Saturday, December 31, 2011

Buh-Bye 2011

GA took an unintended break this week due to twin cyber-tragedies; my desktop was seized by a Trojan that tore holes in its Operating System AND my laptop succumbed to a Starbucks baptism.  Yep, that French Roast spilled on my keyboard and crept to the motherboard...

sizzle! snap! crackle! pop!

I'm blogging on a loaner now with my coffee at a safe distance.

So  I went to Best Buy in Jersey City yesterday to look for a new one... and (literally) the moment I walked in a stranger barked "Zimmer's going down!"  as he passed by.   I turned to look I and saw Frank Raia with the barker, a tall, heavy-set guy.

Very odd behavior in a public place, no?  Thuggish.  Immature.  Don't these guys take a holiday?  At least Frank comports himself like a gentleman.  

So.. saw a slamming ASUS machine there but the price tag was over the GA kitty.

Anybody know of a good deal on a 17" laptop? 6-8 MB RAM, good storage, Intel processor, Windows 7?

Well, my blogging point was to wish you-all a Happy New Year. And wish you all achieve your goals  for 2012.

My advice: set the bar low.  Then you will only exceed your own expectations.

For example, say you need to lose 50 lbs. Resolve to lose 5 instead- cutting yourself a  90% break.  Not so daunting, right?   Once you lose that 5 (you can do it!  I know you can!) then you'll be all jazzed, proud and ready to take on the other 45!

Trust me.  Setting the  bar low is a winner.  Because a small success encourages even greater ones.

Alright, I've got to get going.  Again, I wish you all a safe and happy and healthy New Year.

Viva 2012!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Return of Deep Uvula

GA's pink dangling informant, Deep Uvula (DU), must have been hitting the eggnog hard over the Christmas weekend.  How do I know?  Because after a long silence, he/she's back.

Truth be told, I had to do a bit of cajoling.   Have you ever cajoled a uvula?  It's not as easy as it looks.  For beginners, I suggest you start with a gland or flap of skin then work your way up to the uvula. You'll get the hang of it.

For those new to GA, DU appeared from the shadows last March to dish from deep, deep inside the 'other' camp;  a 'Deep Throat' source, if you will.  Only it's not a throat, it's a uvula.

And unlike an actual uvula, an upside-down sac of flesh which does nothing but get infected, my source provides a unique perspective from folks on the Dark Side.  You'll see what I mean.  
Been a while, but as I have told you, the heat has been on and everyone is still very nervous. The suits have pretty much put everyone on ice. 

Cant comment to much at all about who may or may not get indicted.  Too many folks talking over each other and about each other and no one trusts anyone too much these days. Folks are starting to look after themselves first. You haven’t seen the Russo Civic Association reopen anywhere have you? 

I can comment on things that are public record. Like Corea.  Nobody is buying that he took down all of the money. His piece was nowhere near 600k. He wasn’t that big enough of a deal to keep it all to himself, and besides, he could not have pulled that off alone. 

His deal makes folks nervous. Real nervous.

I can tell you that the Ricciardi thing hit a real raw nerve. And the comments that the Mrs. made almost made some folks heads explode. You don’t hear from her anymore, do you? 

Can say that there is a growing crack between Mason and her crew and the rest of the bunch. Nobody really liked them anyway and no one is going to take a hit for them.

Hmmm... interesting use of language; the word 'deal' with respect to Corea.

"His deal" making folks nervous.Here's what GA reader Dragnet said below The Nexus of Ricciardi Data Theft and John Corea.
Corea has been singing for months. He was facing at least 18 years. His official misconduct plea was only 1 of 5 counts against him. Corea had to be "singing" for the AG to "overlook" count 1 conspiracy in the first degree, count 3 theft by unlawful taking in the second degree, count 4 misapplication of property and property of government in the second degree and finally financial facilitation of criminal activity in the first degree. Happy holidays! 
That one has generated a great deal of traffic. Has it touched a nerve?

DU said Corea didn't get the whole 600K- just a cut.  So who else got a piece?  If he didn't pull it off alone, then he didn't cover it up alone.  Or as some say, 'clear it up'.
Correa: Yes uh, uh I believe that was uh, talk about parking, uh the meter collections?We did an internal audit once we heard that and our internal audit has been complete and it shows a difference of $34.61. It is now being audited by an outside firm to be confirmed, but we don't see a problem as of right now.

Russo: And for the record, ah, that was an error in my calculations, so when I asked the question it was actually an error in my calculations when I was doing my own due diligence when it came to the budget so, uh, it was just a question and we clarified it.

 Castellano: It's been cleared up.
Things that make you go hmmmmm.

And about Mrs. Ricciardi.  She certainly has clammed up.  Who's gotten to her?  We know from the Ricciardi complaint that the blogs and message boards are continuously  monitored.

From the Ricciardi complaint:
7. The investigation has also revealed that many of the elected and appointed officials in the City retain strong ties to the previous administration or are otherwise politically opposed to the Mayor, and have sparred with the current Mayor on a variety of municipal issues, large and small. These officials include several members of the City Council, as well as high-ranking employees of different City municipal agencies, such as Public Safety Department, the Fire
Department, and the OEM.

8. Evidence of this schism in the City is apparent through the postings of articles and comments on City-related issues to different weblogs, or "blogs."

Yep, the Feds are reading the blogs, gleaning information from them.

Questions for the Feds:
  • When are we going to Mamoun's?  
  • Have you ever found campaign operative Lane Bajardi on a Beth Mason ELEC?  
  • Did he declare that income to the IRS?
I'm guessing they've gotten quite a few yuks from the cyber-pit H411.

Since the Feds are reading the blogs, they know what the Mrs. had to say- as did those she implicated in federal crimes.  Who got to her first?   Eenie meenie miney moe...

Well, well.  Another day, and the Return of Deep Uvula.   

You were missed, DU.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Miracle

First off, Merry Christmas to my Christian brothers and sisters! Peace and joy to you all on this holy day.  Happy birthday, Jesus!

To my Jewish peeps, enjoy the movie!

Santa Claus DID show up at my place- in spite of the Star of David hanging from my Hanukkah wreath (they don't repel Santa like garlic to a vampire). No, Santa's gift came in newsprint, in The Hudson Reporter's 2011 Year-in-Review Edition.

A Christmas miracle.

From my dear friend Al 'One-Eye' Sullivan, the grand dame of Hudson County political reporters.  (The poor guys is recovering from eye surgery,)

First off, I adore Al.  Which will irritate most of my Reform friends, who don't understand him.  Sully is like  an onion- you have to peel off the cranky, stubborn, eccentric layers on the outside to get to his soft cranky, stubborn, eccentric interior.  And if you don't want to bother, just give him a guitar and he'll sing for you.

Well, whatever you may think of Al, he doesn't care. He just does his thing, which for most of 2011 has been hating Mayor Zimmer.  And comparing Obama to Pol Pot.

Trust me, I have my issues with the irresistible curmudgeon. But he gets to say what he wants, which is either what he thinks or what his suitors on the Dark Side compel him to think.  It's called spin.

Reform may own the blogoshere, but we don't own the spin-o-sphere.  That belongs to the Dark Side.  They telephone, schmooze, cajole, flatter, gossip... ever had a guy/gal pursue you romantically?  Well, the Dark Side does to Al... only they don't want to get in his pants, they want to get in his print.

And, they do.

Our side, Reform, doesn't do any of that stuff.

One reason is, we don't PAY our people to.   (Note to the Dark Side: Reform doesn't PAY)

Another reason, we KNOW we're better.  We are RIGHTEOUS.  And that should be enough.  Shouldn't it? 

Note Paul Swibinski, Dark Side opposition researcher/ dirty trickster pulls in 300K per year while no such Reform equivalent exists; if one did, he/she would be lonelier than the Maytag repairman.  Reform thinks being DECENT is enough. Ask Tom Greaney, 2nd Ward City Councilman.

Well, just like the birth of the Baby Jesus, miracles continue to happen. On Earth and in Hoboken.

Al 'One-Eye' Sullivan recognizes the evolution of Hoboken Reform in 2011, that for a change we are taking it TO them, fighting back- "guerrilla warfare" he calls it, and "the most significant (Hoboken) political story of 2011".

THEIR side has: money, paid operatives, paid strategists, paid bloggers, local media, money, systemic institutional corruption- email stealing, election buying,   OUR side has: an 'un-politican' for mayor and 5 solid City Council allies, activists, the blogosphere and our Governor,  the NJ. Attorney General, the NJ District Attorney,  the Federal Buearu of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service.

Guess what?

According to Sully, we're WINNING. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Design: "It's Been Cleared Up!"

WHO can "clear up" 4,000,000 missing quarters into $34.61 practically overnight?

Terry Castellano!

In December 2007, her cousin Mike Russo noticed $1million in parking meter collections missing and reported his findings to the City Council. Yet, at the very next meeting, Council President Castellano said, "It's been cleared up!"  

Isn't she amazing?

Somebody tell Russo-Castellano family friend John Corea, because he just plead guilty to stealing $600K in the $1.1 million dollar theft of quarters from Hoboken parking meters! 

You made a big mistake, John!  Terry cleared it up in 2007!  Weren't you listening?

In honor of her incredible hocus-pocus way of making stolen quarters disappear, GA has created an original new design now available for sale at the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop!

Here are the new products available for sale TODAY!.

In case you haven't seen the amazing Eric Kurta video of the Castellano 'Clear-Up' enjoy it below or just read about it here.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Smartboards and the I.R.S.

The Out-of-Towners who trash Hoboken schools on a regular basis on Patch- tburns (Theresa of Secaucus) and Passkey (Petrosino of Texas) apparently haven't been in one lately.

Then there's CuriousGal (Bajardi's Bridezilla)- who's NOT curious enough to know why her hubby's never appeared on a  Mason ELEC or if that revenue stream has been reported to the I.R.S.

GA's heard the I.R.S.  has given cash rewards to those who report tax cheats.  Maybe CuriousGal can get us the answer: How to Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity:,,id=106778,00.html)   I hear the I.R.S is curious about unreported income. 

I'm curious why CuriousGal IS curious about children of BoE members while NOT curious enough to set foot in a Hoboken classroom to see how OTHER people's children are doing.  She's certainly NOT curious about the progress being made in our schools since the BoE came under new management (Kids First).

Well, GA's at Wallace school everyday.  I AM curious.(A real curious gal vs. a an incurious political operative living in a glass house)

It's what you call 'skin in the game'.   I was there today for LA's class party.

And I was curious about Smartboards. From the BoE website:

Earlier this summer, the Hoboken Board of Education approved the purchase of Smartboards and the accompanying technology equipment and software to allow for installations throughout the district's Kindergarten through 7th Grade classrooms. The fixed unit Smartboards have been delivered, installed, and will be fully functional for the first day of school.
LA (Little Avenger) had talked about the one in her classroom.  So today I asked her teacher to please show me how the Smartboard works.  Well, the moment she turned it on, her 4th graders rushed over.

LA at the Smartboard in her classroom

What a great learning tool!  LA's teacher excitedly described how the interactive technology is integrated into her lesson plan to draw kids into the learning experience.

Smartboards are one of the great changes in our public schools under new (Kids First) leadership. An expanded Johns Hopkins after school program is another.   

GA is a parent of a Johns Hopkins student, and can tell you the program is running well this year under new leadership.  LA is doing math at 3 grade levels above there, challenging to her mom's satisfaction.

Another great addition is the district-wide Gifted and Talented Program which runs during the school day and is offered for grades K-12 (the first time ever Hoboken's school district has satisfied the state  K-12 mandate).

But you'll NEVER hear anything positive about Hoboken's schools, the changes they're undergoing, from the Out-of-Towners and the Not-Curious.

More kids join at the Smartboard.

A real curious gal might explore what's really going on in our schools instead of trashing selected Board members and their children.

For compensation?  For fun?

A real curious gal might want to know what happens to whose compensation for political campaign work goes unreported to the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission and the I.R.S.  

GA is certainly curios about that. I must be a Curious Gal.

The Nexus of Ricciardi Data Theft and John Corea

Put the pieces together, folks.

The Corea guilty  plea followed just 5 weeks after the Ricciardi indictment. Do you think that was coincidence?

Take the observations of GA source E. Sophie Gus:
I don't think it’s ever been put in its proper perspective what's been done when the Feds came in and took over. Which is understood by someone who has experience in this world and understands what was made available to prosecutors. It's unprecedented in terms of the amount of data turned over voluntarily. Turned over voluntarily because the mayor found out cyber crimes were committed by people on the city payroll. So she asked authorities to come in and asked to investigate. which was the proverbial camel's nose under the tent. Now they have the data banks of a city of 50,000 to go through. And they’re going to track and trace various other relationships. This has tentacles everywhere. the words of Mr.s Patrick Ricciardi:

...and the evidence of a long-standing 'work' relationship between Ricciardi and Corea:

Corea and Ricciardi on a junket to Israel for Unitronics , the company running the Hoboken garage (credit: MSV)

Now, remember what Corea was doing since December 9, 2009, the day he was indicted for  stealing $600K from the HPU.

He spent the last 2 years waiting for Monmouth County to schedule a trial date. Waiting until....

Patrick Ricciardi is busted on November 9, 2011. 

The  subtext of the Ricciardi complaint are the mere 3 charges for the theft of perhaps hundreds of thousands of emails.  Awfully charitable for a theft of such magnitude.   The Feds have Ricciardi by the coconuts.  They have the City's servers. 

What happened next?

Corea pleads GUILTY 5 weeks later.  After waiting 2 years for a trial.

More:  AG Paula Dow signals she's going after him hard- 8 years plus a $300,000 fine. Maybe that will get Corea's lips moving, now that he's throwing himself at the 'mercy' of the court.  Perhaps thecourt will be more merciful if he gives up some 'friends'?

Think about the Pandora's box the City servers are in the hands of  the Feds.  Given voluntarily by our mayor, Dawn Zimmer.

Think about how ANOTHER Hoboken Mayor turned the F.B.I. away from investigating criminal activity here- arson. A poster on Patch recalled it:
As I read the articular on "Reliving Hoboken's History of Fire", it saddens me to read how the press is not willing to give the full story of the 70s-80s fires. How then mayor Cappiello refused FBI help with the investigations, how many of this mayor's friends took ownership of many of these buildings by using Corporation names. How many people died during these fires, exp. 2nd and Clinton 22 deaths, 1st and Washington 5 deaths along with a mother clinching her baby in her arms. 2nd and 3rd and Madison the many lives lost due to fires. And here is the kicker, the one suspected arson that was believed to be hired by (NO NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED)... Was found dead by the railroad tracks shortly after his name was mentioned to the police dept. by witness's seeing him fleeing from a couple of these fires. I will never forget the times that many of my friends and family had to setup there own fire watch's because the City did not want to get involved in helping the citizens. But now several decades later I hear all the problems going on in this town, and all i say is Karma. I still drive through this small city about twice a year. And remember the youth, more more sadly remember my friends and others that died in these horrific fires. And pray that someday, someone will open these files and give the family and friends closure.
If only ONE reason is needed for voters to re-elect Dawn Zimmer it's this: SHE called the to  Hoboken.  She gave them our servers and continues to cooperate with state prosecutors and the Feds to clean up this dirty town. Here's what she told Patch:

When Zimmer came into office in 2009, she said, she started by moving Corea to "to another department at a lower salary. I then worked to provide information from the Parking Utility to the Attorney General’s office so he could be held accountable for his actions."

"We need to remain vigilant to ensure that our citizens receive the honest and effective government that they deserve," Zimmer said, "and I will continue to work to ensure that our dynamic and vibrant City is known for all the great things it has to offer to residents and visitors."
You could say Zimmer already saved NJ taxpayers the expense of a trial- Corea's.  And GA expects more where this came from.

It's not just the crime, it's the cover-up: "It's been all cleared up!"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reader Email

credit: Claire Moses

Here's an email from a GA reader, a self-identified 'BnR', in response to the post, The Russo Vote.  
I think it's so she (Castellano) appears reasonable and/or at the very least cares about the cops and City Workers. He (Russo) appears principled and a budget hawk....asking questions.

They both knew it would have to pass, especially after Bhalla kept announcing that these things took 6 votes. Making sure people understood that it needed a Super majority.

Smart move showcasing that equipment in front of City Hall!! Disgusting. These things should have been maintained or replaced 5-10-15 years ago. They should be ashamed of themselves.

What a glaring, graphic, in your face reminder that these people been screwing their own all these years. Us BNRs. THEIR people. Hope people begin to understand that. You may vote for them and they may give you a job, but with no heat, no AC, no equipment and no supplies. The big money? That's' for them.

The Russo Vote

Who needs HVAC?

GA had a chat with a friend this morning about the intriguing Russo vote.

At last night's City Council meeting, his was the single 'NO' on the 3 million-dollar bonding for repairs to the HPD headquarters, HFD infrastructure needs and equipment for Environmental Services.  The fact that Mason and Occhipinti missed the vote made Russo's purely symbolic.

Because his cousin, Terry "It's Been Cleared Up" Castellano voted 'YES'.

So why the symbolic 'NO' vote?

Let's revisit the  repairs needed at the police headquarters so you may remember their urgency:
Now, GA counted (4) immediate threats to life-safety in the above.

And ALL impact the ability of the police department to serve the public in one way or another, be it through physical discomfort of the officers, the efficiency of  processing suspects, taking phone calls or the simple ability to preserve evidence. But...

The item that really jumped out at me was the defective electrical wiring which has caused at least one fire and (possibly) the lack of heat.

Because at GA's house last Saturday night, there was a mini-explosion due to bad wiring which knocked out my heat and half the circuits in my electrical panel.  True story.

Bad wiring, no heat... it was pretty uncomfortable in the GA residence.

Thank goodness Mike Russo wasn't answering the phone at my house, because here's what he would have told my electician:
Russo: (to electrician)  No thanks, we're not going to pay for repairs today.  That's putting a band-aid on a problem. This panel is old, and you've fixed it before in the last decade. We're going to build a whole new house instead. It'll have new doors, new windows, a fancy microwave- a GE Profile!   GA's new house will be bigger and better than this dump.

GA: But... I'm FREEZING my ASS off!  My antiquated wiring can't power this whole house safely!  My thermostats don't work!  My phone doesn't work!  And even if it did, my answering machine has no power!

Russo: (grinning) Glad I don't live here. But why keep fixing things piecemeal when you can build yourself a brand new house?  

GA: Because it'll take months, maybe  years to do that. I can't wait that long. Can't you smell the burnt wires?  It's not safe to live here.

Russo:  If the Hoboken police can do it, so can you.  It's not safe there either!   

GA:  WHAT?  They've got no heat?  AND bad wiring?

Russo: Yup!  For years! (grinning)

GA:  So why don't you bond for the money to fix it?

Russo:  Because it's TOO expensive! 3 million bucks!  Better to build them a NEW headquarters in a couple of years for 50 million! Imagine all those contracts... (wipes drool from chin)

GA: But.. but... the police have no HEAT and the bad wiring could cause another FIRE.  You want them to WAIT a "couple of years"?

Russo: Why not?  I don't have to work there.

GA: Can I fix my electricity now?

Russo: No.
 I am SO glad Mike Russo doesn't answer the phone at my house.

So GA wonders... why the symbolic 'NO' vote  (middle finger') to the HPD last night?

There's a reason for everything.  Remember what Russo said to informant Dwek on the F.B.I. surveillance video, "YOu do for me, I do for you"

What DIDN'T Chief Falco DO for the Russo clan?

That's the question.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Castellano-Clearasil at the City Council

"It's been cleared up!" said  City Council President Terry Castellano in 2007.

That million dollars in missing quarters her cousin Mike Russo found one week cleared up the next faster than a teenager's zits hosed with Clearisil.


"It's been cleared up!" 

Thanks to Da Horsey for posting Eric Kurta's  4 year-old video classic of (then-Parking Director) John Corea. the soon-to-be-sentenced-for stealing $1.1 million dollars in quarters-from- Hoboken parking meters.  It is must-see viewing for our F.B.I. friends who've probably never seen a missing million dollars cleared up into $34.61 overnight- with a dab, dab, dab of Castellano- Clearasil. All gone!

No fuss, no mess.

GA was struck by how courteous Russo was to Corea, compared to the acidic nastiness, the open disrespect he displays for current (non-criminal) Parking Director Ian Saacs.  Same for Castellano.

I guess they're nicer to guys who let them "subsidize things" out of the City's coffers.   

WAAAAAAH... BOO-HOO... Ian won't let us wet our beaks!  

No, he won't.  

Sacs and the rest of the Zimmer administration frown on such behavior.

What is really interesting to GA about this was how Castellano publicly 'clears up' the million-dollar theft with that old Castellano-Clearisil.

Interesting because in spite of her obnoxious incivility toward selected members of the public, administration officials and City Council peers, it seemed to me that she'd kept herself off the F.B.I.'s radar. As in from involvement in 4th Ward VBM shenanigans or the email theft from administration officials.   But watch the video and see what YOU think about her quick dismissal of 4 million plus missing quarters.   Kinda.... miraculous. 

Well, it is Christmas, and Hanukkah; the season of miracles: the birth of Jesus, a drop of oil lasting 8 nights, a missing million dollars all "cleared up"....

One wonders about a subtext to NJ Attorney General Paula Dow's  public statements about throwing the book at Corea at his February sentencing.

Sure, it's a message. To all the folks who DID 'something',  to all the folks who KNOW something.  And those waiting for the Feds to DO something.  A lawyer friend suggested potential defendants had better  tell their counsel EVERYTHING they have done, and try to deal while they can.

Knowing about a crime and not reporting it makes you part of the criminal conspiracy.

It's been cleared up.

Here's a transcription of the 3 exchanges on Kurta's video.

December 6th 2007

Russo: Mr. Englund, I have one other one other revenue source that uh, that has been called into question some colleagues might know about it some might not... it looks, it looks to me like there's a million dollars missing in revenue from our collection in parking meters? Is this correct? I think, think we really need to look into it. I don't know if it was not paid to us, I don't know if it's actually missing, I don't know if there was a miscalculation, I have no idea what the circumstances are.

Castellano: It needs to be looked into.

Russo: But it's my understanding that there's, there's something going on with that revenue stream if we can get a, a look and we can find out so we can report back to Council. I appreciate it.

December 19, 2007

LaBruno: I actually wanted an answer, Mr. Correa can you answer that question about the million dollars that was alluded to at the last Council meeting, about a million dollars being missing from meters

Correa: Yes uh, uh I believe that was uh, talk about parking, uh the meter collections?We did an internal audit once we heard that and our internal audit has been complete and it shows a difference of $34.61. It is now being audited by an outside firm to be confirmed, but we don't see a problem as of right now.

Russo: And for the record, ah, that was an error in my calculations, so when I asked the question it was actually an error in my calculations when I was doing my own due diligence when it came to the budget so, uh, it was just a question and we clarified it.

Correa: Thank you very much.

January 16, 2008

Mo DeGennaro: I's like to ask you a question about the statement you made, Mr. Russo about the million dollars. Is there a million dollars missing or is it there was a mistake, did they find it or WHAT on the parking...

Castellano: Mr. Russo?

Russo:  Thank you Council President. Mo, the REASON why I thought money was missing was because I was going on past year's uh anticipated revenues from the Parking Utility from the meters. Uh, it turned out that the meters did not generate as much money as they did in years past, so it was MY mistake to think that money was THERE when in fact it was not. That was, that was the situation.

Castellano: It's been cleared up.

DeGennaro: Because that was some statement to make! I think it's made everybody...

Russo: Well it wasn't it wasn't a statement, Mo. It was a question to Mr. Englund during our budget process to clarify if I was right or wrong. AND I came back and said I was wrong.

Castellano: It's been, it's been cleared up.

DeGennaro: I just wanted to make sure...

Castellano: It's been cleared up.

Thank G-d THAT'S been cleared up... good job, Terry!

Um, I meant Paula:

Saying Good-Bye to Maurice

Maurice Fitzgibbons in 1985
Today from 3-8 PM at Lawton Turso Funeral Home located at 633 Washington St. in Hoboken.

The Hoboken Elks Lodge will be performing a service at 7PM tonight to honor his memory.


for the capture of GA's lost mitten, dropped in Hoboken yesterday evening.   It was the match to this:

left panel: top view, right panel: bottom view

I know, with all of the heartbreaking tragedy in this world, I'm lamenting the loss of a mitten?

You bet.  It's got brown fur on the inside- so warm and cozy.

Won't you help me find it?  There's something in it for  you.  Do you like chocolate?  Are you allergic to nuts?  We can hash out those details later.

I dropped it around 6:45 PM last night, somewhere along this path.

If you find it, please contact:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Change Comes

Yesterday NJ Attorney General Paula Dow announced she would be seeking a "lengthy sentence" for former Transportation and Parking Director John Corea, who pled guilty to stealing over 4 million quarters from Hoboken's parking meters.  From Patch:
"This defendant corruptly exploited his public office, at a high cost to the City of Hoboken," Dow said in a statement. "We are seeking a lengthy prison sentence for this flagrant betrayal of trust."

Corea, 47, pleaded guilty to superior judge to Francis Hodgson Jr. in Ocean County. Corea will be sentenced in February.

Dow announced that she will be recommending that Corea be sentenced to eight years in state prison, including three years of parole ineligibilty. She also announced that he must pay $300,000 in restitution to the City of Hoboken and will never be allowed to have public employment in the state of New Jersey.

According to the Attorney General, Corea admitted that, as director of the Hoboken Parking Utility, he steered three separate no-bid contracts to United Textile Fabricators to collect, count and manage the coins from the city’s parking meters. He admitted that he made false statements to the city council about the qualifications and experience of the company, which is a coin-operated arcade game manufacturer.

He further admitted that he came to believe that United Textile and its owner, Brian Petaccio, 51, of Toms River, had stolen a substantial amount of the city’s parking revenues, but didn't notify the city.

Petaccio pleaded guilty on Sept. 30, 2009 to stealing $1.1 million from Hoboken parking meters between June 2005 and April 2008.
Does anyone think that Dow's NOT sending a message to the FOC (Friends of Corea)- his enablers here in Hoboken?

And that not only are THEY on her radar, they'd better meet with their attorneys pronto to discuss WHAT they know, and hone their defense strategy and (hopefully) offer up something to make the best deal for themselves.

Da Horsey had a nice piece on Corea's City Council enablers yesterday.  With video-  that was before Beth Mason joined the sticky-fingered gang.

And long before the F.B.I. came here FOR the sticky-fingered, data thieving, election buying gang.

Well, GA was reminded of why Ian Sacs has been constantly under attack by Mason and her operatives, Russo, Castellano, Occhipinti... and all the Dark forces that crawl beneath the surface of our Mile Square, and the words of former informer Deep Uvula:
From reliable sources. Remember that prior to Ian, the Parking Utility/Parking administration was headed by John Correa and MA $5 a Tow Russo. The easy quarters, kickbacks, cash generated by the parking meters/towing in town was a steady source of low hanging fruit for the grafting Russos.

So after the missing 4 tons of quarters scandal (Mikey head of the Finance Comm. tries his hardest to cover it up) Ian arrives on the scene.

The Russos instantly feared/hated/loathed this educated pup who showed them up royally - increased collections/re routed buses, got rid of all the kickbacks and "tip" money that got special favors done. They tried to embarrass him at meetings, got their reports on his management from their City Hall "insiders" - long term employees, the types that the Russos like. So they see that their grip that they had on the easy money was getting away from them.

The decision was made that Ian had to go.

Something had to happen that would make it impossible for the Mayor to keep him on the payroll. Not sure how or if the incident with the bus panned out exactly as intended, but it was not really an accident. Employees were encouraged to spy on Ian and report back any "dirt", they were encouraged to disrespect him, give him a hard time, and goad him. Bait him, like Russo/Castellano and Mason did every council meeting.

They thought that they had him with the trip to Vancouver and if they could force him to pay for the trip that he would just leave. That did not work, so.......... the lowest levels were encouraged to cause enough friction to create chaos in the department and hope that Ian would crack - or a situation would arise that would put Ian in a compromising situation - it is not clear that there was an actual plan to leave the bus where he would find it, but it did happen against the backdrop of what I just outlined.

Funny how the right cop was there to catch it all and then to overcharge Ian. The charges are bogus and there is no way in hell that any sane prosecutor would proceed with them. In fact, if this were any where else, the cop would get busted internally for making a bad arrest.

No one wants to leak the name of the arresting officer, which is weird.

It is clearer that the Russos created the cauldron of hate and venom in which the events of yesterday occurred. I understand that the Russos, with Al Arezzo gone, are getting very nervous that long term institutional changes are occurring and new people coming to City Hall, like the zoning officer, who they don't control and who don't play games and they need to make every effort to stop any further progress so that if they buy another election in May, they can rearrange the players.

I hear that they have in mind to create the old Parking Utility and have it go to one of their henchmen to run. Talk about putting foxes in charge of the hen house.

Bottom line - even if not successful completely, there is the intent to send the message that if you want to raise your hand and participate in Hoboken gov/ politics, you:

1) First have to ask permission of the "right " people; and

2) agree to play by "their" rules;


3) If you ignore 1 and 2, then you will suffer the consequences.

The heat on those who don't play by their rules has been intense, painful.

Yet, their targets soldier on and do their jobs, much to  the consternation of the Dark Side.  We are waiting each other out.

And yesterday Dow sent us a message: she's coming.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

DONATIONS for Fire Victims Needed- UPDATE

credit: Claire Moses

Rory Chadwick,  Hoboken business owner, is spearheading an effort to  help the victims of yesterday's fire, some who lost EVERYTHING.  Rory posted this on Patch a little while ago:
I just spoke with Anna, one of the girls who lost everything in the fire. She escaped with her Pajamas and her phone, her roommate Nadia escaped with the same, everything else gone. Both girls work in NYC in accounting and marketing. They moved to Hoboken 4 years ago from Europe. Now they have nothing. They are living in Sparta, NJ right now and will meet with the town tomorrow to see if they can find temporary housing. The girls need computers / laptops, ipods, a television or 2, clothing size small and shoes sizes 8 and 9. Toiletries of various sorts, make up, perfume, hair dryers, coats size small, furniture, kitchen appliances, household goods and anything else that an apartment would need. Please email if you have any of these items. If anyone has an apt or room that is vacant please let me know as well. There are a total of 4 girls, there is a 5th that was supposed to move in yesterday and her uhaul arrived to see the place burned down. No children were involved. Thanks for your help Hoboken!!
Please open your hearts and your closets for these young ladies. ANd again, contact Rory Chadwick at

(UPDATE from Rory: 6:10 pm)
I've spoken with all effected by the tragic fire, this is what is needed ASAP for the girls. These items can be dropped off at 728 Washington St Basement, 156 5th St basement (in front of door) and at H Mag 80 River St top floor. Please forward this list to everyone you know!

Ok, so this is what is needed immediately. I have spoken with everyone and got all the sizes for clothing and shoes etc.

shoes / sneakers new or used sizes 7 7.5 8 and 9 needed
Pants dresses tops skirt jackets new or used 0-2-4-6-10 small medium large needed

toiletries such as shampoos, conditioners, tooth brushes and pastes, hair dryers, curling irons, towels, vitamins / aspirins, stocking / sheer, socks needed but should be new. WE ALSO NEED A PRE OWNED TMOBILE CELL PHONE AND PRE OWNED UNWANTED LAPTOPS WITH CHARGERS ASAP!!! Thanks Hoboken!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Team Mason-FOX Strikes Hoboken Biz at Christmas

FOX advertiser Beth Mason timed the HPU hit piece for maximum damage to small business- the time a retail business may do 40% of its annual sales. 

The piece featured  visitors complaining how street parking was a discouragement from shopping in Hoboken- even one claimed to cancel  his health club membership for that reason.  Did the FOX reporter SUGGEST plenty of garage parking available nearby? Or that this health Club was 2 blocks from the PATH station?

NO. FOX's Waldman- a Hoboken PROPERTY OWNER left that part out.  Instead, he left the impression that Hoboken was radioactive for anyone considering shopping here.  YES, HE DID.


Because hurting Hoboken in order to hurt Zimmer is Mason's game.

What's in it for Waldman?

Who knows.  GA has no idea why he'd compromise any shred of journalistic integrity he may have to do this story the WAY he did it.  Such as completely ignoring at least one interview subject who gave an alternate opinion supporting the HPU rules and enforcement.  Such as disclosing his home ownership in Hoboken, his relationship to Beth Mason, her relationship to the FOX network (heavy ad buyer) and any BIAS he may have about the  aforementioned.

Who else thinks that the Mason-FOX biased hit did DAMAGE to small business?

Hoboken small business owner Rory Chadwick:

I don't blame Rory.  He owns a consignment shop for high-end ladies handbags, Midtown Authentic  at 728 Washington Street.  

Check it out, ladies!  And the men/women who love them!  

High-end designer goods at great prices.

Rory carries this kind of stuff... ladies, are you drooling?  I am.

Jeez, what a stupid, evil thing to do our small business community.

Folks, has the fact that you HAVE TO use a Kinney Systems garage to visit Newport Mall ever stopped you from going there?  Of course, there's the PATH and Light Rail.

And guess what?  Transportation that takes you OUT of Hoboken, can bring shoppers IN to Hoboken.

WOW. What a concept.  Waldman reported on access to Hoboken retail likes it's in central Idaho.

Do any of you drive to Manhattan to shop?  You're nuts.   That said, where do you find street parking on 34th St and 6th Ave?  You don't.  Manhattan, like Hoboken, has plenty of garage parking for shoppers.

Only Hoboken garages are much cheaper.

Peeps, Hoboken is a great place to visit for the day: shop, stroll on our waterfront and visit our lovely parks, grab a bite at a restaurant, have an alcohol-free soda at a bar... that's the MESSAGE Hoboken's Chamber of Commerce, Mike Novak needs to send to the outside world.

Novak and his group are needed for damage control.  Damage done by the Mason-FOX slam on Hoboken's small business community.

Where is Mike Novak, president of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce?  Perhaps he has 'bigger' things on his mind, other than protecting the Hoboken Business commnity under assault by the Mason-FOX media attack.

Let's go, Novak.

What a disgrace.  The backlash on this scam is growing.  Stay tuned.  

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Product Design: BOOT Beth Mason

That was some scheme Beth Mason pulled off with the help of supporter Joel Waldman, Hoboken resident/reporter from FOX news who got through a 2-part 'investigation' about ticketing and booting in the town where he lives, without disclosing his resident status nor his relationship with the politician.

This reporter LIVES here, presumably KNOWS Mason,  knows the sordid history of indicted former Parking Director John Corea and those 4 million missing quarters from the HPU, and lets Mason blame the revenue increase on (unfair) enforcement...  GA knows one interview subject whose alternative viewpoint was left on FOX's cutting room floor.

Well... non-residents, please use Hoboken's splendid garages if you choose to stay over 4 hours.

And residents... ready to give Mason the BOOT? 

Introducing The Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop's NEW DESIGN: 

No... it's NOT A JOKE.  This is a real shop. And remember... the holidays are coming.

BOOT Beth Mason products are NOW AVAILABLE: t-shirts, mugs, caps, buttons, magnets... and if there is a product you'd like GA to add the design to, simply contact me with your request at

What do you think?  Not only has she been BOOTED, but the BOOT has been strategically placed over her yap... thank goodness.  I'll bet Ricky is ordering his right now.

So please, don't forget to get your own BOOT Beth Mason product for yourself or a gift for the holidays.

Remember: do not accept cheap imitations.


FOX Reporter Waldman LIVES in Hoboken

Umm... did he forget to mention that on Parts 1 and 2 of  FAUX news 'expose': "Parking Sucks in Hoboken", starring cyber-slug Perry Klaussen and Councilwoman Beth Mason.

And, reports are coming in that Waldman is a Mason Supporter.  GA to follow up.

Terrorizing Our Moms

Mason operative Lane Bajardi attacked Project Play moms on Hoboken411 under screen names 'youme66' and 'John14'

On Wednesday, Mason tabloid Hoboken411 viciously attacked a mother and her group, Project Play, calling her a 'liar' and accusing her stealing 'public money'.

Then, Mason operative Lane Bajardi chimed in (under the moniker 'John14') and accused Project Play of blowing the 50K they'd raised for new playground equipment on a bar tab at the W Hotel!

If you don't know, Project Play is an apolitical group of  moms within the Hoboken Family Alliance (HFA) who raise money for upgrades and improvements to our playgrounds.  How?  Bake sales, events, etc.

The Mason operatives are referring to 50K that was raised to replace old playground equipment in Church Square Park.

GA spoke to sources who told me the City was very grateful for the Project Play money, and it was going to be used in the Church Square renovation. However, the cost of the renovation  will far exceed 50K, and additional monies will taken from the $1.6million bond the City Council recently passed for park improvements. The HFA is holding the money in an account for now until the work commences.

So why is the Mason group attacking a bunch of HFA moms who are fundraising to improve the City's playgrounds for our KIDS? (Including their own- Bajardi has a lovely little boy.)

Nothing like this happens without a reason.  What's the political strategy here?

GA's got it figured out. It's a warning shot.  

In the face.

It means: stay OUT of ANY future political engagement or you will be SAVAGED.  It means DO NOT run for office, DO NOT serve on a municipal board, DO NOT get your picture taken with Mayor Zimmer.   Or we're coming after you.

It's the lesson they learned from Jen Giattino.

GA forgot to blog this, but I'd heard way back from a source ON the Dark Side that they wished they'd gone much, much harder on mom Giattino, didn't think she was any threat.

So it looks like they are trying to squelch any future 'mom' politicos from rising, because they've discovered WE are a powerful voting bloc. It's much easier to run hacks or dimwits (Occhipinti) and BUY votes.

But...the Dark Side can't buy enough votes to beat a MOM and they KNOW it.

So THIS is how they're going to 'discourage' the next candidate from this powerful constituency:

GA thinks they have their eye on the next School Board election.  And trying to scare off 'the opposition'.

Message from GA: DON'T LET THEM.

 GA has first-hand experience with such behavior, but since I insert myself in Hoboken's political culture with this blog, one can make sense of 'retaliation' at least in that context.

But what have these 'regular' Moms done? 

NOTHING.  They are parents who love their children.Not political hacks.  They are using their time to HELP our community.

So, aside from discouraging these moms from participating in our democracy, what else is the Mason Hate Squad doing?

They are trying to redefine Hoboken's mommies as political hacks.  Zimmer hacks.

Does anyone think this is a good politics?

No wonder Mason can't win an election without buying votes.

GA doesn't like to see good people get hurt.  Keep your chin up, Mommies!  GA has your back.


photo credit: Mile Square View


Click here  for the video if you missed it.

All GA can tell you is, the interviews Reporter Joel Waldman taped with Hoboken residents who gave an alternative point of view were left on the cutting room floor.  FOX had their storyline and they stuck to it.

Part One, starring 'Hoboken watchdog' Perry Klaussen, Part Two staring 'Hoboken insider' Beth Mason.

Hmmm... how come FOX didn't report the increase revenue is due to COLLECTION of parking fees (Remember those 4 MILLION quarters former Parking Director John Corea was indicted for STEALING from Hoboken City coffers?)



So how did FOX, Perry Klaussen and Beth Mason miss THAT?  Hmmmm?

GA reports, you decide.

Thank you, Ian Sacs for CLEANING UP  the HPU.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Message from Tony Soares and Family

Dear Nancy/GA,

Many of my friends and neighbors knew my dad was sick and that he passed away on Monday.

If you would kindly post the details of his services for those in the community who know me and met who are also asking where his services will be, my family and I would be most appreciative.

Tony Soares and Family

John Soares, 1929-2011
John Soares died Dec. 12, 2011, in Hackensack University Medical Center. He was 82. Visiting is on Friday from 4 to 9 p.m. at the Armitage and Wiggins Funeral Home, 596 Belgrove Dr., Kearny, N.J. Mass is on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. in St. Stephen's Church. Entombment is in Holy Cross Cemetery. To leave online condolences, please visit Born in Portugal, John lived in Newark, N.J., before moving to Kearny, N.J., 55 years ago. He was the owner and president of Kessler Associates Prosthetics in East Orange, N.J. As a member of the US Army, he proudly served at Walter Reed Hospital during the Korean War. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association for his outstanding work in the development of prosthetics. He was a member of the Bergen County Water Fowlers and Ducks Unlimited. In addition to his passion for hunting, he enjoyed his membership at Kings Court. The husband of the late Teresa, John is survived by his children and their spouses, Lu Ann and Joseph Silveri, Lisa and Richard Roman and Anthony Soares. Also surviving are his grandchildren, Lauren, Lindsay and Joey Silveri, and Ricky, Alyssa and John Roman. In lieu of flowers, kindly make a donation to Little People of America, 250 El Camino Real, Suite 201 Tustin, Calif. 92780.

One-Eye: FOX Pays-Off Mason Ad Buys with Hit Job

GA unexpectedly heard from super-sleuth, One-Eye re: tonight's FOX News sequel to their 'investigation' of the HPU crime of enforcing parking rules..

After the original 'expose' aired on November 21st, One-Eye told me that FOX had  perpetrated fraud  in their coverage by setting up Perry Klaussen in an office that he doesn't have and shooting it as though he's working from his own office. And was really puzzling over what the relationship between Mason and FOX was, that they would be doing this favor for her.

Now, not only is FOX back, but has let itself be used as a platform for an advertiser's political agenda.
  • Will FOX tell their audience that Mason has invested heavily in recent advertising buys on their network?  
  • Will they tell offer a disclaimer that in spite of Mason's heavy ad buys, there is no 'quid pro quo' in offering air time to a political foe of the Mayor to criticize her administration?
  • Is Mason STILL running ads on FOX, or has she purchased an ad 'package' from them? 
  • What is the business relationship between FOX and Mason?
Here's what One-Eye had to say after reading my post, "Mason to Trash City on FOX Tonight":

 GA, read your post on the upcoming parking piece on Fox. I know that you did give me a specific assignment, but I got to wondering why Fox 5 was bothering with the story. Then I remembered that Beth Mason has been a fairly prolific buyer of TV ad time on Fox. So I looked around a little and following is what I already knew and what I found out:

1. The cost of buying a TV ad depends on the station, network, time of day and slot. However, many of the slots are pre-sold to ad agencies or other bulk buyers and you can't buy those slots directly from the network/local station. A good example is the network news, the morning shows, the Super Bowl, all of which are major advertising arenas.

2. A local commercial on a local station at 2 AM on the midnight movie runs as cheap at $150 per 30 seconds.

3. A local commercial on a popular show like reruns of Friends or Two and a Half Men on an "off channel" at 8 pm on a Saturday can cost $3,000 per 30 seconds.

4. A local commercial on the 6 pm news on a network affiliate runs about $8,000 per 30 seconds. That is the range of the FOX 5 slots – if they are available for the time periods in which you want to run the ads.

5. A local commercial on the half hour slot of a network affiliate for a show like CSI can run $10,000 per 30 seconds.

6. A network commercial generally runs $200,000 and up for 30 seconds on a low rated show (except the slots are taken by the ad agencies, so you have to be an existing client of an agency to get the slots, and you have to buy in quantity, say $2 million worth, otherwise you will pay a premium price.

7. You can buy 3AM to 4AM on Channel 12 for about $2,500 and run your own private docudrama on Hoboken parking, for example.

8. As I understand the ad business, the big agencies like Chait Day, Needham World Wide, go to a network with a dozen clients and on a high rated show CSI they will buy up all the time slots and present their clients, but this leaves the network with not slots to sell except for the half hour (which is the notorious go to the kitchen and bathroom) and before and after the credits (which is equally nitrous for channel changing, fridge and bathroom). Those slots are good, but decidedly less desirable.

9. So an agency approaches will pay NBC $500 million to buy slots for the year, $800 million to CBS and $700 million to ABC and then they parcel out the slots to their clients. All the networks pre sell their popular shows and the news, most likely a year in advance.

10. The business model is basically the same on a local level. NYC is a big market, so most of the more popular shows have pre sold their desirable time slots. The half hour and the credit slots that remain available, as well as anything else, are reserved for "independents" who buy in at very high rates.

Summary – Beth is not a media player. We shot that mystery down with her resume. But she probably does know how the game is played. She paid a premium for placing her TV ads about the hospital (and any other time she has been on TV) for slots during the evening news. Estimate is about 12k to 18k per airing. That is a big ticket when you add up the number of times that the ads appeared recently. It would not surprise me if she spent 150k. She may have gotten some discount for volume buying, but not that much. So, FOX owes her a measly hit job, courtesy of the news department, on parking in Hoboken for her overpriced ads. God, is it really that easy to dip one’s hand into the Mason piggy bank?

Mason to Trash City on FOX Tonight

Well, folks. GA had it right yesterday... the FIXed News hatchet job on the HPU (their discovery that street parking is in short supply and rules are being enforced)  arranged by the Harridan of Hudson Street, Beth Mason, will now STAR Mason herself.  Tonight- it airs at 10 pm. According to the Jersey Journal:
Mason will also appear on FOX 5 tonight at 10 p.m. in a story alleging that Hoboken is balancing its budget by issuing more parking tickets, according to a TV promotional spot for the news program.

"Councilwoman Mason apparently doesn't understand how a municipal budget works," said Sacs when told about the upcoming report, adding: "That is scary since she approved the balanced budget with tax cuts for residents earlier this year."
Ain't she a piece of work?  As far as I know, the City Council is charged with approving the City budget; has Mason EVER made this claim on any of the 4 budgets she's voted for?
Councilwoman Beth Mason, a prominent Zimmer detractor, said the signs have always been confusing.

"There have been people literally stopping me on the street and saying, 'I don't get this. What does it mean?' That's sad," said Mason, who added that the law - not the signs - need to be fixed.

"Hoboken is the only place I know where you can't move from one area of town, go to another area and visit that area," she said. "In the midst of the holiday season, most towns are giving free parking along their main streets. We're not. We're telling people, 'We don't want your business.'"
"The only place" she knows? Um... has this woman ever been to the borough of Manhattan? How many years has she been on the City Council and not a PEEP about the City's signage. Not a word.

Well, this tell GA one thing: by declaring herself a critic of the Zimmer administration, she hopes her cries of political victimization will not ring as hollow... when the time comes.

To be continued...