Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Destroyed By Hate


Rise up!  People First!  Things next!

Going For the Insanity Defense

That must be it.  

Wow. You will be "marked"...

"The mayor will have you arrested..."  You mean like filing a police complaint on a blogger because you feel "threatened" by a nonsense quip? Or the rigged arrest of  Director Sacs?

Mayor Mason, Ramos or Raia will return you to "peace and normalcy"?

Um... 'HQ' , please read the following:
Schizophrenia is believed to be caused when certain chemicals in the brain are not in balance. Not all people with schizophrenia have the same symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms for schizophrenia may include:

* Seeing, hearing, or sensing things that are not there (hallucinations)
* Believing that what other people say is not true (delusions)
* Not trusting others and feeling very suspicious (paranoia)
* Avoiding family and friends and wanting to be alone (not attending City Council meetings)

When it comes to helping you manage your symptoms of schizophrenia, it’s good to know you have options. And it’s good to know that there’s more than one way to take your schizophrenia medication.

One option is a long-acting medicine given by injection, which works over a long period of time.

If you have a hard time remembering to take a pill every day, you are not alone. A study suggests that after a year of treatment, up to half of all people with schizophrenia did not take their medication as prescribed by their doctor. Talk to your doctor to see if a once-monthly schizophrenia treatment option may be right for you.
Folks, the guy's a loon. Authentic or not.

Obsessed with taking down the mayor it's one stunt after another, coordinated with the equally unstable proprietor of Hoboken411, financed by the third leg of an unhinged stool... the "Occupy Hoboken Parking Utility" is their latest weapon of mass distraction.

A real DUD.

But go back to HQ's post and you will see an insanity defense taking shape... because Santa's elves should be arriving any day now...

with Santa in tow...

Let's hope HQ, The Wallet and The Gutter-scribe have a very ORANGE Christmas.


Back From the Dead?

Klaussen fighting to reanimate his dead site with a Parking Jihad, Mason flails at Dawn Zimmer with a new campaign of distraction

Brought to you by the folks who tried to kill our hospital (literally)...  oh, here they are...

...a ginned-up 'movement' to bring Hoboken411's traffic back from the Dead and DISTRACT you from the wrecking-ball governing by  the Council minority (Mason, Russo Occhipinti and  Castellano).
What's it all about?  The battle cry of a new Facebook group to "take back our streets from the Parking Utility".

I'd like to see that.  And once the streets are "taken back", then what?  Sprinkle them with magic dust and grow new parking spots?  It looks like somebody's still high from his cameo on a FOX 5 News bombshell that parking sucks in Hoboken, and our 10 year-old signage needs to be reassessed.  Which Mayor Zimmer has gone on record promising to do.

These questions remain.

Will the 4 numskulls on the Council minority who won't let the City pay our brave HFD men and women because they voted down moving money WITHIN our budget agree to bond for a revamp of the City's street signage?

Will these 4 numskulls allow any kind of capital improvements now that their actions are triggering State receivership?

Do these 4 numskulls understand they've begun to alienate their own base by their stupidity?

Starting with trying to kill the hospital sale, voting down critical life safety upgrades for the police headquarters, voting down bonding for a traffic light so our new park can't open, blowing a $4.5 million hole in our budget by not allowing a COST-FREE simple garage bond conversion which will trigger LAYOFFS, and now not letting the City pay our HFD employees?

I know this is happening anecdotally, when told more of 'their people' are reading Da Horsey and GA, and putting 2 and 2 together.

GA will have more later...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Janett's Greatest Hit?

And I mean hit, as in WHACK!

Janett Ricciardi lands one on her ex-husband...

The wheels on the bus go round and round.
round and round.
round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
all through the town!

Somehow I missed this, posted in The Hudson Reporter on November 10th: 

Now that was juicier than my Thanksgiving turkey. 

Janett, where art thou?

Dear FBI: Letter No. 10

Monday, November 28, 2011

What Happened to Mike Novak?

 Then-mayoral candidate Peter Camarrano announcing his slate on March 3, 2009. left to right: Angel Alicea, Francis Rhodes-Kearns and Mike Novak

Novak: Before (2009- May/June 2011):

Novak was an increasingly vocal critic of the Zimmer administration, a Tweet-o-holic of anti-Zimmer vitriol, and held weekly Saturday morning strategy sessions attended by Frank 'Pupie' Raia, Perry Belfiore, Lane Bajardi and Mike Russo at his Marine View Plaza office.

Here's what Da Horsey wrote on Sept 21, 2010:
Mike Novak is one notable person in town who has been active in trying to take some big shots at Mayor Dawn Zimmer, first in supporting Kim Glatt's mayoral bid last fall after his close alliance with Peter Cammarano ended with him walking around shell-shocked for some time after the FBI's Hoboken visit. His entry now on behalf of Tim Occhipinti could very well be full throttle.
An Occhipinti donor, participant in political strategy sessions, GA had written about Novak's rising partisan political activism, noting that his anti-Zimmer rhetoric was anti-Hoboken;  his arrows at the Zimmer administration were hurting the small business community,  running counter to his mission as President of Hoboken Chamber of Commerce.

For example, Novak tweeted:

From Novak Sandbags Hoboken

And said this to The Wall Street Journal:

From Novak Trashes Hoboken in the Wall Street Journal

That was quite a funeral dirge for our main street played on the pages of the premier business newspaper in America. By the President of our Chamber of Commerce.  Yikes.

Now here he is on Twitter, bemoaning the lack of "Holiday decorations" on Washington Street...

Novak's Tweet

And shortly after, THIS appears in HOBOKEN411...


As GA mentioned, Novak was a prolific Twitterer,  much of it critical of Mayor Zimmer:

...and critical of her allies:

Hey, that's ME!  The son-of-a-bitch.

Well... GA discovered something very interesting as I went back to look for old Novak tweets. Just the political ones.


All of them.  

Here's a side-by-side of old screenshots next to screenshots of the same 'page' taken today. The ones highlighted in yellow were scrubbed.

WHY would Novak scrub all references to his involvement in political activities, political operations,  and coordination with Mason, Bajardi, Hoboken411, Tim Occhipinti, Mike Russo?

Does he know something NOW the rest of us are going to find out later?* 

(*Hint: think 'Frog March')

Novak: After (May/June 2011 - Present)

 Novak's twitter activity decreases nearly 75%.

He is nowhere to be found on the political scene.    And AWOL in his role as President of Hoboken's Chamber of Commerce.  Absent in the debate on food vendors (trucks)  and absent from last Saturday's small business event.

Here is what one Hoboken small business owner had to say on Patch:

I agree with Chadwick.  Novak should step aside and let some else with drive and passion take over.

Well folks.  There it is.  The riddle of Novak, 'before and after'.

Which leaves this question...

What might have happened in... oh... late May to have caused the defection of Mike Novak from Hoboken political life and from his former political allies?


Reader Email

GA recieved this from a reader:
How come you only did your recall Mason logo in 2 of the 3 great religions: Judaism and Christianity but left out Islam?  Do you have a problem with Islam? 

GA reader,  of course not!  I didn't  mean to disregard my Muslim brothers and sisters.  Here you go:

The above is not available in the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop.  

How come?  I'll spell it out for you: F-A-T-W-A. 

However, these holiday designs are selling fast:

For Hanukkah

For Christmas

Get yours today!

Things Get in My Way

by Greg Bond

Things Get in My Way

What happened to Beth Mason? When Hoboken's 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason began her political career in the early 2000s, she fought against corruption and fought for transparency. In 2003, she took the principled stand of resigning from the city's Planning Board, despite being Mayor Robert's designee for the position, because she disapproved of the direction Roberts was taking the city. She also co-founded Hoboken's People for Open Government (POG) which, in its early years, fought to release public records and fought to combat pay-to-play (contributing to a political campaign in exchange for future political favors). Finally, she decided to run for 2nd Ward Council, only to be defeated by a Robert's-backed incumbent. Mason persisted and, in 2007, she was elected as 2nd Ward Councilwoman. In a demonstration of her independence, she publicly announced she would forgo her Council salary and benefits.

Mason's Run for Mayor

Everything changed when Mason decided to run for Mayor in 2009. In the spring election, she lost by a significant margin to Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer. Of course, Cammarano went on to beat Zimmer in a run-off election, but he was arrested only a month into his term for accepting bribes from an undercover FBI informant. That fall, a special election was held to fill the vacant Mayor's seat. Once again Mason ran against Zimmer and, once again, she lost by a significant margin. All told, Mason spent in excess of $1 million on campaign expenses; the majority of it her own money. Moreover, while her spending more than doubled Zimmer's, she received only a third of the votes that Zimmer did.

After losing the first Mayoral election, Mason, still holding her Council seat, reneged on her pledge to forgo her Council salary and benefits. Not only that, she demanded she receive "back pay" for the salary she had voluntarily forgone. Mason's public persona had changed and her supporters noticed it. Between the two Mayoral elections Mason lost many of her supporters, who defected to support Zimmer in the fall election.

The New Beth Mason

Since losing the mayoral elections in 2009, Mason has morphed beyond recognition. Just last year, she made large and ethically questionable campaign contributions to Tim Occhipinti's 4th Ward Council election campaign. Occhipinti was running as an opponent to a Zimmer-supported candidate. First, Mason and her husband each contributed the maximum individual amount of $2,600 to Occhipinti's campaign. Then, Mason's campaign committee, dormant since she ran for Mayor, contributed another $8K to his campaign. And finally, she contributed another $6K for "canvassing" expenses. By exploiting loopholes in campaign financing law, Mason's total contribution far exceeded the maximum legal individual contribution, making this a perfect example of the kind of campaign financing that Mason once fought so hard against.

Incredibly, Mason also contributed to Mike Russo's 3rd Ward Council election campaign this year. Mike Russo is a classic example of the kind of corrupt politician that Mason once fought against. In fact, in the months leading up to the election, FBI videos were released showing Russo accepting a bribe from the same undercover informant responsible for Cammarano's arrest!

Most recently, Mason's voting record indicates that the welfare of Hoboken is the last thing on her mind. The most deplorable example is Mason's attempt to kill the planned sale of Hoboken's only hospital. Much has been written about this elsewhere so it is sufficient to point out that killing the sale would have resulted in the loss of Hoboken's only hospital, layoffs of thousands of hospital employees, and a bill to the city that would have forced the city to declare bankruptcy. Mason has also voted against maintaining a budget reserve, and she's voted against routine budget line item transfers even after being warned in a letter from the State that voting this way violated a Councilperson's fiduciary responsibility. Mason's votes jeopardize the city's financial well-being, which would appear to be precisely the point. The reasoning is that if the city is financially damaged, then it will be viewed as Mayor Zimmer's fault, not Mason's, and then Mason will be in a position to finally be elected as Mayor.

Finally there are the questions that have arisen regarding Mason's uncanny premonition of an email scandal at City Hall before its investigation by the FBI was made public earlier this month. With one arrest already, and others expected, this is a story that is still being told.

What Happened?

Mason's ever-worsening behavior has not escaped the public's notice. There is even discussion of organizing a campaign to recall her from public office.

So what happened to Beth Mason? Her behavior is consistent with a thwarted quest for power, lashing out at the person who bested her: Mayor Zimmer. In this context it's reasonable to ask if she was ever interested in the betterment of Hoboken. Was her early behavior just part of a cynical strategy to attain power? Or did she sincerely care about Hoboken at one time, only to abandon her principles in order to get ever closer to power? In any event, there is plenty of evidence that, today, she doesn't adhere to any of the principles that reformers would recognize. And that would seem to be a suitable introduction for a lament.....

GA Note: The above is posted on (the incredibly talented) Greg's blog, Yo Gregory!  and re-printed with Greg's permission.  

Thanks, Greg!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gag Order

GA has noticed a certain multiple-screen name wielding armchair-gladiator has been unnaturally quiet since posting this on Patch:

That was November 16th, when Hoboken politicos were in Atlantic City attending The League of Municipalities conference.   It seems 'prosbus' was minding the store while the 'cats' were away...

Unfortunately for the cats, the mouse played extortion.   Not just GA's opinion, either.

Do you see it?

'prosbus' assures the votes of Mason, Occhipinti, Castellano  and Russo for the line item transfer to pay the Fire Department in exchange for 10 new hires "with a preference for current Hoboken residents and veterans".

There is no effort to present this as the opinion or suggestion of the blogger himself.   Without equivocation 'prosbus' tells us these City Council members "would strongly consider voting YES..." which means he is negotiating for them.   The  wages of Hoboken Fire Department personnel  is the leverage 'prosbus' is using to add 10 jobs to the City payroll.

That's extortion.

The F.B.I. does monitor Hoboken blogs.

So, next question: did Mason, Occhipinti, Castellano or Russo sanction cyber-extortion on their behalf?

I am guessing Russo didn't. I'm guessing he's the one who said "shut him up".  Russo's the smart one.

Remember Deep Uvula (DU),  my informant?  He'd told me that the Russo-people didn't care for 'prosbus',  didn't respect him, thought he was a creep. 
That sidekick of hers is starting to piss people off.
Her "sidekick" was only tolerated because he came with "the checkbook".

Unbelievably, after the Mason-minion is called out on his extortion attempt, he doubled-down and posted this:

GA supposes the Russos went ballistic.   And forced a gag order on the loquacious weasel.

"The Council Minority won't let the City pay our fire fighters unless..."

¡Ay, caramba!

The next City Council meeting is on Wednesday, December 7th.
Will 'prosbus' show up to pitch this 'proposal'?

Will anyone ask the City Council minority which one of them sanctioned this?

Or ask if they would really leverage the paychecks of our brave HFD men and women for a hiring negotiation?
Stay tuned...

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Say it ain't so!

It's so.   Gumby's in the pokey.

Not THIS pokey:


This pokey:


And not THIS Gumby:

Or THIS one:

THIS Gumby:

Oh, the humanity.

Read it and weep, folks:
San Diego - A 19-year-old San Diego man has pleaded guilty after he dressed up in a Gumby costume and attempted to rob a 7-Eleven back in September.

Jacob Kiss entered a 7-Eleven dressed in a Gumby costume at around 12:30 am Sept. 5 and told the clerk that he was there to rob the convenience store. He was accompanied by a friend, 20-year-old Jason Giramma.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Kiss attempted to reach into his pocket, but was hindered by his costume. He gave up a few moments later and decided to leave the store, dropping 26 cents on his way out. Giramma, his accomplice, was already outside waiting in a minivan. Both men were unarmed.

The clerk inside the store initially thought the whole thing was just a joke.

A few days later, the two men decided to turn themselves in to authorities. The Gumby costume was also surrendered.

Both men pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor burglary on Wednesday.

They were put on 3 years probation and may eventually have their cases dropped if they can stay out of trouble and secure employment, do volunteer work, or enroll in school within 6 months.
What is the world coming to, when even Gumby's packing heat?

The F.B.I. Took 35 Hard Drives

The talented Ray Smith over at The Hudson Reporter has an amusing piece this weekend called "What Exactly Did the FBI Take from Hoboken? 

In it Smith names the items seized in May, suggesting they'd make good stocking stuffers.  (Not unlike how GA  pimps the Recall Mason Gift Shop where one can pick up unique and collectible holiday items for under your tree and inside your Christmas stockings.  Do not accept imitations.  And Jews, there's something there for you, too.)

Anyway, Smith's article is informative because he used OPRA to obtain the complete list of items taken from Hoboken City Hall now in FBI custody.

How does she do it? One has to wonder where she finds the time- with her media empire and all: a magazine, cable television networks, a book club, the hearts of women across America,...

Chew on this:
Four laptops, six service tags, and 35 hard drives were also removed from the Information Technology office, according to the inventory sheet.
35 hard drives!

No WONDER they're taking so frigging long to fill up their paddy wagon!   Connecting the dots between  35 hard drives would be like connecting every star in The Milky Way (that's 200-600 billion, give or take a few dozen).

Imagine the investment of time and resources to wade through The Milky Way, um-35 hard drives. The F.B.I. is investing (literally) millions of dollars into nailing... one Patrick Ricciardi?

Of course not.

Ricciardi was the trumpet call signaling the infantry is on the other side of the hill.  They'll get here- once they've traversed the Milky Way.

In the meantime, our City Council friends have dropped so many CLUES in their pursuit of emails from specific individuals just prior to the F.B.I. seizure, and AFTER it- such as Mason's efforts to have the Feds surrender evidence in their custody, that OF COURSE their behavior has fed enormous speculation from observers.

Like GA.  And a Horse.  And many, many others.

It's the best game in town. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

GA Products Show Up in HR FLASH Ads

A reader sent me this:

look who shows up in the flash ads! 

And this screen shot from The Hoboken Reporter:

See that?  Cafe Press selected 2 GA products from the Recall Mason Gift Shop in their Black Friday ad!

How exciting!

The reader sent a second screen shot- the same (2) products are in their banner ad:

GA is honored to have the Mason 'Pinocchio'-proboscis design and the Nurse Mason & Gumby design selected by Cafe Press.

And in case you missed it, GA rolled out a new design for Hanukkah, and introduced these new holiday  products today in the Recall Mason Gift Shop:

Great stocking stuffers!  2 1/4" magnets in Christmas and Hanukkah designs

The Recall Beth Mason for Hanukkah mug- click here

The Recall Beth Mason for Christmas mug- click here

Recall Beth Mason  t-shirts for Christmas and Hanukkah

These designs can be placed on any available product, so don't hesitate to make a request if you don't see what you want in our Gift Shop. Do not accept cheap imitations. 

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Hanukkah!

The Weasel wishes you a "Happy Hanukkah" on his easel.

Kiss your loved one under the mistletoe.

Black Friday

Crowds lined up in cyberspace last night outside the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop

So, how was your Thanksgiving?  Are you ready to eat? 

It'll take GA  another 24-48 hours before I want to eat again.  No kidding.  Like how a snake can wait 10 days after it swallows a rat.  That's me.

So now that it's over: the grocery shopping, food prep, cooking, cleaning, hosting... it's time to SHOP.

What a coincidence- today's Black Friday. 

That must be why mobs of shoppers have been lining up in cyberspace outside the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop to see the new revamped-for-the-holidays inventory... starting with the roll-out of a brand new design!

It's called Recall Beth Mason for Hanukkah and here it is!

That's right!  The first night of Hanukkah is on December 20th, so my fellow Hebrews, there's no time to waste. 

GA's original new design features Beth Mason inviting you to recall her, with her (not-paid) friend The Weasel and his easel dangling from her proboscis. On his easel is the special message: "Happy Hanukkah"!    Now THAT'S a message worth sharing with a Washington PAC!  Happy Hanukkah NJDC President David Harris!

Yes, The Weasel and his easel  want to make sure that they spread the word about the miracle of Hanukkah... do you know the story?
In 168 B.C.E. the Jewish Temple was seized by Syrian-Greek soldiers and dedicated to the worship of the god Zeus. This upset the Jewish people, but many were afraid to fight back for fear of reprisals. Then in 167 B.C.E. the Syrian-Greek emperor Antiochus made the observance of Judaism an offense punishable by death. He also ordered all Jews to worship Greek gods.

Jewish resistance began in the village of Modiin, near Jerusalem. Greek soldiers forcibly gathered the Jewish villages and told them to bow down to an idol, then eat the flesh of a pig – both practices that are forbidden to Jews. A Greek officer ordered Mattathias, a High Priest, to acquiesce to their demands, but Mattathias refused. When another villager stepped forward and offered to cooperate on Mattathias' behalf, the High Priest became outraged. He drew his sword and killed the villager, then turned on the Greek officer and killed him too. His five sons and the other villagers then attacked the remaining soldiers, killing all of them.

Mattathias and his family went into hiding in the mountains, where other Jews wishing to fight against the Greeks joined them. Eventually they succeeded in retaking their land from the Greeks. These rebels became known as the Maccabees, or Hasmoneans.

Once the Maccabees had regained control they returned to the Temple in Jerusalem. By this time it had been spiritually defiled by being used for the worship of foreign gods and also by practices such as sacrificing swine. Jewish troops were determined to purify the Temple by burning ritual oil in the Temple’s menorah for eight days. But to their dismay, they discovered that there was only one day's worth of oil left in the Temple. They lit the menorah anyway and to their surprise the small amount of oil lasted the full eight days.
A little  bit of oil lasting 8 full days.  That was some miracle.

And wouldn't it be a miracle if Hoboken recalled Beth Mason?  

Speaking of miracles, don't forget the Baby Jesus!

Yes, my Christian brothers and sisters, Christmas is on December 25; for you there's GA's original Recall Beth Mason for Christmas design!

Don't forget to kiss your beloved under the mistletoe!

BOTH designs are now available on men's, women's and kid's t-shirts as well as mugs- regular, and large. 

Isn't that exciting?

Now, GA was thinking about our Muslim brothers and sisters, but you-know what happens when Westerners mess around with Allah... I'll spell it out for you: F-A-T-W-A.    Catch my drift?  *wink*

So, let me know if you'd like GA to add either design on another product.  And stay tuned for NEW designs!

Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey for Haterz

Turkey haterz, that is. You say "turkey", I say "blech".   If you're like me in this regard, read on.

Let's face it.  The only reason why turkey ever became a food is because the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians mistook one for a big, brown chicken. And the rest is history.  Now tradition.  Which compels all of us whether we like it or not, to make or eat it once a year.

There's something about a turkey-less Thanksgiving just wouldn't feel right.

So after years of cooking the gamy-tasting critter, I finally found a recipe which is so transformational I'd even call it delicious!  It's true.  I'm into year 3 of making it, so why not share with my cyber-friends?

Best thing, it's easy.  Even a special friend of mine who can turn a pot of uncooked rice into cooked rubber could do it.

Here's all you need:

3 lbs., white and dark meat

I prefer the roast because  I don't want a big, headless thing in my oven.  (I'm using (3) roasts this year). But if you'd rather roast a whole decapitated carcass, that's up to you.

Next you need to buy a few bottles of Mojo  (or make it yourself).  GA uses Goya Mojo. I've tried others, but like Goya the best.

A Cuban friend turned me onto Mojo.  It's a marinade made from citrus and spice- like cumin, garlic, cilantro, and it's sold in your local supermarket.

So, believe it or not I prepare the whole thing the day before. My turkey is marinating now... just wash it, poke holes in it, and cover it with Mojo.  You can marinate for a day. Tonight I'll cook it in the marinade.  And slice it.  Then, store it in the juice overnight... the turkey slices soak up the mojo-flavored juices and... YUM.

My guests haven't liked it, they've loved it.  Me, too.  Finally.

As for cranberry sauce, that's done.  I use a bag of fresh cranberries, prepared per the instructions on the bag- w/one cup of sugar.  GA adds a grated orange rind (1 orange) into the mixture as it cooks. When it's done I add a can of crushed pineapple (in it's own juice).  YUM.

The rest of the meal.... this year grilled veggies- inc. the sweet potatoes (I'm going to try this Bobby Flay recipe) and home made cheddar corn bread.  That's it.  No stuffing. Is that unAmerican?

Well, anyway... just thought I'd share this turkey-tip with you-all before it's too late. 

So, whatever you eat tomorrow, as my favorite TV-chef used to say, "Bon appettit!"

The late, GREAT Julia Child