000. Just who got the $62,000 difference is what a lot of people are asking near Raia. Obviously somebody got rich off of Raia for a cmapaign in which he came in 7th, and Tim did ever worse. 
$92,000? How could that be?   

GA is told that the Raia campaign issued 5 mailers.  If Frank spent $92K on them, that's $18,400 per mailer.   Even if they did 6 mailers, that's $15,333 per mailer.

My G-d, that's high. Is it true?

Let's take a look at Frank and Tim's ELEC reports.

That's a $51,500 subtotal for mailers reported on 10/25/13...

Add $40,500 reported on 11/25/13...

Frank Raia paid a grand total of $92,000!  For mailers!

Moses couldn't do it, but One Hoboken can

Remember, these figures are not vendor-charges (receipts), these are Frank-charges!  These are the costs his campaign staff reported to Frank (and to ELEC).  

Holy cow. Frank's teats must be sore from all that milking. 

And one needn't look too hard to find other unusual expenses- $6,000 for "Security for HQ".  (What did they need security for? To guard the 25 unopened boxes of lit and dog biscuits they threw out after election day?)

What about  $8,216 for t-shirts, window signs, and walk-around lit?  See anyone walking around with lit?

Oh, there's more.  Have at it!

No consequences for a sitting Board member who propagates lies about  his School District for a political campaign?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hit Job on Jamie Cryan

Holy cow.    

GA had written recently that Jamie Cryan and Tim Occhipinti are in the cross-hairs of those who believe the third ticket, One Hoboken, doomed Ruben Ramos; Cryan was  One Hoboken's campaign manager and Tim, well- you know.

It appears the campaign to destroy Jamie Cryan has burst out of the starting gate.

GA was copied on an incendiary letter from an apparently fictitious group called the "Hoboken Independent Obama Democrats" that was allegedly sent to State Democratic Chairman John Currie by two persons who appear to be fictitious.

The subject line of the letter is: "HOBOKEN DEMOCRATS DEMAND CRYAN OUSTER".

But the letter is not from the "Hoboken Democrats." The group who signed the letter,  "Hoboken Independent Obama Democrats"does not appear to exist, and neither do its "authors".  Not in Hoboken.

What did the letter say?

I won't repeat a thing.

It was sent to me, a horse and mainstream reporters: Dean DeChiaro, Max Pizarro (PolitickerNJ), Charles Hack (Jersey Journal) and others.  Of course, no credible journalist will touch it.

GA smells the Benedict tuna. Yep.

In my opinion, this mean, nasty smear has fin-prints all over it for these reasons. (1)  the SAME kind of characterizations and references used to smear Cryan are a Finboy signature, (2) the allegations are so extreme and so damaging, only a true sociopath would disseminate such mean, personally destructive allegations, and like a source said: no  one in Hudson County politics is "dirtier" than the cretinous crayfish, (3) the letter is sloppy and easily debunked- that's a tell(fish)tale signature of the dopey flounder (4) his allies are thrown way under the bus-how do you think the "Benedict" got in front of the "tuna"?    If I were either of two femmes, you'd better watch your back.  You could be next.  

Now, what does this mean?

GA's speculates this is a move to clear Hoboken's Democratic Party leadership for a Russo takeover. Russo and Ramos are 'together' and likely planning a united political 'comeback' as Chairman (or Chairwoman Michelle) of the Democratic Committee leadership.  Ramos will oust Tim in 2015, then run again for mayor.

Wow, this is NASTY, NASTY, NASTY.

Super-nasty: HIT job on Cryan

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Source: "Mole Targeting Zimmer Administration"

A reliable source has told GA of a person with deep ties to Ruben Ramos 'making nice' with the Zimmer Administration in hopes of finding work there.  The source cites "three Zimmer people were approached by (redacted) so far".

GA was told that once 'inside', this person will act to undermine the Zimmer administration, including leaking information to Ramos; a 'mole'.  

To my Reform peeps, be on the look-out.   Moles come in all kinds of packages, some very pretty ones.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cooked Poll

Folks, the Patch poll claiming Hoboken City District schools are New Jersey's "9th Most Violent" is so cooked I'd serve it for lunch-- if wasn't rotten

Patch cherry-picked data from the 2012-2013 NJDOE Commissioner's report on "Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Schools" . The Patch poll EXCLUDED:
1. Weapons incidents: guns, knives, etc.
2. Drug use/sale/possession incidents: 'crack' cocaine, 'weed', alcohol, etc.
3. Vandalism 
4. Bullying
5. Districts with less than 500 students
6. Charter schools
7. Districts that do not have High Schools
8. Patch only used "Violence" incidents  
Well folks, that's bullshit Guns, knives, drugs, vandalism, bullying in schools- all markers of gang activity and of violence- were excluded from a list of "most violent" school districts? Why the selective criteria if the metric is "violence"?  Why exclude Charters?

Using the SAME NJDOE report,  GA and a friend assembled a comprehensive list of "Most Violent" New Jersey School Districts, using ALL NJDOE data: reported criminal activity (weapons, drugs, vandalism), anti-social violence (bullying) and undefined "violence".   Charters are included (purple font).  All districts, large and small, with or without high schools are included. The only exclusion: special services districts.

We used the same methodology as the Patch poll- a 'ratio' of student population to TOTAL incidents reported.   The higher the ratio, the more "violent". 


  1. Visions Academy Charter School .182  
  2. Community Charter School of Paterson .133 
  3. Lawnside Boro (Camden) .100 
  4. The Barack Obama Green Charter HS .092 
  5. Asbury Park (Monmouth) .091  
  6. Hatikvah Int’l Charter School .090  
  7. Hope Academy Charter School .082 
  8. Commercial Township (Cumberland) .077  
  9. Pride Academy Charter School .075 
  10. Prospect Park Boro (Passaic) .073   
  11. Paul Robertson Humanities Charter School .070 
  12. Foundation Academy Charter School .068 
  13. Hopewell Township (Cumberland) .067
  14. Deerfield Township (Cumberland) .062  
  15. New Horizons Community Charter School .062 
  16. Highland Park (Middlesex) .061  
  17. University Heights Charter School .059 
  18. Neptune City (Monmouth) .057
  19. Egg Harbor City  (Atlantic) .055
  20. Mercer City Vocational (Mercer) .054   
  21. Liberty Academy Charter School .054 
  22. University Academy Charter School .054  
  23. Great Oaks Charter School .053 
  24. Pine Hill Boro (Camden) .053  
  25. Village Charter School .053 
  26. Academy Charter HS .052 
  27. Cumberland County Vocational (Cumberland) .051
  28. Monmouth Regional (Monmouth) .050
  29. Wildwood City (Cape May) .047
  30. Deal Boro (Monmouth) .047 
  31. Lakewood Twp (Ocean) .046  
  32. Kingdom CS of Leadership .046 
  33. DUE Season Charter School .046 
  34. Waterford Township (Cape May) .045
  35. Burlington County Vocational (Burlington) .045
  36. Mahwah Township (Bergen)  .044
  37. Butler Boro (Morris) .043  
  38. Newark Educators Charter School .043 
  39. Burlington City (Burlington) .042
  40. Ringwood Boro (Passiac) .042
  41. Rockaway Boro (Morris) .042
  42. Cumerbland Regional (Cumberland) .042
  43. Franklin Twp (Warren) .041
  44. Belmar (Monmouth) .040
  45. Keansburg (Monmouth) .040
  46. High Point Regional (Sussex) .040
  47. Mount Holly Township (Burlington) .040
  48. Blackhorse Pike regional (Camden) .040
  49. Camden City Vocational (Camden) .040
  50. South Bound Brook (Somerset) .040
  51. Hoboken City (Hudson) .040
Now, those are credible poll results because they factor in all reported incidents in all districts in New Jersey. 

Hoboken School District is not "#9 Most Violent" in New Jersey, that's BS.   Take a look.  Six of the "top ten" are Charters.    

So why the cooked Patch 'poll'?

GA says this is another hit job on the Hoboken Public School District to manipulate public opinion at a time when NJDOE Commissioner Cerf is deciding whether to expand one of our Charter Schools, HoLa.  Torturing NJDOE data to make Hoboken Public Schools "9th Most Violent" is a cynical strategy to win support at the state level for the HoLa Charter expansion, and at the local level because the expansion means higher school taxes or budget cuts in our public schools.  What better incentive to swallow a bitter pill like tax increases than to scare the public with tales of "violent" public schools?

And what better means to disseminate false information than trafficking twisted poll data through the mainstream media?

This is the exactly same tactic used when that silly, unscientific Trulia real estate blog post, "America's Least Attractive School District" was published in The Wall Street Journal. 

Remember that?  Well, did you know the WSJ's Education Reporter was  Barbara Martinez, President of HoLa Board of Trustees?   That same crap Truila-Wall Street Journal poll was used prominently against Kids First in the 2012 school board campaign.   Here is what the WSJ Education Reporter Martinez wrote in The Hoboken Reporter on April 12, 2009:  
Every year hundreds of parents line up for a small number of spots at the charter and private schools. Clearly, they are looking for more than what the district offers. Instead of embracing a low-cost way to bring in more kids (and lower the per-pupil costs) and increase test scores (which should be a major goal), Kids First destroyed a fabulous, value-generating opportunity. That’s nothing to be proud of. 
Another day, another attack on Hoboken public schools, our dedicated School Board members, and our terrific Superintendent Mark Toback.   This time, it's with a garbage poll timed to justify a controversial expansion of HoLa Charter School.

Here's one 'tell': political operatives are all over this poll- on Facebook, on nj.com.

Here's another 'tell'- from Patch': "we omitted Charter Schools" 


Here is the full NJDOE report- Patch used the "violence" column only (oops...they 'forgot' weapons, drugs, property damage...)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Redwings Win State Championship!

photo credit: Proud mama Jean Marie Mitchell, her son is on the team
A big, hearty WOO HOO!  goes out to our Hoboken Redwings, who took the State Championship yesterday, 13-7!  

 Congratulations to all the kids, their parents, and coaches!  Aren't our kids terrific? 

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Masons Get Milked!

Uh-oh... did Frank Raia's (proverbial) udders dry up?

For awhile there were so many lips suckling at his teats, he didn't noticed a couple were Ruben Ramos' people.

Thanks to GA and anonymous sources, on November 7, 2013 a certain teat-sucking Benedict Tuna was outed:
Finboy was meeting with (Mark) Albiez and with Swibinski But he was meeting with Albiez regularly, at least once a week if not more.  From the very beginning of the campaign. 
Holy two-timing trout! 

Albiez, Union City Mayor Brian Stack's Chief of Staff and powerful Hudson County politico (#97 on PolitickerNJ's 2013 Power List) was Ramos' right-hand man and some say, the architect of his campaign!

It only got worse for Frank. 

Because on November 21, 2013, GA exposed the ultimate double-cross: the teat-sucking trout had hired a Swibinski guy for Raia's TV ad(Swibinski is Frank's arch-enemy and his firm was working for Ruben Ramos)

Word has it, once Raia found out Finboy gave his money- $10K- to the Swibinski- guy, he (Frank) was LIVID.

And guess what?

That kind of rage and betrayal sometimes causes a condition  well-known to the (vote) farming community, "hungricus leachicus". It's caused by parasites, and is not contagious.  The cure is to rid oneself of the parasites, either by firing them or changing the locks.  However, most victims of hungricus leachicus are unaware they are infected until it's too late and their udders are sucked clean.  Smack!    If left untreated, swollen and productive teats dehydrate, whither, and eventually fall off.

Once teats are gone, the sucker goes with them.  Long-term effects of infection include humiliation and becoming the butt of jokes in your community.

So, thanks to GA and well-milked sources, one thirsty and duplicitous parasite was udderly busted.

What happened next?

One can speculate.  GA had heard that Frank was (unbelievably) being asked for more money.  GA also heard Frank said "NO". 

That may not have stopped the request for dollars from being filled...  the money may have come from another pair of equally-swollen udders.  It looks like it did...

On October 24, 2013, $10K "moved forward" from Beth and Ricky Mason to One Hoboken Moving Forward BoE candidates.

 One Hoboken Moving Forward's 11-Day Pre-ELEC- filed 10-25-13

Next, One Hoboken Moving Forward's 20 Day Post ELEC filed November 25, 2013 shows  $9,909.34 of "campaign expenses" moved forward out of their campaign depository...

 One Hoboken Moving Forward's 20 Day Post ELEC-- $4,425.50 was transferred from  2012's 'Nazi Truck' BoE campaign. Longtime Rasia-associate Freddy Frazer is Treasurer


...pay for One Hoboken Moving Forward's (invisible) field operation, "office supplies" when they had no "office"- but worked out of  Frank's One Hoboken HQ,  "painting and decorating" One Hoboken's HQ- which (I recall) wasn't painted and they bought furniture at Hoboken Paint & Hardware?  Um... I know the store, they don't sell furniture.

Note the  money 'moved forward' on November 25, 2013-- AFTER Raia found out his teats had been drained for the Swibinski-guy's TV ad.

So, did Frank say "NO" to these payments thus they were "moved forward" to the Masons' udders? Because this money came from Beth and Ricky Mason.

Which means the Masons got milked!

Note, that aside from the Masons' $10K contribution on 10/24/13, the only other contribution  to that 2013 BoE campaign was  $4,425.00 transferred from the 2012 'Nazi Truck' "Move Forward" campaign on 10/07/13!

And that money should have been paid back to Friends of Beth Mason, which broke Hoboken's Pay-to-Play ordinance with it's  $7,117.05 in-kind contributions!

Move Forward campaign was supposed to pay back Beth Mason PAC's EXCESS contribution of $6,617. 05

It never ends, folks! 

Got milk?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tin Cup Tim

click image to read
 Timmy's 2012 invitation  vs. Timmy's 2013 invitation

A few days ago, GA was sent the invitation to Timmy's "4th Annual Politics, Pasta and Sinatra" to be held at Leo's Grandevous on December 12, 2013.

The word "fundraiser" did not appear on the invitation.  Just "Suggested contributions" of $125 for ("General Admission") and $35 ("Young Professionals") with "Checks Payable to Occhipinti for Council."

GA was struck by the timid language: a new Tim Occhipinti with his tail tucked between his legs bearing a tin cup, even offering us a discount if we'll just show up:  "Contact me directly if you would like to attend the event at a discounted ticket price."

A "discounted ticket price" on a suggestion?

Uh, oh.  That's how politically diminished Occhipinti is from where he was last year at this time.

The invitations say it all.

GA retrieved 2012's "3rd Annual Politics, Pasta and Sinatra" invitation.  Side by side, the two snapshots illustrate Tim's political downfall.

The 2012 invitation calls his event an "annual fundraiser", features custom artwork and appears to be professionally done- writing and graphics- by a political consultant or consulting group.   There is no "suggested" contribution, nor a "young professionals" price; it costs $125, firm.  Tim will grudgingly "work out special pricing if necessary. Please email me directly." And there's the legal verbiage "Paid for by Occhipinti for Council at 79 Monroe & Hoboken NJ"

In 2013, the invitation is a sloppy, cut-and-paste of the professional job done last year- and Timmy steers away from calling it a "fundraiser", negotiates "suggested" contributions- an unstated admission his stock's gone way down.  Also, there's no  "paid for" verbiage. 

In 2012, Occhipinti signed off this way:
Tim Occhipinti 
Hoboken 4th Ward Councilman 
917 721-3926

In 2013,  it's:
Fill 'er up.

Timmy's October 15, 2013 ELEC shows Occhipinti for Council (election: May 11, 2015) with a balance of $633.47- down from $14,373.03.

And so, the new, humbled Tim who spent his 2015 campaign cash like a drunken sailor, comes to us with arm outstretched, holding a tin cup labeled "Politics, Pasta and Sinatra".

The question is, WHO will fill his cup this time?  

Meanwhile, a peek at One Hoboken's BoE slate "One Hoboken Moving Forward" 20-day Post ELEC report filed on 11/25/13 shows a balance of  $3,508.11.  Maybe Timmy can "move that forward" into his 2015 war-chest?

Speaking of that ELEC, take a look at the disbursements made the day after the election, 11/06/13: